Which veil with this dress and this hair??? Birdcage veil driving me mad

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Buzzing bee

I think are really simple, really sheer cathedral length veil like this

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Blushing bee

I can totally see why you were going for the birdcage veil, it would suit that dress perfectly! Maybe try some variations on the birdcage before you give up completely? I saw another bee with a tulle version recently that looked lovely and might feel different?

Good luck, and your dress is stunning!

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Blushing bee

I wanted a birdcage veil sooooo bad, but it didn’t work with my dress, so I feel your pain!

I think an elbow-length veil would be beautiful, or you could scrap the veil and just so an incredible headpiece. With that dress, you could do a variety of different headpieces. Try Etsy!

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Helper bee

I am actually wearing a bird cage, I am also having the same thoughts about it on my face. I really really really want to wear it with my vintage inspired dress!

I have heard that the more you “play” with them the more flexiable and soft the netting gets. Have you tried shaping it? Right now I have mine stuffed with a zillion wadded up tissue paper balls to help shape it into the shape I want with.

I would also suggest etsy! Maybe you could do a short tulle blusher birdcage instead of the netting. Those are a little softer and might not be as uncomfortable on your face.

Let us know what you decide on!!!


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