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solnishko1186:  took me a minute to realize you dipped the stick in soda.I thought you drank it and I didn’t see the big deal.  That’s so crazy though! 

AFM, I’m on CD10. We aren’t doing any treatment this month.  We finally BD last night. It had been a long time. We used regular old lube since I usually ovulate around CD20. Well,  today I have tons of EWCM. And now, I’m kicking myself for using the regular lube. But at the same time DH’s sperm was well past 5 days old. Anyway, now I’m stressing. The plan is to BD tomorrow evening. 

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solnishko1186:  HOLY CRAP! I’m sorry you’re beeing jerked around by your wondfos, but I have to say I cracked up at @KatesTheWord’s comment about your pregnant soda. Hopefully you’re right that you ovulated later, and AF holds off, then you can join your gingerale in celebrating your dual pregnancies. If not, I’m sorry, this time of year coming into the holidays (and the time off they require) just sucks.

RunnerBride13: How are you feeling with the stimming? I would imagine it’s like clomid-type symptoms just amplified. Do you get terrible hot flashes/cramps/etc? 

jammer62:  Oh man, I’m so sorry. It’s sometimes so hard to get to the bottom of your own feelings about infertility, much less someone else’s. Do you think it’s the Dr? If you found a Dr he’s more comfortable with, do you think it would help? Navigating these things with my husband can always be a bit tricky for me, when I want to discuss hypothetical situations and make decisions, he feels like I’m being pessimistic, and says he wants to wait and make decision as they come. Anyway, I hope you two are able to find a common ground, and a solutiont that works for both or you.

Novella:  I’ll keep the optimism for you — this FET could be your chance!

hogoboom2012: Thanks, friend. I’m going to give clomid another go — I’m hoping this AF doesn’t indicate that my lining is thinned. I mentioned on charters, but I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well on femara — I thought it was supposed to be the LOW side effect option! Hopefully it’s just because you’ve been travelling, and are spread a little thin. I vote for a relaxing day off to rehydrate/refill your tank πŸ™‚

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Levels are still 9 here. More bloods in a week. FFS! It’s like the universe hates me! Why drag it out even longer??

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Mrs. Jaguar:  I’m sorry, that’s extra sucky. <3

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Novella:  come on FET buddy! Let’s end this year on a good n’ pregnant note! My baseline is Wednesday for a 12/16 transfer, so I’m just ahead of you…I’m hoping its you and me on the August/September mama train soon. All cheer the uterus!

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RunnerBride13:  Thanks for the advice!

hogoboom2012:  It’s good to hear that you went through the same thing! Hopefully it works for you guys!!

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MattieK:  Yes, I’m definitely looking more into the future, and he’s just sort of thinking it’ll still happen any day. It COULD be the doctor, but honestly, if any of you met him, you’d think he was great. Very friendly, personable, and knowledgable. I think he’s secretly bitter because having to give his “sample” at the office was pretty traumatizing, haha.

Thanks, ladies. I’m CD19 today and we’ve only BDed once this cycle (over a week ago). Moving is no joke! I think I’ll call the office and ask if we can drop the plan for IUI for now. Bring on the Clomid!

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jammer62:  I hope you don’t mind me butting in on your post…I still like to stalk these boards.

I can relate so much to what you wrote. When we first did our first round of tests (bloods, initial SA, HSG, sono), we were diagnosed unexplained. Our Dr also wanted us to go right into IUI (although with injectibles, our clinic never used Clomid-don’t know why). I was totally ready, Darling Husband was not. At all. I had assumed he’d be on board, so it was a tough pill to swallow. We’re in Canada, and IUI is covered, so all we had to pay for was the meds, so I know it wasn’t the money. He just couldn’t see why “if nothing was wrong, we can’t just give it more time”. I htink my Darling Husband and  MissCountryGirl727‘s are like long lost twins or something πŸ˜›

From what I know of us as individuals, and what I’ve seen on the boards, I think it really just comes down to fundamental differences between the ways men and women look at things: I know I went into the RE thinking they were going to get us pregnant, and we would be doing treatments to get there. Darling Husband went in thinking they would tell us nothing was wrong, and I would then be ok to go home and keep trying on our own since a Dr said it was likely to happen. So when he was told it was very possible something was wrong, but they didn’t know WHAT, he thought that was BS, nad not reason enough to go to treatments. 

Ultimately what we decided to do was more tsting. He did an advanced SA, I had more advanced tests like my AMH, AFC, and was set up to go for a lap. For my husband what made him feel more comfortable with treatments was knowing we had done everything we could to find out exactly what the problem was. He was fine to do IVF even if we knew we had done everything to pinpoint an exact issue, and IVF was then the solution. So approaching it that way might be an option.

I also think the idea of setting a timeline could be a good one. 

For the record, I know lots of women who Clomid *was* all it took. Everyone is so different, and you never know. I don;t see how it can hurt to try.

Good luck πŸ™‚

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Sorry you and Darling Husband do not see eye to eye on the amount of fertility treatments involvement. That must be super tough for you. Maybe all he needs is a little time to accept that you might need some intervention. He is probably stuck in angry/denial stage at the moment, but I hope with time he would warm up to other options. Does he know what IUI involves? He is saying that “it is playing God and thinks it is extreme measures”, maybe he is confusing it with IVF? I know at first, my Darling Husband had no clue what IUI/IVF was and was thinking they are the same thing. Could you explain to him that IUI is in no way playing God, as everything is still done “naturally” not much different than in intercourse cycle. Doctors can’t control the process, and conception, fertilization, implantation still happen or don’t happen naturally. All IUI does is optimize the timing, makes stronger ovulation with help of drugs and puts swimmers closer to the egg – but everything else is same natural process. Doctors cannot control egg and sperm meeting, fertilizing or implanting like they do with IVF.

I hope you and Darling Husband figure things out together and reach a compromise that both are ok with πŸ™‚

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jammer62:  Hi!  I know you’ve already received a lot of great advice and decided to move forward with Clomid only….but I still wanted to throw in my opinion.  I think starting medicated cycles is the perfect compromise right now.  We’re pretty much at the exact same TTC timeline as you and we just started a Femara cycle.  It’s a minor step but I feel soooooooo much better that we’re doing something different.  If I had to do one more cycle with no change, I think I would have snapped.  We’re also getting a bunch more tests done while we do Femara only so that once we’re ready to move on to IUI in the new year, we have the complete picture.  Good luck!  Hope you’re almost done with the move.

hogoboom2012:  I’m so sorry about the side effects.  How are you feeling today?  I hope it goes away quickly and your ultrasound on Thursday shows some great follies!  FX so hard for you.

AFM, Day 4 of Femara tonight.  So far so good….other than some periodic hot flashes.  I also started a Whole30 yesterday – so no grains, dairy, sugar, legumes, or alcohol for 30 days.  I might be crazy but I’m hoping it will help improve some non-TTC issues and maybe, just maybe, there’s some undetected hormonal or inflammation problems going on that are preventing me from getting pregnant.  I’m at the “willing to try anything” point, lol.

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vanike:  Good luck! I try to remind myself that if lube or old sperm were really that bad, they’d be birth control!

MattieK:  Actually stims are not really like Clomid… at least not for me! Clomid made me feel so awful but FSH/LH isn’t as bad. It does give me a headache and bloating (no hot flashes!), and so far just some twinges in my ovary-area. I almost wish I had more side effects to know it was working!

Mrs. Jaguar:  Ugh, so sorry!

mkat37:  I’m reading about your Whole 30 while eating a (fun sized) Snicker’s haha! In my defense, my doctor told me to eat a lot and lots of cholesterol and fat! I still feel kind of bad eating a lot and exercising less!

AFM, super nervous for my u/s tomorrow morning!!

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vanike:  I agree with RunnerBride, lube and older sperm is not birth control, so you are still in the game πŸ™‚ FX you have strong O and get to bd few more times. Remind me, what treatments were you doing? Are you just taking this month off?


MattieK:  Thx, I hope so too. Maybe I should drink tons of that gingerale for it to happen. LOL. GL with Clomid, hope it does the trick.

mkat37:  FX for Femara and new diet doing the trick πŸ™‚

RunnerBride13:  Update us on the us tomorrow, the wait must be stressful. What will they be able to see so far tomorrow – how many follies are growing? How many days of stims do you have left?



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AFM, just waiting on AF to show now. Should be 13dpo.

Need some insight please – If you ladies remember, I had some concerns this cycle that I did not ovulate on day of IUI (36-40 hours after the trigger), but had suspicions that I Oed, 4-5 days later (by CM and other tracked symptoms). I wrote it off to experiencing different symptoms from Clomid. I called and emailed the nurse after IUI, but she brushed me off saying that they don’t do post-iui checks for O, and that with follies/trigger one would for sure ovulate on time. IF I don’t get AF on time (tomorrow or Thur – so far still high temps, no signs of AF), that would pretty much confirm that I Oed later, and that I was one of those “rare” people who didn’t O on time after trigger. What do you think I should do if that happens as far as the clinic is concerned? Bring it to their attention and ask to have more  monitoring going foward? Ask for “free” IUI cycle as they did not take my concerns seriously? Ignore it completely and move on the next try?

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solnishko1186:  When I did 100mg clomid, I ovulated prematurely and it still added 10 days to my LP. That was longer than it “should” have added, but it’s not uncommon for it to extend your LP. I’m afraid if you try to raise the issue they will brush you off again. I’d try to reconference with the doctor at the start of your next cycle. Explain your concerns and insist they do a check for you next time, even if just to put your mind at ease. The doctor is the one who can authorize them deviating from protocol. I’m afraid whatever you say, the nurse will just insist you follow protocol.

Hi ladies, I’ve been following along for the past couple months, and I’m afraid it’s about time to introduce myself. I’ll probably roll call on the next thread as this one is long already. I have annovulatory PCOS. I had one normal cycle after having my Mirena removed last December, and then I didn’t ovulate for the next 5 months. At that point I saw an RE. I’ve had many attempted IUI cycles, but only one IUI so far. I don’t respond well to clomid or femara, and I sometimes ovulate prematurely, sometimes I never get an LH surge. This last cycle was femara + gonal-f + cetrotide. I had two good follicles but my lining was only 5mm. We were supposed to do an IUI with my husband’s frozen sperm since he can’t take off work for IUI this month, but his sperm didn’t tolerate freeze & thaw, and went from 40% motility fresh to 0% motility after thaw. We still did TI, but today is 14dpo and a BFN. He’s traveling a lot in the next couple months, so that throws a wrench in our plans, we were going to use cryoed sperm to work around his schedule.

Next cycle I am doing all injectables. I will be doing 3-4 weeks of birth control for suppression beforehand in order to time things so my husband will be home for the IUI. So I’ll be on birth control when we pass 1 year TTC in a few weeks. Then the protocol will be menopur + gonal-F + cetrotide once lead reaches 14mm + ovidrel trigger + crinone luteal support. IUI will (hopefully) be in the week before Christmas. In the year we have been trying, we have never had a good shot where everything looks good: follicles, lining, e2 levels, timing. I’m really hoping the all-injectables cycle will be the ticket. And I must say, I’m glad to (hopefully) never take Femara or Clomid again. My insurance pays for everything short of ART, so in that I’m very lucky to be able to move to injectables without financial burden.

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