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I am not a parent, but I have raised my godson.

I have no qualms with people feeling/loving their pets like a baby. I know people will say, “It’s different when you have your OWN” child. Honestly? No, it’s not. My godson did not come from my womb, but his mother and I raised him. He lived with me. I fed him. I clothed him. I did homework with him. I was that child’s “father” because his real father wasn’t there for him from 0-5 years old.

I know the love and affection it takes to raise a child. I know the attachment, the hardships, the love.

The love is the exact same love I feel for my cat. While I don’t dress her up or treat her like a infant, I love her the exact same way. She needs me to feed her, house her, keep her healthy. I entertain her, and I provide all the needs an infant, baby or child would need.

Sure, she’s independant and I don’t have to follow her around or “cat proof” the house (Although, all breakables are up!), and sure, I don’t have to worry about bullies or first loves or what have you… but love is love, regardless of the breed, species, age, or gender.

I love my cat like I love my godson. No more. No less. I have no regrets. 

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No way! I don’t have ‘real’ babies, so to my FI and me, our cat and dog are DEFINITELY our babies!

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Some people want children….other people want pets! I personally treat my little chihuahua’s way better then most people treat their infants LOL. When they tell me that my dog isn’t a child…I say “I know thank God huh?!”. :)

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My dog is my baby!  She sleeps with us every night and goes with us places often.  She was a shelter rescue, so we’re not sure when her Birthday is, but the day we got her was 12/12/11, so we will be celebrating that day for sure!  She is literally just like my child.  She will come up to her and put her front paws on my leg when she wants to be picked up and I will pick her up and carry her around and love on her (it’s usually when “her daddy” is doing something that makes noise and scares her).  Well, I guess it that’s not what normal people do, I don’t want to be normal!

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@ZoeJane:  you are not alone! It’s my LO (a chihuahua mix) birthday next month…I am already in planning stages! :) my best friend hates dogs and animals and she just…doesn’t understand my love for them. I just brush it off. My girls mean more to me than what else thinks about it ;) haha! 

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