Why am I not pregnant?

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Even when all conditions are perfect, you still only have a 20% chance of conceiving in any given month. Kind of annoying after we all put so much effort into avoiding pregnancy for so long, right?! It will be easier to get an idea of what’s going on once you start charting, Make use of the Charters of the Hive thread – those ladies know their stuff. Hang in there, and good luck on your TTC journey :)

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@Nailbreaker21:  You can still get a positive OPK and not be actually ovulating…or you may actually be ovulating much later than what you would think? What is your BDing like? And how are the rest of your fertility signs (mainly cervical fluid)? 

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@Nailbreaker21:  I hear you. We are on our 7th cycle and we’ve had really great timing using OPKs,etc. I read somewhere that some couples have a high monthly fertility and other have a low monthly fertility. It just takes longer for some people for some reason….and it totally sucks.

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@Nailbreaker21:  OPKs are normally positive within a day of ovulation, most people actually conceive up to 4 days before ovulation with 2 days before ovulation being the day it occurs most often. Do you guys BD only when the OPK shows up as positive? Or do you enjoy yourselves on the days before as well? You may be BDing too late if you’re just waiting for the positive OPKs.

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@Nailbreaker21:  Definitely hear you. I have 30 day cycles, hubs and I are healthy, but I have an LPD and ovulation issues. I was lead to thinking there was a problem by temping…So I definitely think that is a good idea! And don’t get worried on your first two cycles, because temping takes a while to get used to. People often find issues that aren’t there on the first two cycles. 

I second what hergreenapples said. There is a 20% chance of pregnancy each cycle that two healthy, fertile people have good timed intercourse. That’s why they recommend waiting a year to seek medical help – you’ve gone through your 1 in five chance twice through by that point! 

I didn’t wait that long, because I knew something was wrong, and I was right.

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@Nailbreaker21:  I really liked the book The Impatient Woman’s Guide to Getting Pregnant for an overview of the things you can do to help things along, as well as a healthy dose of reality :)

I know it’s stressful, but give yourself at least 6 months before you start looking for problems. Chuck is right (of course!!!) – charting is a good way to see if anything obvious shows up, but it does take a month or two to get the hang of it. Join the Charters thread for good advice, and some hilarious conversations :D

(btw, hubby and I are fairly healthy 30 year olds and we’ve been TTC for 14 months, so I understand your frustrations)

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The problem could actually be that you’re using OPKs to time intercourse. You can get a positive OPK after your body has actually ovulated, so you need to have sex BEFORE that positive OPK to increase your chances. Sometimes it just isn’t your time, and I know it’s super frustrating, but keep trying! At least the process is fun, right?!

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@Nailbreaker21:  A good friend, who is young , totally healthy and neither her or her husband have ANY fertility issues, took nearly a year to conceive both of her kids. It’s all in timing and luck. I wouldn’t stress so much.

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 how is your cervical fluid? 

i, personally, do not produce enough. 

apparently, according to practically every book i read, you should have enough fluid that you can tell where you are in your cycle and when you ovulate just by what type of cervical fluid you are producing.

i can’t chart my fluid and rely heavily on other indicators to find my ovulation date each month. 

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I would definitely start temping. I never used OPKs and rarely paid attention to my CM. Simply charting my temps for a few months gave me an excellent idea of when to expect ovulation. And definitely make sure you BD a few days before you think you’re going to ovulate and keep at it (daily or every other day) until you’ve confirmed ovulation. Good luck! :)

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Hang in there! 

I think that temping is a good idea.  It will tip you off to whether there might be any problems you aren’t recognizing.  For that same reason I recommend the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility.  Once you’re armed with all that knowledge you’ll know more about whether there are any potential problems and what to do to optimize your chances of conceiving.  Then you’ll be able to decide whether to wait the full year or start pursuing medical care sooner.

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Have sex every day for 8 days in a row, right around the time of your ovulation (before and after).  It’s fun AND it will probably work faster.

*worked for me, pregnant now

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Keep us posted on how it’s going!

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