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I actually use Mirena but honestly it makes me so suicidal it’s almost unbearable. It’s almost like an outer body experience, I don’t have control at all. I can’t stand people near me when I am on my period, even standing close to someone in a queue freaks me out. I hate leaving the house because I get scared I won’t be able to control my mind and might do something that would hurt me, and I was once told that if I didn’t “calm down” the police would be called (I was in tears lying in a public park) fortunately someone managed to call an ambulance before the police. I started my period last night and I think I’m going to have to go home early today. I have tried speaking to my doctor but no one will believe my symptoms are hormonal (I rarely bleed so only get symptoms once every few months). Kinda stuck. And I forget how bad it is until I get the symptoms again.

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Oh my gosh where to start…the every other day migraines, the crazy appetite (always hungry, would get shaky if I didn’t eat regularly or had too many carbs…I swear it was making me insulin resistant), the bloating, the tiredness (ALL the time, I could sleep until noon if no one woke me up), the insomnia (actually took sleeping pills for awhile), the brain fog and inability concentrating/remembering things, occasional nausea, the slow but steady weight gain (15 lbs. in 3 years…yikes), the painful sex (always needed lube, still kinda hurt getting started), and finally, although the doctors will not admit there was a connection, the seizure incident.  Saw many doctors, had many tests, was told if it happened again within a certain period of time I would lose my driver’s license and would have to take medication for epilepsy.  Realized I had always been VERY healthy until I started taking BC, then the health problems started piling up.  Stopped BC on my own on a hunch that it was at the root of these issues.  Gradually over several months, all of the issues disappeared and it felt like my mind and body woke up, like I had been in physical and mental haze for years.  I have never had any of these problems again.  I will never take hormonal BC again.  It might work for some people but definitely not for me.

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Positives: cleared my acne, gave me regular periods, no more severe cramps, no babies tongue-out

Negatives: massive weight gain (on my first pill, I gained 40 pounds in less than a year, which caused my BC to go out of wack and alarmingly gave me a month long period; second pill did not cause these issues, but I did find it harder to lose weight)

I cannot comment on my sex drive, as mine was always low even before BC.

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