1 Year Before TTC – What were you doing?

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Bear in mind that it might take longer than 6 months for your cycle to regulate. I know everywhere online (and doctors) usually say up to 6 months, but honestly I think for many people it is longer. I came off the pill a year ago (not to TTC, for other reasons) and I still don’t have regular periods, and I have several friends who followed suit in the following weeks/months and they are still not regular either. Sorry, just wanted to throw that out there as I think it’s one of those things that there is not much anecdotal information about, just clinical doctor-y stuff that isn’t necessarily applicable to that many people!

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Not doing anything special. I got an IUD put in right around that time, was fairly active, but not particularly healthy in my lifestyle choices (I was 28). I started cleaning up my act at about 3 months prior to starting TTC. Everything turned out just fine. It’s now 3 years later and my sons are almost 2 years old and almost 2 weeks old. 

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We are ~5ish months out from TTC. We don’t have a hard and fast month we are starting, we have just generally talked about around the holidays/beginning of 2020. I have been off birth control for 6 months now and have been using the Ava bracelet to confirm ovulation and getting used to my cycle. We have just been using FAM and withdrawl and if an surprise came early, we would be happy with it. I had a really hard time coming off the pill before (no period for 6 months with my hair falling out etc) so its been a way easier transition coming off the Skyla IUD (thank god). But yes, I second the notion that as soon are you are willing to accept an accidental pregnancy, I would ditch the hormones. Other than that I am just taking the same prenatal i’ve been on for years and keeping up with my workout routine and maintaining healthy eating habits. My husband has always worked out and taken a multi so there are no problems there. Jointly, we are just enjoying being married and having our alone time as a couple. (Thats what we tell everyone when they ask when we’re going to have kids :p) 

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Nothing. I was firmly in the “no more babies camp” for about the last 7 years. This past fall my husband I went to a local music show and got drinks at a bar before. Somehow we opened the baby conversation which i had always assumed was no for both of us (already have kids from prior marriage). Suddenly it was a maybe and it blew my mind.

We never made it to the show and that set off a series of conversations.

As of this month we are TTC. Only big difference is taking prenatals and otherwise being personally and financially healthy.

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I wasnt doing anything special . I didnt change any of my day to day habits or activites. I was still on birth control and had been for 15 years until a couple months ago . I got my BFP this month .

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I wasn’t doing anything special before TTC. We got married, I took out my nuvaring ring at the end of July and was pregnant that September.  

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We are also 1 year from TTC. I’m working on losing the last 20-25 lbs I want to lose. That’s my biggest focus before TTC as its really important to me to go into pregnancy at a healthy weight.

Other than that not really anything. I’ll start taking prenatal at least 3 months prior to us starting. Maybe review Taking Charge of Your Fertility again just because it has so much good info.

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AnonBee2019 :  We’re looking at 2020 as well.  I found an OB, had my annual recently, and asked her a ton of questions.  I’ve always been very active and a healthy weight, but would like to decrease my BF% a bit before pregnancy.  D.H. and I researched what the costs would be (HCOL city) and are practicing saving what daycare would cost so we can have a solid nest egg.  I’ve been off the pill for a little over a year after having been on it for over a decade and have been tracking my cycles since I stopped taking it so we’ll have a good idea of how my cycles work when it’s time.  I’ll start taking prenatals once we get closer, but there’s not too much to do at this point! 

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Travel, develop a good exercise routine if you haven’t already, do random fun stuff that you can’t do whole pregnant/with a baby, read books and do research!


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AnonBee2019 :  You guys sound pretty similar to us. I’m 27 and my Darling Husband is 31. We have been planning really everything pretty far ahead. Last summer we bought a house and I knew we both needed to find new jobs. Last Spring I went on the pill from another bc method so that I could stop taking it whenever. I stopped taking it Dec of 2018. I immediately started taking prenatals. We were just using condoms. We both found new jobs (and therefore health insurance) this spring. So we just started TTC! 

I think the biggest thing is going off hormonal bc because you never know how long it will take to regulate. I also started tracking my cycles a few years ago and was VERY vigilant with it as soon as I went off birth control. I know now that bc I was charting so well, I know exactly when I’m ovulating so it’s not a guessing game! 

The only other thing we did was started saving as much as possible. We have our savings already built back up from buying a house and almost 100% of my income goes to savings. I also would add now would be a good time to work on any health goals as well. 

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AnonBee2019 :  A year before trying, I wasn’t do jack diddly to prepare.  I’d say I started preparing about 3 months beforehand, drinking green smoothies daily to ensure I had plenty of folate in my system (and other vitamins) because I didn’t want to take prenatals.  I had an OBGYN appointment to make sure there was nothing wrong down there and that was it.  I didn’t have to worry about coming off of birth control though – no side effects or hormonal changes from condoms.

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Just reiterating PP, it can take up to 1 year for your cycles to regulate so that may be something you want to take into consideration for your time line. We agreed on a time line of next September so I came off my birth control in June and we’re NTNP so if a baby comes sooner then amazing, I just didn’t want to wait until September to come off my BC and then potentially another year if I didn’t regulate or had problems falling pregnant. 

To prepare I’ve really just started taking prenatal bitamins! I’m relatively healthy so I am not changing much else! 

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I’d just focus on your health- physical, mental, financial, marital, etc. Get into an exercise routine, clean up your diet, etc. You’re likely to carry on in pregnancy as you were pre-pregnancy so do your best to create good habits now. Pregnancy & babies are both stressful and expensive so make sure you have good communication skills, a balanced budget, be on the same page with spending, etc. 

fwiw- we ttc’d for over a year and have a 2 month old now 🙂 

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