White or Bright Bouquets? Pictures Please!

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  • poll: Do you prefer the look of a
    White Bouquet : (20 votes)
    21 %
    Bright Bouquet : (46 votes)
    48 %
    Pale Bouquet : (24 votes)
    25 %
    Other (please explain!) : (6 votes)
    6 %
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    Bumble bee

    I voted “pale bouquet,” but to be a little clearer… this is my bouquet inspiration. I really like the white with pops of pink.

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    Busy bee

    I voted pale, but I don’t like bright colors in general.  Minen was ivories and light yellows and blues.

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    Honey Beekeeper

    I did ivory and pearls, my dress was ivory.

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    Bumble bee

    Mine was white.  I don’t really have a preference for the color of a bride’s bouquet.  White is just what mine ended up being.

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    Bumble bee

    I voted bright because mine was very bright. I had a kind of tropical theme going on and I loved my bouquet and I got so many compliments on the colors!

    Here is mine


    And here is one with my BMs


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    Buzzing bee

    I had a bright bouquet. If you couldn’t tell from my hair, I love bright colors.

    I don’t think it overshadowed me while walking down the aisle. Ha, and I was so nervous that I forgot to hand it off when I got to the end. I held onto it until my Man of Honor took it from me for the vows.

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    Buzzing bee

    Mine was mostly white, with pops of color.

    I was worried that having a very colorful bouquet would be too distracting, because my dress had a lot going on.

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    Busy bee

    I’m pretty traditional so I’m mostly likely going to have an all white bouquet but I may throw in some pale pink since that is part of my color scheme. Haven’t quite decided yet….

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    Mine was a full white bouquet, brides maids had full orange bouquets

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    Helper bee

    Hi, I voted bright, because I love the vibrance of the bouquet!!

    Here’s mine…



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    Sugar bee

    I had a white AND bold bouquet LOL.  Red roses and white lilies.

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    Busy bee

    I had a really bright bouquet, but that’s exactly what I was going for. My bridesmaids wore black dresses, so the bouquets were where I brought in the color. I don’t think the vividness of my bouquet detracted from my look– it reflected my personality!

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    Buzzing bee

    Mine was supposed to be white with pops of bright colours, but it ended up really muted. My girls’ bouquets were bright, though.

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    Buzzing bee

    Not sure which category my bouquet falls into.

    My inspiration picture:

    My actual bouquet:

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