Will 2 different BM dresses look bad?

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Honey Beekeeper

I don’t think it would look bad to have a couple of different dresses. I’m a little surprised, though, that the DB dress for $100 was too much money. That puts you in a tough situation. If it has to be less than $100, I’d definitely look into department stores! There have been tons of girls who have found really cute things at department stores.

And I love that dress from Target!

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Sugar bee

I think it will look fine. Personally I like the look of mismatchy BM dresses. And in this instance, the dress will slightly set your MOH apart.

The only point of concern I can think of is that the navy might look very different between the two dresses. You could get a swatch from the bridal shop and compare with the retail dress to check.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I think mismatching with the same length looks fine.  But I think mixing the long and short dresses looks weird. 

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I think it will look just fine. But I agree about the colors not being exact. But if you found another color you like, you can just have your maid of honor, and bridesmaids wear different colors. As long as they look good together of course. But I think $99 for a dress is not that bad. I paid $250 for mine. But I was having the same problem with not being able to get all my girls together, so it ended up going that my MOH, I have 2, and my BM are just going to wear different colors. We matched them together and it still looks great. And they are wearing different dresses as well. And it looked great!

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Helper bee

I’m considering having my MOH in a long dress and the BM’s in a shorter version. I think it looks classy and it gives the MOH a little more visibility.

Love those dresses, and I think $100 is more than reasonable. If your ladies could make it to a shop to try on dresses, they might realize that $100 is on the less expensive end of BM dresses! ;)

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Honey bee

I agree with @abbie017: , I like  the mismatched dresses but of the same length. I think long dresses dictate one formality where as short ones dictate a totally different one. Maybe let the girls find different dresses in different shades of blue? I really like that target one though!

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Helper bee

I love the idea of different dresses.

It gives the bridesmaid the lattitude to get a dress that suits her body type.

Several of our friends have had weddings where the bridesmaid wore a black cocktail dress of their choice and black shoes of their choice.  

It was simple and elegant and less of a burden on everyone and the BM doesn’t get stuck with a dress they will never ever wear again.

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I also think the idea of different dresses is great. :) I don’t think it will look bad at all. I plan to have my bridesmaids wear whatever dress they pick out, just within my shade range. I’m sure your bridesmaids will look great with the dresses! Here are some pictures of bridesmaids in different dresses:


Hope this helps!



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Buzzing bee

Go to David’s Bridal.com and look under the outlet section.  All of my BMs got their dresses there.  Two of them got dresses for $49, my sister’s was $79. 

All of my BMs have different dresses.  I don’t see anything wrong with the ones you picked.  Trust me, mine’s dresses are WAAAYY more different than that.

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Honey bee

I like the look of mismatched dresses and I think if it’s done the right way it can look pretty even with dresses of different lengths (:

Here are some pictures from GreenWeddingShoes of Amy Smart’s wedding:

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