What's your best recent purchase?

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Sugar bee

I haven’t purchased anythign for our home recently (waiting for the wedding to be over co I can see what we have left on the registry).  After that we’ll head to the store and get a few things we want.

When I was re-decoratin 2 years ago, I got new curtains for the bedroom and new comforter and throw pilllows, new shower curtains and mats for the bathrooms and new bookcase for my sons room and coffee table for the living room.  

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Sugar bee

Just bought a Shark Navigator Pro vacuum. It got rave reviews, even better than Dyson (some folks had a Dyson, vacuumed with it then with the Shark and said the Shark picked up a ton of what the Dyson left behind).

Not only was it reasonably priced, but we had a BB&B coupon and got it even cheaper! And it works so well!

How lame am I that I am excited to go home and use my vacuum?! ;)

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Honey Beekeeper

It’s not really for the home but I bought this purse and matching wallet on Sunday.

Show off your latest impulse purchase. :  wedding impulse buy shopping $(KGrHqZ,!igFBehDN1EkBQhhPQwjFQ~~60 57

I’m super exc ited about them but I have to wait until X-mas to have them (they are going to end up being a present from DH’s grandpa).

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Bumble bee

@GFerg:  Not lame at all.. I was super excited when I got my steam mop. I LOVE to clean.

My big purchase was one of those really soft rugs for your bathroom. The memory foam ones? Well this one is like that but 10 times better. It’s massive, a gorgeous shade of red, has a nice classic design..and it was $98.00! lol. I definitely splurged… It’s just a fancy bathmat afterall.. but I love it so much. I have a very neutral house of beige, whites, browns, some black…but here and there I have some red pieces.

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Bumble Beekeeper

This iPhone! Weddingbee at my fingertips! :)

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Bee Keeper

We just bought paint and had our dining room re-painted.  We went with Farrow and Ball’s Hauge Blue.  OUr dining room looks so good, (sorry no pictures on this computer).


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Buzzing bee

  We just bought a washer and dryer! We’ve been able to rent one from our apartment complex, but we wanted to own our own. It will be arriving soon!! I can’t wait!

  On a side note, this is how I know I’m growing up…I’m excited about a washer and dryer :-) .

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Bumble bee

@GFerg:  Yes I have the Shark Steammop. I think there are several types.. Mine was originally 200.00 on sale at Macys for 130.00

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Busy bee

I bought my plane ticket home for the holidays :-) It’s been four years since I went home and did Chirstmas with my grandma and the rest of my family in the states. 

Edit: Sorry, I just read the title and did not see home purchase! nevermind… 

Er…I bought something to make homemade pasta? lol…

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Helper bee

I just purchased my MOH’s thank you gift. It’s a Biba purse which was £100 reduced to £29. I’m stoked that I got it at such a great price. Hope it’s as nice when it arrives in delivery :)

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