What's your budget?

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Blushing bee

My budget is just under $4000 at the moment. It may go up if we are able to make some money over the summer when we finish school.

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Busy bee

Phew, I’m glad to see everyone (who’s posted, at least) is staying on the low side of things. I’m currently trying to do it at about $4,000-$6,000 as well.

Can any married Bees who stayed around this budget post pictures/advice/tips?

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Busy bee

I was hoping to be around 5. if less, then great! everything is so expensive!! anyone got any tips?

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Buzzing Beekeeper

About 22k when all was said and done.  About 13k of that was for the cocktail hour and recpetion for 140 people.  3k photographer, 1.5k DJ, 800 flowers, 400 dress, 400 cake + the rest of the misc items.

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Helper bee

Ours WAS 8,000 but realized that things are SO stinking expensive (no one ever tells you really how much a wedding can cost!) . So now its literally almost doubled (15,000). I was recently at a 40,000 wedding…INSANE! It was a gorgeous wedding non the less, I just don’t think I could spend that much either. 

We cut ALOT of our budget by having it at my moms hiuse. She has a large backyard (2+ acres) so we will have ceremony and reception there. 

Good luck ladies, I really hope you guys can work with the 4,000 budget. Its tough but it can be doable. 

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Bumble bee

Budgets are super relative. They depend on so many factors: who’s contributing (or not!), how old you are/how long you’ve worked (ie-how much you and your FI make), how long you’ve been together/how long you plan on being engaged (ie-how much you can save before X date), where you live (cost of living has a massive impact on the budget), what you want (indoor/outdoor, huge/intimate, etc).

Don’t stress about your budget or start comparing yourself to other people–work with what you have and don’t put yourself into debt trying to afford your DW that’s out of your budget. Your wedding will be beautiful regardless.

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Helper bee

We did a lot of research before setting a budget and decided that everything total should cost us around $10,000. So far we have all of the big stuff taken care of and are right on track with our budget. My parents are paying for a lot of it but we are also paying as much as we can. Our tax returns will be a huge help! :)

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Bumble bee

Our budget is $65K. It doesn’t include honeymoon, rings, my dress or alterations. We are very lucky because my parents are paying for a majority of the wedding. 

You shouldn’t compare your budget to other people – there are so many factors that play into the cost and amount you spend on a wedding. You can make any budget work for your wedding

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Sugar Beekeeper

Well our budget originally was $25K however in the end our wedding cost $75K. We had to decide if we wanted to stick to the budget which was unrealistic for what we wanted or have the wedding of our dreams.

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Busy bee

We’re looking at about 5000 dress included( which was just under a grand) there are going to be 30-40 guests. most of the cost is food, venue, dress and lodging for the wedding night

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Honey bee

$20K for about 80 people.  Before I knew anything I thought $10K was plenty and then I put it at $15K after that.  So I ended up going over that. 

Includes everything except the honeymoon.  If I cut out some unneccesary extras (such as my bachelorette party and boudoir photos it would cut off $1,000 from the total).  Most of it is going into the venue rental, food, alcohol, and photographer (about 55% of the total). 

Everything else just adds up. But I have just about every detail in my budget now and almost all of my vendors booked so it can’t change too much. 

Maybe I should have had that DW after all Wink

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Buzzing bee

Our budget is way to stinking much… I dont even want to think about it.  We are inviting too many people. 

End rant.

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