Which season of your wedding hold and why you choose it?

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  • poll: Which season of your wedding hold and why you choose it?
    Spring : (18 votes)
    25 %
    Summer : (23 votes)
    32 %
    Autumn : (19 votes)
    27 %
    Winter : (11 votes)
    15 %
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    @Jessica2013:  We wanted a sunset ceremony but for it to still be warm and not look like fall… so that left us with September. haha. Kinda wish I didn’t care about sunset! Would have been ssooo much easier. We probably would have done June or maybe July. We love summer :D Tried like crazy to avoid fall colors… just not very appealing to either of us for some reason… haha. We wanted to get married overlooking the ocean with palm trees and blue water though. Sigh for living in Maryland. 

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    @Jessica2013:  OMG date twins?? Seriously??? Nobody has our date… is it really yours too? This is strangely exciting. lol

    Oh rigtt… then I read your post again. duh. lol

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    We had our wedding in October because my student visa was going to expire at the end of the month. If we waited any longer I would have to go back to the US and start the immigration process from zero. It didn’t really matter since we live in a mountainous region and it’s beautiful. 

    Jessica2013, thumbs up on the September wedding. I’d be hesitant about having a summer wedding in Maryland. It’s so hot and sticky….at least in the D.C. metro region. 

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    We chose March because it worked best with my schedule, FI’s schedule, and my FIL’s who have restrictive leave policies at their jobs.  It was just the easiest time of year for us.  Plus, hotels in my area are significantly less expensive, since I live in a very touristy location. 

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    I actually wanted a fall wedding, but with so many teachers and students in the family (including FI), it was just easier to have it in the summer. June is too busy, I don’t like July, so August it was. The date we picked was totally arbitrary–I was pretty much trying to get as close to September as we could, keeping in mind school schedules (especially because FBIL will be heading to college!).

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    We’re still trying to pick between spring and summer. Summer makes it more likely to be warm but spring in our garden is simply amazing. That’s why I am hoping the summer solstice works out. Usually the garden is at its peak near then.

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    Winter.  It was the cheapest.

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    We chose the fall because in my area it’s the best weather. Summer is too hot, winter is too cold, and spring can be quite rainy. I also wanted at least a year to plan but not 2+ years so fall was the best choice (we got engaged in July)

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    We went with September because I wanted an outdoor wedding – we got engaged in December, so it was either that summer or wait a whole year more (I was impatient!) and August was already “taken” by my cousin.

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    We got married on our 6th anniversary which happens to be in winter.

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    June 1 is technically spring, although it will feel like summer. :) We chose it because we liked the way the date sounded.

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    We picked early September because September in Maryland is very spring-like.  It’s technically still summer, but fall is creeping in at the edges.  We were already attending 2 weddings + my graduation, in the spring so late-summer, early-fall was the obvious choice.

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    We got married in late spring. Reason? I work in college athletics and late spring/early summer are the only times I definitely have free.

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    Spring, because it’s just too damn hot in Texas during the Summer! lol And during football season is not even an option.

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