Would you ever be like Doug and Jackie Christie …

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Bee Keeper

Personally we both believe renewals should be more spaced out at 5, 10, 15 years etc. Or after a particularly challenging time in the relationship. But every year? We just don’t see the point. Especiallly how they do it. It’s one thing if it was a private ceremony but the whole inviting folks every year is over the top.

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Honey bee

So long as you don’t expect presents every year, I think it’s a cute tradition and probably a fun annual party for everyone invited. :-) Wish I was rich enough to do something like that!

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Honey bee

Man, that sounds exhausting! It would be nice if you were rich enough to afford a party planner to do all the details!

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Busy bee

I’m not gunna lie, I have thought about it! And I would probably plan on doing it if I could justify the yearly expense. That being said I’d rather just renue our vows at some point and in the “in between time” create our own little tradition to look forward to.Laughing


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Sugar bee

I kind of think it’s over the top. But whatever floats peoples boat

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you could have all the things yoy wanted the 1st time, different dress styles, colors, lengths,…different color theme and decor,  but no its too much. me and fiance were just talking about this and he said he doesnt even see a point in vow renewal…i will change his mind about that one lol

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Busy Beekeeper

I agree with PP with the every 5 year thing. Me and my fi will probably do that, but more of a small intimate thing.

Having it every year takes away from the fact that its a VOW RENEWAL. It would feel more like a birthday party every year.

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Helper bee

Someone asked me when my FI and I were going to renew our vows.

My response: The first set expires upon death, so I suppose if one of us dies, we’ll do it then.

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