1.2 ct diamond or 2 ct moissy for engagement ring? What would you do?

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  • poll: Would you go with 1.2 ct diamond or 2 ct moissy for ERing?



    Other - please explain!

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    I have both. I agree that you should get a diamond. I love my moissanites but they don’t compare. 

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    Why not both? Lab diamond for your main e-ring, and pick up a moissanite for travel.   
    I think both are good choices, but totally know what you mean about mind clean. I recently upgraded my moissanite solitaire to diamond because I knew enough about both to spot the differences between the two. It wasn’t that I was trying to pass my moissanite off as a diamond- though no one asked, I didn’t exactly point out it was moissanite either. Now, I had plenty of other pieces that had moissanite and I was happy to chat all about how cool it was and let me try other shapes like ACC and rose cuts, but that was mostly with friends that knew I was a jewelry geek anyways 😉

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    A diamond, always, especially now lab diamonds are so available and beautiful. Fwiw, l would never want an engagement ring bought with the built in idea of ‘upgrading’. To me the ring you get engaged with is THE irreplaceable symbol but l know that’s a sentiment not everyone shares. I am not, of course, averse to new and bigger rings later to add to my collection ! 

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    I’m a moissy lover, but I don’t like bigger stones, so I vote the smaller diamond. Plus, it sounds like a diamond is what you actually want. 

    ETA: I think moissanite is a great option if you specifically want a moissanite. For me, I really value being financially responsible and as much as I love gorgeous rings, I could never imagine spending thousands of dollars on one so I simply didn’t want one. Diamonds were pretty, but again not worth their price tag. When I discovered moissanite, I loved how beautiful it was – the extra sparkles and all those rainbows – and I also loved the price. I realized I could have something beautiful and strong that fit in with my values (financial and environmental). It’s a point of pride for me that I could have something so lovely without financial pain or the icky feeling of paying so much for a posession with no utility. For me it doesn’t feel costumey or like I’m trying to pass it off – it’s a moissanite. It’s gorgeous, responsible, sparkly, and despite costing a fraction of the standard e-ring, still is easily the most expensive piece of jewellery I’ve ever owned or would ever want to pay for… so for me it truly has value in both the $ and sentimental sense. There are a few Bees here that feel that way. I’ve also read a lot of blogs from other millenials that, after coping with the financial crisis, just view expenditures differently.

    It’s not a problem if you have your heart set on a diamond. If nothing in that prior paragraph resonated with you, moissanite’s defintely not for you.

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    Bigger is definitely not always better. I’m the same way as you, my brain always told me spending less and getting a beautiful and hardy stone like moissanite makes sense but it just wasn’t mind clean for me. I had even purchased the AGS 000 moissanite which is very diamond-like, but the double refraction still left me wanting the beautiful endless depth that one gets from a diamond so I returned it. I ended up selecting a stunning lab diamond that was larger/had better specs than I had planned to get if I’d purchased a mined diamond (both because you can’t usually upgrade lab diamonds and it was much less money). I don’t have any issues wearing a diamond that was made in a lab versus the ground but it’s a personal decision. 

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    @loveinsf:  I would take take a half carat diamond over any size moissy. 1.2 to 1.5 carat diamond? Yes! No question! Bigger isn’t always better. If you’re worried about mind clean, DO NOT get a simulant! 

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    I’m very happy with my 6,5mm moissy untillllll I got my 0,9ct diamond.. They’re just different, especially if you are getting an ideal cut.. Great choice for RHR though since my taste is changed every year lol!

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    A real diamond over a simulant any day!   

     Plus there will be those who can tell if it’s not a diamond. Nothing looks exactly like a diamond except a diamond..

    No one will likely be rude enough to ask or say it to you directly but…. that knowledge may steal your joy…. 

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    I have a moissy and I love it. But since your concerned about “mind clean” I voted for the diamond. You’re the the one that has to wear it so go with what makes you happy. 

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    I vote for moissy because I think they are prettier than diamonds. If you can’t get over the idea of a non-diamond, then you should get a diamond. It’s classic, and you won’t ever regret it.

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    Go for the diamond, it sounds like it’s what you really want.  If you had to choose between a diamond or moissy of equal size, it sounds like you’d choose the former. If you’re worried about whether or not the moissanite will be mind clean now, you’ll definitely be concerned abou thtat once it’s actually on your finger. In terms of the bling factor, a well cut 1.5ct diamond will sparkle so much that you’ll likely to forget the extra 0.5ct the moissy would provide. And there’s nothing wrong with upgrading down the line! You can be sentimental abou the symbolism of an e-ring without being sentimental about its appearance lol

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    This is a 1.2 carat lab diamond. Ring size 9. I have a 2 carat equivalent (8mm) Moissanite and it’s super sparkly and pretty but it sits up higher and I like wearing it when I want extra blong. I like where the 1.2 k sits for daily use personally. Also I think it has good finger coverage especially if you get a really well cut diamond. 

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    I find it fascinating that threads like this always end up with people lowkey insulting moissanites. “Costume jewelry”, really? Ouch.

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    A 1.2-1.5 carat diamond might not be “large” for your circle or area but it is still a nice substantial sized stone. I think it’s a really flattering size on everyone. Bigger isn’t always better either so in your case I’d go for the diamond if it’s in your budget. 

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