You have $10 for a centerpiece. Show me what you use!

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Sugar bee

Sorry for the 2 posts, I’m on my phone: vases $.25 from thrift stores. 3 hydrangeas less than $7 from Costco, wine bottles free (asked my BMs to save them lol), minimal spent on ribbon & scrapbook paper, 3 votives $1.50. My goal was $10th, too!

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Blushing bee

Hey there….cheap and sophisticated is the name of the game :-)  

Inspiration photo:


Centerpieces (25 tables)

Three dollar store vases =$3

Three Candlesticks to glue on(dollartree)= $3

10 candles per table= $5 ( buy their votives and candles seperately 288 for 150 with 15% coupon on the store site)

3 floating candles per table=$71 for 72 approximately $3 dollars/ table (candles4less)

5 roses per table (in vases and on table) approximately $4 dollars per table (sam’s club)

So every table comes to approximately = $18.00 for centerpieces

To cut back on that you could eliminate the votives and lessen the amount of petals on the table (or eliminate it) That would get you to around 10-12 dollars.

 Hope this helps :)

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Honey bee

Depends on the theme or colors of the wedding if you have any…but for a soft romantic look, baby’s breath is super cheap and something I normally acutally HATE, but something abot having a whole big bunch of it together…it’s like a cloud or something, it’s so pretty I love the look! Here’s a bee who DIYed it:

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Busy bee

Here is my first post for this thread. All of this can be found at the dollar tree/store so this can go under $10.00 a table! I’ll look for some more.

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Bee Keeper

We used cobalt blue wine and water bottles we collected, cobalt votives I got for 50 cents apiece from Crate and Barrel, and inexpensive yellow gerbera daisies.  I loved the way it turned out (and I can’t wait to get pro pics to show it better). 

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Busy bee

You could get this stuff at Target or the Dollar tree too. 

Also I was thinking of doing a secret garden theme and for my centerpieces I thought about buying some birch wood slabs from save on with some fake moss, and putting a lantern in the middle with a candle inside…..but that might come out to $15.00 per table, but it all depends on where you look!

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Bumble bee

The birdcages were on clearance and I had a coupon, so they were cheap, and all the candles were from the dollar store… 

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Sugar Beekeeper

I would totally do fruit, cupcakes, cakes or candy! Something beautiful and edible! Then they could have dessert at the table or a snack before dinner or even the candy favor… whichever you would choose. 

I have so many photos…


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