Would you buy a home on a busy street?

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Bumble bee

I’m not buying, but I grew up on a busy street so it might be useful for me to give my input?

We had a large back garden where we played, and we never played out front. I got used to all the traffic noise (my bedroom was at the front) and it really helped me ‘block out’ noises that I find other people have trouble with.

THAT SAID, we did have a quieter street nearby that we would play in – we were always taught to tell our parents if we were going to play there, and we didn’t have to cross a busy road as it was on our side, so we were pretty safe.

We had a weekend home elsewhere, where we’d go on weekends and in the summer, so I guess I got all my ‘playtime’ then, where I could ride my bike and play in the street.

We definitely were safe living where we did, but I did enjoy the weekends away where I could go and play with the other kids easily. Many of my friends lived in quieter areas and I think maybe I would have been more social if I could have played with other kids out front like they did.

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Sugar Beekeeper

we wouldn’t, we prefer to be on a court/cul-de-sac.

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Bee Keeper

Well we live on a fairly busy street.  Currently we have a 16 month old child. This spring/early summer we are talking about putting up a fence in the back yard. I feel pretty safe with munchkin because we are rarely in the front yard and if we are, one of us is with munchkin anyway. 



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Bumble bee

@MrsWBS:  +1 i do too and when you have kids, i just feel abit more safer then on a busy street.

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Bee Keeper

What is the speed limit? My rule of thumb is if there are lines painted on the street, I’m not interested.

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Busy Beekeeper

We bought a house on a fairly busy street last fall and there are three requirements I’d have for living there with kids: 

a) Large front yard so that the house is actually off the street quite a ways. (Ours has this and it’s great – you really can’t hear any street noise.)

b) Tall fence around the front yard with a tall & difficult latch. 

c) Large backyard where kids would mostly want to play.

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Bumble bee

It gets loud, especially during the spring and summer when motorcyclists drive by regularly.

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Busy bee

I wouldn’t.  Uneless I couldn’t afford something else.  I really dislike the noise of traffic and having a reasonably quiet setting is important to me.

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Honey bee

I wouldn’t, that’s a deal breaker for me. I like to walk outside and hear quiet, not busy road noise. I also worry about my dogs if they ever slipped out of the yard somehow. And kids, even though they can play in the backyard, are eventually going to want to walk to friend’s houses, ride their bikes, etc. When we were looking at homes the ones on busy streets did not sell very fast.

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Bumble Beekeeper

Nope Nope Nope!

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