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Probably developmental.

my son is 11m, also teething, and while he’s usually a pleasure he has been a bit more fussy lately, especially when he wants something.

we follow 3/3.5/3.5 for wake windows right now, but that might change when he starts daycare in a few weeks.  

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Why ‘should’ she be awake until 9-9:30? If she’s tired at 8am, put her down at 8am, or before. I followed the 2/3/4 wake windows with my twins and it worked very well for them. 

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It is probably developmental – is she learning how to walk right now by chance? We had major sleep disruptions around that age.

I do think you should try to keep her up for closer to 3 hours in the morning and between naps (age appropriate wake window for 1-year old) and that *might* help with the sleep issues. Try distracting her with snacks, a walk or something? 2/3/4 was what my first naturally tended to as well at that age but we did see improvement in sleep overall once we tried to stretch that first wake window to more like 3 hrs and the other two were about 3 hrs as well.

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Wake windows are suggestions, not every baby will fit within that schedule. It’s best to take the wake windows as advice but bend them to fit within what works for your child specifically. If she’s consistently tired by that time, I see no issues with putting her to sleep then. 

At that age, my son was waking up at ~530-6 AM (we made him wake up early for work), and down for his first nap by 830 to 10/1030. Then nap 2 was around 130 to 330, and bed time routine started by 530/6. 

What time is she going to bed? She should be getting 12-13 hours of night time sleep and roughly 2 naps at that age. 

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@labmom:  So she is working on it! Walking is a huge milestone for them and can def disrupt sleep and affect fussiness levels etc. When my baby was learning how to walk, she did this bizarre thing where after we put her down for the night she’d sit straight up in bed and sit there silently with her eyes open for like a solid hour or two. It was so odd. She did it for 3-4 nights and then stopped and went back to normal.

As for bedtime, I would still go by wake windows at this age vs a set “bedtime.” Most 1 year olds take two naps and can tolerate a wake window of about 3-3.5 hrs. So bedtime should be 3-3.5 hours after nap 2, whenever that is!

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@labmom:  I kept notes of my baby’s routines on my phone in case it was helpful for any future baby we had! Here is his routine at age 1, if you wanted to see for reference. Every baby is different but this worked for us. 

6-7am Wake and milk (breastfeed) 
8-9am Breakfast
9am-11.30am Playtime
11.30am Lunch
12pm-2/2.30pm Nap then milk (cows milk) 
3pm-5.30pm Playtime and snack
5.30pm Dinner
<u>6pm-7</u>pm Playtime
7pm Bath and milk (breastfeed) 
7.30pm In bed

Eta: he was never one for naps, and I know lots of babies this age still have two naps. By 18 months he had dropped all naps completely!!


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 I just learned from this thread that most 1 year olds take 2 naps? That goes to show that every baby is unique. At that age, my son woke up around 7:30 am and was down for a nap from about 9:30-12:30 pm and stayed awake until bedtime at 7 pm. I always let him take the lead on his schedule (with limits regarding the final bedtime) and it’s worked well for him. I put him down for a nap when he shows signs of tiredness. At 18 months, he’s pretty much still on the same schedule. I really love his 3-hour nap and I dread the day that’s gone lol. 

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My 12mo has been super super fussy lately too, I think it’s a developmental phase. Also teeth.. Our schedule is pretty different because we are on one nap:

6:00am wakeup

12:00pm nap (1-2hrs max)

6:30pm bedtime 

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 I’m another vote for the working on walking causing some extra exhaustion/sleep disruption. My son is 15 months and I saw something sort of like this when he was starting to walk. Now that we are past it, we are at wake up at 7:30, nap from 12:30-2:30 and bed at 8:30 (I would LOVE an earlier bedtime, but he is just a 13 hours awake on the dot kind of kid 😫).

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@labmom:  My daughter turned one yesterday and sounds just like your daughter. She has become incredibly whiny and clingy in the last week. I am chalking it up to a leap or a growth spurt or whatever. She’s teething pretty heavily, so that may also be playing into it? My daughter also learned to walk two weeks ago and has been a speed demon ever since. 

Our schedule:

6:30/7 – Wake up

7:30 – 1st bottle

9:30/10 – 1st nap

11:00 – 2nd bottle

2:00 – 2nd nap and 3rd bottle

4:00 – 4th bottle

6:30/7 – Bath, jammies, 5th bottle, bed

My daughter is always tired 1.5 hours after she wake up, but I force her to stay up for that additonal hour at least (1.5 hours if I can stretch it) because otherwise our whole day gets out of whack. 

We are in the process of having her transition over to cow’s milk and regular food. She has rejected almost all foods since 7 months, so is getting frustrated that we are offering her more “meals” than her bottles. 

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