Who stopped BCP with no plans of TTC, but it happened anyway?!

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Helper bee

I’m sorry, but why on earth would you stop birth control if you aren’t trying to concieve?  It seems like a super bad idea.  There are non-hormonal birth control methods out there, diaphrams, condoms, pulling out, ect., but most are not as effective as the pill or hormonal birth control.  

I know people who managed to get pregnant within a few months of stopping the pill.  I even know someone who got pregenant the month she stopped using the pill.  All of these women were TTC.  If you don’t want kids right now, you should an alternative form of birth control.

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Busy bee
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Yeah it sounded like you were asking if people got pregnant if they went off birth control and didn’t have a back-up form of contraception.

I have one friend who went off because of side effects four years ago. They used condoms quite religiously until one drunken night this spring. She is due in December. We used condoms for a month between BC and my IUD insertion and it was fine.

Condoms are extremely effective if used properly, but it does take that extra time and attention.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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@O.My.Heart:  I stopped because I was tired of being on it. We used condoms maybe twice and then I said screw it and we decided to officially not try, not prevent, BUT we are/were ready for a baby if that were to happen. I would never recommend going off BCP without a backup method unless you are ok with getting pregnant.

I don’t think condoms would be hard to get used to again, but they do feel different. I would rather stay on BC than use them if I were you.

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Honey bee
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Look into the copper IUD.

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Helper bee
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We are doing something similar. I just stopped my BCP, and we are planning to use condoms until we are TTC (which will be at least 5-6 months from now, maybe longer). Like you, I didn’t like taking hormones, and I’m eager to see how I feel since I’ve been on the pill now for years. I wanted to make sure my periods had time to regulate before we actually start TTC, since they were somewhat unpredictable pre-BCP. 

Getting pregnant right now would definitely not be ideal, in fact it would complicate my job situation a bit…but DH and I dicussed it before I stopped the pill and we are prepared to handle a pregnancy, should it occur (although we plan to be vigilant about using condoms, there is inherently a higher risk of pregnancy with condoms than with BCP, even if you use them correctly). 

It’s kind of weird to think “we HAVE to use condoms”, because I’ve been on the pill the whole time we’ve been married (we waited until then to have sex). I’m really glad we made the decision though!

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Sugar bee
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I took BCP for about 6-7 years but finally stopped because they made me moody and depressed. I was so relieved to stop taking them and wished I had sooner! That being said, I felt extremely vulnerable about pregnancy at first, like a teenager that just dry humped her boyfriend for the first time. Anyway, I used a diaphragm for a couple years so there wouldn’t be that barrier that a condom creates- I felt I’d been spoiled by BCP in that sense! Then ended up switching to condoms and really they’re fine. I met my husband six years ago (I had been off BCP for years by that point and he was totally supportive of NOT using them) and condoms are all we’ve ever used. Right before and during my period we don’t use them, and I’ll use my diaphragm just to catch any menstrual blood so there is never a mess. Then we get the thrill of not using them without worrying about pregnancy, although we will be starting TTC this cycle (yay!) so no more condoms for a while.

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Buzzing bee
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i stopped BCP and got pregnant during my next cycle and we only had unprotected sex once… just saying you should be careful. If nothing else go for the withdrawl method. 

I think it is different for everyone but you never know! I am so happy that we are expecting now but it was definitely not in the plan lol I went 11 years without so much as a scare before and boom… preggers. Laughing

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Busy bee
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I stopped BC and now we use NFP (the sympto-thermal method). It took a few months to get used to (mostly because my cycles were so crazy after stopping BC) but now we’re both really comfortable with it, and there are no hormones or condoms to worry about. Plus when we do start TTC, we’ll have a really good idea of what’s going on with my fertility.

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Bumble bee
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I stopped bcp a year before TTC and we just used condoms instead – I couldn’t believe how much better I felt and how much my libido returned, hubby definitely noticed the difference too. It then took us over a year to conceive, and during that time I learnt a lot about charting, so once we’ve had baby I won’t go back on any hormonal birth control, will just chart and use condoms during fertile days. Highly recommend reading Taking Charge Of Your Fertility if you’re interested in avoiding pregnancy, and you’ll be super knowledgeable when it come to TTC.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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@O.My.Heart:  I stopped right after wedding because I ran out and figured I’d get a head start on tracking my cycle for TTC in the fall. We used pull out method and were very careful about it. Second cycle off bc he did not pull out once and I’m pregnant! I warned him that there was a chance I was ovulating. While we weren’t actively TTC we were in the if it happens it happens boat.

Also, pull out method can be extremely effective when done right! it requires trust and control on your partners part though. 

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Busy bee
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@O.My.Heart:  I had a Mirena for 3+ years and just had it taken out on Thursday. I will say that my libido is back ALREADY. When I had my IUD, we had sex maybe once a week (sometimes once every two weeks). Now, it’s like I’m a teenager that just got it for the first time. We are getting married next month and don’t want to start trying until October, but I’ll be honest — CONDOMS SUCK! I hate the feeling of them and so does he. We will use the pull out method until we want to try. But, if I get pregnant before then, it’s not the end of the world. We are ready for it now. 

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Bumble bee
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I stopped BC right before I got married because I quit my job in preparation of our cross-country move right after the wedding. We hated condoms – so we used POM. I just had Mirena inserted 2 months ago because we decided against kids

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Bumble bee
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I stopped BCP’s last October. We use FAM and haven’t had a problem. But we also wouldn;t be unhapy if I got pregnant at this point. If it would be terrible if I got pregnant, I’d be looking into an IUD.

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