What's your fitness goal before you start TTC?

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What’s your pre-TTC Fitness Goal?

Trying to lose 30-50 pounds. 30 is the realistic goal, and 50 is my ambitious one. Also going to see an immunologist. 

Why do you have that goal?

My dr says I am overweight. Even though I carry it really proportionally and don’t look like the size I am, the scale doesn’t lie 🙁 also I have high cholesterol so trying to get that number down before TTC. I’ve gotten it down 20 points but its not enough.  Going to see an immunologist to make sure my immune system and hormones are in balance. 

How long do you have left to do it?:
TTC starting next April! So I have a few months But I know it won’t be easy so I need to start now!


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@SeaTurtle88:  My friend had really horrible cholesterol and lowered it by over 100 points by eating avocados three times a week. I don’t know the science behind it but she swore it’s what helped her lower her LDL and raise her HDL.

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What’s your pre-TTC Fitness Goal?:

My goal is to get back into my routine of exercising 3-5 times per week.  I’m still somewhat active, walking most days, but I used to be good about getting higher intensity exercise regularly.

Why do you have that goal?

As I’ve gotten lazier with my exercise, my weight has slowly crept up and up.  I’m now about 15lbs over my goal weight, and only 5lbs under my highest weight.  I want to lose 10-15lbs and be in the best shape possible before TTC so that I’m at a healthier starting weight (not packing pounds onto a body that already had excess weight), so that I can continue with exercise during pregnancy, and hopefully have a better labor and delivery.

How long do you have left to do it?

I have about 5 months until we start TTC.  I’m going to try to jump back into my fitness routine and track my nutrition to be on track to lose about 1lb/week.  That way, I can hopefully achieve my goal with a little time to spare (have a little time to just maintain before TTC).

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Sugar bee

What’s your pre-TTC Fitness Goal? I would like to lose 30-50 pounds before we TTC

Why do you have that goal?: I want to be as healthy as possible before we TTC. I am using this year to get in better shape, start eating/sleeping better, etc.

How long do you have left to do it?:  Plan is to start TTCing at the end of next summer when I am done the college program I’m taking (back in school for the third time…ugh haha) so I have a year!

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What’s your pre-TTC Fitness Goal?: To get down to the low 200’s and exercise daily. I want to be able to run or walk around up in Tahoe without issue. I just want to be healthy while trying to concieve.

Why do you have that goal?: So that I will be healthy, and not have to fret too much if I do gain a few pounds from the pregnancy…

How long do you have left to do it?:  10 months or so… 

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What’s your pre-TTC Fitness Goal?: 30lbs is my “I’ll-feel-comfortable-with-reservations” goal. But 50lbs is my “hell-yeah-i’m-a-super-star!” goal.

Why do you have that goal?: both of parents have diabetes and high blood pressure; my sister and mother both gained +60lbs during their pregnancies and never lost it (so they are now both obese;) and my sister and mother both have PCOS (while I’ve never been formally diagnosed, I wouldn’t be surprised if I have it. so I’m trying to lose weight/get healthier to help keep it as mild as possible… if that makes any sense)

How long do you have left to do it?: 12+ months. We’re going to TTC a few months after the wedding 🙂

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Three questions:

What’s your pre-TTC Fitness Goal?: I’d like to lose 30 pounds but for some reason it’s not happening. (legit confused over hear. Not eating a ton, working out 3-5 days a week. Limited drinking. No idea why the scale WILL. NOT. BUDGE). So, I’m trying to just focus on showing up to workouts, working hard, and trying to enjoy it. 

Why do you have that goal?: I definitely have a tendancy to stress a bit about losing/gaining weight and I’m trying to not be a nutcase about it. I did gain about 20 pounds last year, which was largely beyond my control (long story), so I will really feel better when that comes off. Also, I think it’s important to maintain fitness and strength throughout pregnancy because it makes delivery easier and I’m seriously considering a home birth.

How long do you have left to do it?Not a hard/fast TTC deadline. 

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Three questions:

What’s your pre-TTC Fitness Goal?:

FI and I have started walking a mile every morning and running a mile every night. We are starting to do 5ks and he wants me to do a Tough Mudder with him next year! Finishing a Tough Mudder is what we said we needed to do before TTC.

Why do you have that goal?:

The doctor said I need to gain weight before TTC because my BMI is low. I figured gaining muscle over fat would be best and it’s a hobby FI and I can share together.

How long do you have left to do it?: Over a year, but training is going to be challenging!

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Three questions:

What’s your pre-TTC Fitness Goal?: Stop eating processed foods, which I mostly do anyway. Start doing yoga 2-3 times/week.

Why do you have that goal?: I don’t want my baby to be exposed to all the chemicals. I can eat healthier than way. Also, I stopped weight training because my upperbody was getting too board (I was upset when I couldn’t zip a side zip dress).  So I gave up weight training.  I already am a triathlete but still want some kind of strength training so yoga is the way to go.  Right now I do it 2-3/month.

How long do  you have left to do it?:  Less than 3 months

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Bumble bee

What’s your pre-TTC Fitness Goal? I have two goals. One is to lose 10lbs per month every month until TTC. I figure if I make it a 10lb goal and just take it month by month it’s a lot less intimidating than putting a big number in front of my face.

My other goal is to back squat 300lbs for ten reps before TTC. It’s not a TTC-related goal at all, but I want to get to that level and I won’t be able to when pregnant. I did 235 last week, trying for 245 this week. They’re getting harder to finish all 10 reps.

Why do you have that goal?: I already work out at least 3 days a week in summer, 4 the rest of the year. I’ve always been overweight/obese, my entire life but have also been really active. My weight has never caused any health problems but I know that all bets are off when it comes to pregnancy. My family has a history of diabetes and GD. I would also really love to have a midwife, birth center birth, ideally in water. Most places have BMI guidelines and if you’re over, you’re automatically risked out (which I think is shit, but what can you do?) so I want to make sure that I can be within those guidelines.

The back squat is just a personal fitness goal and it will happen. I lift heavy three days a week and so far, it’s better for weight loss/maintenance than cardio and it’s better for metabolism over all.

How long do  you have left to do it?:  5-6 months. Maybe a little longer if we NTNP in there. And I’ll continue lifting after getting pregnant, just not the same heavy weight that I do now.


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@IAmTheShadow:  they test your hormones and vitamin levels to see what exactly is going on and what supplements you need to take. I haven’t been yet so I’m excited to see what I find out. 

@michiru4ever:  thanks, I’ll look into avocados!

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What’s your pre-TTC Fitness Goal? Lose about 5-10 lbs. and establish a regular work out routine. I’ve been really good about it in the past, but I just started my residency a few weeks ago and haven’t made it a priority yet. 

Why do you have that goal?: I’m not overweight, but I’m at a weight that’s higher than I’m comfortable with. I’m hoping to stick to a 25-35 lb weight gain with pregnancy, and I know it will be easier if I’m already in shape. It’s crazy to think that it’s very possible that my highest pregnancy weight may be less than my heaviest weight as a freshman in college! I know that if I can lose all that (about 30 lbs), I can do this. 

How long do you have left to do it?: about 4-5 months? wow, didn’t realize it was so close! It could be longer than that, but for now our tentative plan is to start TTC around Christmas. 

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