(Closed) 1 Year+ TTC Part Sixteen

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Age (if you care to share): 29 tomorrow, Darling Husband is 29 also

TTC since: July 2012

TTC Recap: Lots of non helpful drs from July 2012 – March 2014. I started seeing an RE from the beginning because I had know PCOS. Did 3 cycles of clomid last year and 3 cycles of puregon injectibles. Was moving towards IVF in May of this year and biding our time due to some work committments. Changed to Gonal F injectibles for our January cycle and got our first ever BFP last Friday. Unfortunately I had a chemical pregnancy over the weekend and lost it at 4weeks and 1 day.

Issues (if any): PCOS, Graves Disease, low morphology

Chart? Keep a record in FF but don’t temp

Currently: CD 1 after a chemical pregnancy

Supplements/how are you going about your BFP: folate, some vitamins, can;t take a prenatal because of the iodine and my Graves Disease

When I get my BFP, I’ll celebrate by: Hoping I can get to a point where I feel comfortable celebrating

If it’s not this cycle, we’ll: Keep trying

Since TTC after 12+ cycles (or with IF) issues, is a very different experience than a fertile couple trying in the first month, how do you stay positive and hopeful? Seeing a positive has at least shown me that it is possible

What has been the hardest part of this journey for you so far? The chemical and not knowing if i’ll ever be able to carry a baby to term


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Thanks for all of the love at the end of the last thread. Trying to move forward today but in a fair amount of pain with heavy bleeding. Tried to get into see my specialist. I rang yesterday and thought they were booking me in for next week. Rang back this morning as I hadn’t heard anything yesterday and turns out the stupid receptionist didn’t book me in and now I can’t get in until the 3rd. I am going to go see my GP today and get cover for work this week and make sure I’m dealing with this ok. I feel like a bit of a fraud for being heartbroken after a 2 day pregnancy but hopefully i’ll get over that too. Emotionally much better today just in pain physically.

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ROLL CALL:  Hey everyone!  Thought I’d finally introduce myself on here! 

Age (if you care to share):  31 (DH is 32)

TTC since:  July 2013

TTC Recap:  Stopped taking BCP in May 2013 after being on them since age 17.  Had NO CLUE that I had PCOS until diagnosed by u/s in February 2014 at the age of 30.  Only real PCOS symptom I had was irregular/nonexistent AF.  Started seeing my RE in June 2014.   I basically can go months without even getting AF, and seem to not ovulate at all without meds.  Since then, I’ve been on Clomid multiple times (150 mg the last few times) and did 3 unsuccessful IUIs.  DH’s numbers are good.  I also have a very thin lining month after month.  Currently in our first IVF cycle (egg retrieval is scheduled for this week). 

Issues (if any):  PCOS, annovulation, amenorrhea, thin uterine lining

Chart?  I don’t chart anymore

Currently:  Just days away from our first IVF cycle egg retrieval!  My office considers that day CD0

Supplements/how are you going about your BFP:  Prenatal vitamin, Folbic tab, baby aspirin, Menopur, Gonal-F, Cetrotide, trigger shots, about to start Progesterone injections as well…all part of the IVF regimen

When I get my BFP, I’ll celebrate by:  I don’t even know…it still seems so unattainable but I’m sure I’ll be in shock and not think it’s real for a long, long time

If it’s not this cycle, we’ll:  Well, I’ll probably be devastated…every new procedure we try I always think it’s going to work, so I’m trying hard to stay positive but also remain realistic that it might not work.  Hopefully we will have some embryos to freeze, but I’m just taking it one step at a time. 

Since TTC after 12+ cycles (or with IF) issues, is a very different experience than a fertile couple trying in the first month, how do you stay positive and hopeful?  I don’t know….I’m definitely not positive a lot of the time, but I try to be.  I keep my mind off of it by working out, crafting, spending time with my pets, and just generally distracting myself. 

What has been the hardest part of this journey for you so far?  It was very hard when IUI #3 failed, especially bc we had 3-4 mature follicles and they even mentioned the possibility of triplets, which seemed more than we could have hoped for.  To not even get one baby out of that just completely destroyed me.  That, and the fact that it seems like pretty much everyone on the planet except for me is currently pregnant or already has a family.  Not to mention that I’m asked on almost a daily basis if I’m pregnant yet/thinking about having kids.  Really!? 

Novella:  So sorry to hear about your CP.  🙁                      Happy early birthday

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Novella:  I’m sorry about the CP 🙁 I was hoping that was it for you. And you have more than a right to be heartbroken, in those days you see the future and what it would look like and now it’s changed again. Look after yourself…

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ShellVee:  thanks lovely. I’m feeling very lucky that I’ve had a lot of support over the last couple of days xox

Just went and saw my GP and all is well physically. Going to get a beta on Thursday just to make sure my levels have gone down and to check my iron and thyroid. Feeling much better emotionally after being able to speak to a dr.

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Mrs. Jaguar:  Here’s to 2015!  That’s my and DH’s motto this year.  So far it hasn’t started of great, but hopefully much better things to come.  So jealous of your trip to Fiji!  It’s so far away from us here in the U.S., but Darling Husband and I have been looking to visit.  Reading your roll call makes me feel really like an old timer because I remember being on this board when you were doing the IVF that led to your first LO, so hearing that she is 20 months old now seems crazy!  I’m sorry TTC for #2 has been such a struggle. 

lillieb33:  Welcome to the thread!  Hope your IVF and ER go great!!

Novella:  I’m so sorry again for your CP.  It’s totally normal to grieve.  I remember my first CP being horrible — the initial excitement of being pregnant and then the shock.  Big hugs. 

I’ll do my roll call next but a couple of ladies have posted with anxieties about follicle counts after a few days of stims for IVF — I would say not to worry too much because more follicles will grow as you’re on stims for more days, and when they count on the ultrasounds they often count only follicles above a certain size and it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s ALL the follicles you have.  So, it’s a waiting game!

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Mrs. Jaguar:  Don’t think I knew your lost LO was a boy  I’m sorry hun

Novella:  Happy Birthday! I’m sorry it’s not a happier time but hope you have a special day.

lillieb33:  Welcome, good luck with the ER


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Age (if you care to share): 34 (DH is also 34)

TTC since: Jan 2012

TTC Recap: In brief, in July 2012 we learned that Darling Husband has very low sperm count and motility. He had a varicocele embolization but that didn’t help. I had a small uterine septum and had hysteroscopic surgery on that. We did our first IVF cycle in Jan 2013 and have basically been continuously doing IVF / frozen embryo transfers since then. Our first cycle was a CP. After that cycle 2 (FET) was a BFN, cycle 3 (FET) was a BFN. We switched clinics (because we moved), did another IVF, had a horrible egg retrieval by a covering doc, I developed ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and spent a night in the ER, we did another FET and had a CP. After that we did another IVF but delayed the transfer because my hormones were a bit off. In the meantime we did a uterine biopsy and found that the development of my uterine lining was out of sync. We did several things to try to fix that (some antibiotics in case it was related to infection, femera to try to reset things, and a normal HSG) but the repeat biopsy was still abnormal so we did a course of 3 months lupron depot shots to try to fix it (and treat any presumed endometriosis, which can cause endometrial dysfunction). We did two more FET’s, in May (BFN) and June (CP). Switched clinics again and I also started seeing an acupuncturist regularly and revamped my lifestyle to cut out chemicals, improve diet, take more supplements, etc. We did another fresh IVF cycle at the latest clinic this past fall (our 4th egg retrieval), got 20 eggs and 6 frozen embryos, 5 of which were normal by PGS. We transferred one, got our first real BFP, saw the heartbeat, but had a MC at 7 weeks. I had a D&C early Nov and am still waiting for my HCG to fall to 0 — I have retained products of conception so we’re waiting to see if they fall out naturally or if I’ll have to have a hysteroscopy to remove them. So, that’s 7 total embryo transfers that we’ve done so far. Still waiting for our sticky baby.

Issues (if any): See above!

Chart? No point.

Currently: Hoping that my retained products of conception fall out naturally — I have actually been bleeding for the past week, though haven’t seen any big chunks of tissue (TMI).  Anxious to do another FET but it seems like that’s going to take a while.

Supplements/how are you going about your BFP: IVF, acupuncture, synthroid for subclinical hypothyroidism. Supplements I’m currently taking are high-dose folic acid, prenatal vitamin, vitamin D, calcium.  I’m also on some crazy herbal tea my acupuncturist prescribed to try to get these retained products to pass. 

When I get my BFP, I’ll celebrate by: Darling Husband and I joke that our new family motto is “we’ll see.” We are going to try not to get too excited after a BFP because we were crushed by our MC. I don’t think I’ll be able to relax until 20 weeks.

If it’s not this cycle, we’ll: We’re going to try one more FET and if that doesn’t work we will probably try more “alternative” options like seeing a reproductive immunologist to do some less well-accepted testing just to cover all our bases. Eventually we might need to use a surrogate.

Since TTC after 12+ cycles (or with IF) issues, is a very different experience than a fertile couple trying in the first month, how do you stay positive and hopeful? Honestly, this has been really hard after our miscarriage.  Given that we’ve done 7 embryo transfers already I’m starting to wonder if this is ever going to happen.  We do enjoy planning vacations.  

What has been the hardest part of this journey for you so far? By far the hardest part has been our miscarriage at 7 weeks after a BFP on our 7th embryo transfer.  We transferred a PGS normal embryo so we were told by our doc that it was basically a done deal since the most common reason for miscarriage is a chromosomal abnormality — so we were all shocked by the m/c.  Darling Husband and I were both crushed.  But, life goes on somehow.  


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Age (if you care to share): we’re both 33.

TTC since:  ttc baby #2 since july 2014.

TTC Recap:  after 3 clomid iui cycles, (including one miscarraige at 10wks), we finally conceived our beautiful baby girl who is now 20 months. we returned to the RE shortly after our daughter’s first birthday, and hoped that iui would work it’s magic again, but that hasn’t been the case. 

Issues (if any): pcos, hypothyroid. i pretty much bleed endlessly if i’m not on bc or fertility meds, so “trying on our own” is not a thing.

Currently:  11dpo. we are a few days away from finding out if our sixth and final iui worked. if not, we plan to move right on to ivf.

Supplements/how are you going about your BFP: this cycle clomid, hcg, and estrace to help with a thinning lining. also synthroid, metformin, and prenatals.

When I get my BFP, I’ll celebrate by: i’ll probably cry and panic that something will go wrong. that seems to be my typical reaction.

If it’s not this cycle, we’ll: during this past cycle, i’ve been attending all of my RE’s required ivf classes, so hopefully we’ll get started with ivf right away.

Since TTC after 12+ cycles (or with IF) issues, is a very different experience than a fertile couple trying in the first month, how do you stay positive and hopeful? i really try to focus all of my attention on appreciating the perfect little family we already have, but i still have bad days.

What has been the hardest part of this journey for you so far? the constant stress of feeling like i’m disappointing my husband and daughter.



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Mrs. Jaguar:  I’m sorry that you are having to fight again for #2. It doesn’t seem fair. After having difficulty conceiving #1, it feels like we are owed an easy one. I know it doesn’t work that way, though. I have high hopes for your next FET! And your daughter is darling!

Novella:  Again, so sorry about your CP. Even though it was short, it changes you and gives you new hope. It sucks that it was taken away so quickly. Hopefully the same treatment plan will work and you can avoid IVF.

lillieb33:  Welcome and best of luck with your ER! I’m just a day or two behind you, I believe.

nyckitten:  What an absolute shit show of a road you’ve traveled. Man, I’m sorry. Best of luck on your next FET! I’m rooting hard for you over here. 

thesaurus_rex:  Sorry that the IUIs didn’t do the trick this time. Best of luck with your upcoming IVF. For me, it hasn’t been anywhere near as bad as I thought it’d be. I’ve had minimal side effects and I actually like all the controlled montioring. It gives me a sense of peace.

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