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RE-POST: I posted this after the new thread post on the last thread, so I’m posting on this one as well. Hope that’s okay!

Well, I guess it’s time to introduce myself…

Darling Husband and I have been TTC since New Year’s Day 2013. We will be on a mission soon to find out if there are any issues with either of us that has delayed a BFP. It’s definitely been a difficult journey thus far, but we are remaining as hopeful as possible. In joining this group, I am looking forward to connecting with some wonderful ladies and witnessing many BFPs. I wish you all the very best of luck!


Age (if you care to share): 24

TTC since: January 1, 2013

Issues (if any): Unknown – Our one-year TTC appointment was scheduled for today, but had to be canceled due to the blizzard that swept through our area yesterday (pretty bummed).

Chart?: Just began charting again after a four-month hiatus…

Currently: Cycle 13, CD 30

Supplements/how are you going about your BFP: Prenatals, Vitex, Omega-3 with vitamin D-3, Calcium and Magnesium, and herbal teas…

When I get my BFP, I’ll celebrate by: Crying (happy tears), hugging and kissing Darling Husband endlessly, and praying for a trouble-less pregnancy that produces a beautiful, happy, and most importantly healthy baby.

If it’s not this cycle, we’ll: Begin various infertility testing…

Despite the heartache…what has this infertility journey made you grateful for: I’m grateful for the strength this journey has provided for DH’s and my marriage. It has been a difficult year on this roller-coaster of a journey, but our love for one another has been the sweetness in the bittersweet. This journey has also helped me not take things for granted. Personally, I feel I’ll have much more gratitude when I receive a BFP after a year of trying as opposed to if I had gotten one right away.

Just for fun…Which film from your childhood are you most looking forward to sharing with your future children?: I was definitely a Disney girl, but my favorite thing to watch as a child was the video of my parents’ wedding, which I will surely be sharing with my future children. 

Since TTC after 12+ cycles (or with IF) issues, is a very different experience than a fertile couple trying in the first month, how do you stay connected to your SO?: We continue to keep our love life more about us than making a baby. And, each weekend we make time to go on a date or do something together. Truthfully, Darling Husband has been wonderful this past year. He’s been my best friend since we started dating at 15, and if anything this journey has brought us closer together.

Just for fun…What hobbies/activities do you do to give yourself a break from TTC or just for fun?: Yoga, meditation, photography, drawing/painting, cooking, and herbalism… I do as much as I can not to dwell on the negative.


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@smcopp89: Welcome!  I hope your stay is short πŸ™‚  Do you know when your appointment will be rescheduled for?

@HopefulForLittleOne:  Ha, yes!  Twins would be crazy πŸ™‚  I am actually starting to fill out a mortgage application, right now!

Age (if you care to share): 26

TTC since: Oct 2011

Issues (if any): PCOS and only one tube (my right one!).  I had the left one removed during a lap in november due to hydrosalpinx.  I am hopeful that was what was preventing us from getting pregnant.

Chart?: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/3930dd

Currently: On CD3!

Supplements/how are you going about your BFP: I am taking metform 500mg x 1/day, prenatal, b6 and b12.  I am also starting clomid tonight, for my first clomid cycle ever!  Fx!

When I get my BFP, I’ll celebrate by: Freaking out and instantly worrying about everything that could go wrong!!

If it’s not this cycle, we’ll: We will be trying clomid for 3 cycles.  I hope I ovulate on it, as I often have anovulatory cycles. 

Since TTC after 12+ cycles (or with IF) issues, is a very different experience than a fertile couple trying in the first month, how do you stay connected to your SO?

So far, I would say that or IF issues hasn’t affected our relationship.  If anything, we are closer.  As BDing can have a lot of pressure, I try not to tell Darling Husband if it is *the* fertile night, so we can keep things light hearted and fun.  Additionally, we cuddle allll the time and are a very physically affectionate couple.  I recommend it πŸ™‚

Just for fun…What hobbies/activities do you do to give yourself a break from TTC or just for fun?

I really like to cook, knit and garden.  I hang out lots with our dog (a 120lb cuddle monster!), and with our families.  Also, Darling Husband and I watch several TV shows together and I am enjoying that while we still have the free time and energy!

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@misshydra:  Thank you for the warm welcome! I hope you get your BFP soon! Everything in our area is closed today due to the blizzard, so once the office is open again, I will be able to reschedule. The appointment for today had been scheduled for over a month, so hopefully I’ll be able to get in by the end of the week.

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Hello Everybody!  DH and I started seriously TTC January 2013 so it’s time for me to join.  Not excited to be here but looking forward to the advice and friendship!

Age (if you care to share): Me-27  DH-29

TTC since: NTNP November 2012, TTC-January 2013

Issues (if any): Me: PCOS  DH: Low Morphology

Chart?: I haven’t been charting…just going with the flow (I have monitored cycles…so not temping is okay)

Currently: CD13 of my 4th Clomid Cycle and 2nd IUI.  Went in on Saturday and had one at 15 and a bunch of smaller ones.  Going in to the office in the morning to see how we’ve progressed.  I will hopefully do an IUI on Wednesday or Thursday!

Supplements/how are you going about your BFP: Metformin- one pill before each meal.  Prenatals.  DH has a Brazil nut a day for Selenium (RE says Selenium is awesome for sperm production).

When I get my BFP, I’ll celebrate by: Hugging my husband ridiculously hard and try not to faint at seeing two lines!

If it’s not this cycle, we’ll:  We’ll take February off (My best friend is getting married mid-October…don’t want to be two weeks from birth at her wedding…I wouldn’t be able to go)

Since TTC after 12+ cycles (or with IF) issues, is a very different experience than a fertile couple trying in the first month, how do you stay connected to your SO?

The biggest thing for us is communication.  If I’m having a bad day and feeling down in the dumps I tell him so we can work through it together.  My Darling Husband is my rock and he’s so dang optimistic it’s contagious.  We also try to make jokes about how awkward this TTC process is.  For example, we call the place where he makes his “deposit” for the IUI the creepy sperm closet.  Keeping the humour in it has helped.

Just for fun…What hobbies/activities do you do to give yourself a break from TTC or just for fun?

I quilt.  I recently splurged on a fancy sewing machine so I’ve been having fun playing with all of the features!  For Christmas all of my nieces and nephews got huge floor pillows that are quilted.  I can’t wait until I have a child to sew for!  


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@HopefulForLittleOne:  Wow, that’s quite a trip y’all went on… Sorry your DH’s extraction didn’t go so well, that sounds miserable for everyone involved.  Luckily Darling Husband has sperm, just not a lot.

@WillowB:  That is SUPER exciting news! Congratulations!

Age (if you care to share): 27/DH 34

TTC since: April/May 2013

Issues (if any): Low sperm count, low testosterone and hypogonadism. None on my side that we know of yet (Dr. is confident if we can get DH’s numbers up it will happen)

Chart?: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/wanderinggypsy

Currently: stopped temping daily, I know when I’m ovulating.  Currently CD 22/10dpo

Supplements/how are you going about your BFP:  not taking any supplements, really should be taking prenatals… we bd eod during fw, otherwise we are mostly waiting on tests with Darling Husband.

When I get my BFP, I’ll celebrate by: I honestly have no idea. It seems so far away and so far fetched that I don’t really evere expect it to happen.

If it’s not this cycle, we’ll:  get the results of DH’s MRI (which happened today) and take steps going forward.  We also have another SA at the end of the month (barring any craziness with his MRI results)

Since TTC after 12+ cycles (or with IF) issues, is a very different experience than a fertile couple trying in the first month, how do you stay connected to your SO?

I think this is only making us closer actually.  We talk about it all, we joke around, we go on dates.  We’re also at a point where we are getting answers, and while it’s scary it feels like we’re at least GOING somewhere with it all. Not just flying blind hoping for the best.

Just for fun…What hobbies/activities do you do to give yourself a break from TTC or just for fun?

I ride horses, I just took up running again.  I’ve really enjoyed cooking healthy foods lately.  Decorating the house is a big one, I have a bit of a blank canvas so I troll pinterest for ideas constantly.


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@HopefulForLittleOne:  We have been watching American Horror Story!  So good.  Also, Orange is the New Black.  In the past we have watched Dexter, Breaking Bad, Sherlock and Game of Thrones.  I would recommend all of them πŸ™‚  I loved House of Cards and can’t wait for it to be back.  Also, Call the Midwife is great, but I usually watch that on my own. 

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@HopefulForLittleOne:  Thank you! We are warm, safe, and likely not going anywhere anytime soon, but I have to admit I am enjoying the togetherness! Hopefully, the appointment will be rescheduled soon!


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@misshydra: Ugh I’m sorry about the sucky experience from Provera, but I’m glad you started AF so you can get a fresh start! FX that Clomid works for you!! ETA- I would say you should try to buy the house if you can. I know it can be stressful but it sounds like a really good opportunity and I think you might regret it if you look back later on and you hadn’t even tried ya know? Best of luck either way!

@lindsayandchris09: Hey lady, glad to see you back! I still keep an eye on your chart and keep my FX for you all the time!

@WillowB: Omg! Congrats hun!! I know it’s early, but FX that everything goes perfectly!! Keep us updated on your RE appointment tomorrow!

@smcopp89: I’m so sorry you find yourself here hun. I hope your stay is short and sweet! Sorry that your appointment was cancelled. Were they able to set a date to re-schedule?

@Ms.Bookworm: I’m sorry that you find yourself here as well. FX that you’re able to do your 2nd IUI soon and that it’s a success!!

@HopefulForLittleOne: Thanks for starting the new thread, hopefully some good luck rubs off on you!! πŸ™‚

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Age (if you care to share): Me- 27, DH- 30

TTC since: July 2012 (with 6 months TTA from June 2013 to Dec 2013)

Issues (if any): Only issue is a blocked right tube, not sure if Darling Husband has any issues because we haven’t had him tested yet

Chart?: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/MrsMonty11

Currently: CD16/4dpo (I’ve been O’ing early the last couple cycles)

Supplements/how are you going about your BFP: Serrapeptase to help unblock Fallopian tube, prenatal w/ DHA vitamins

When I get my BFP, I’ll celebrate by: Darling Husband and I will probably cry tears of joy, but we will probably try not to get too excited right away and keep it on the down low due to previous losses 

If it’s not this cycle, we’ll: We have an RE appointment on Jan 14 and I’m hoping that my RE will put me on Femara right away and also do an SA for my Darling Husband to make sure everything is good with him 

Since TTC after 12+ cycles (or with IF) issues, is a very different experience than a fertile couple trying in the first month, how do you stay connected to your SO? We actually took a 6 month break which was really nice to help us stay connected and we try not to focus on timing and make sex fun and not a chore 

Just for fun…What hobbies/activities do you do to give yourself a break from TTC or just for fun? I have been trying to focus on getting myself healthy, cooking healthy meals for Darling Husband and me, reading, watching movies and of course shopping! πŸ˜‰ 

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@lindsayandchris09:  that’s super tough to deal with… My dad told me this weekend that my Step Sister (we are not close) had a miscarriage… She was 16wks?? (IDK, I got the story from a man lol!)… We didn’t know she was pregnant, but she has a 8mo old girl and an 8yr old girl, and neither her nor her current husband have jobs – they’re really irresponsible people…. MCs are SO sad, but I can’t help from thinking it might have been a blessing for them … So sad πŸ™

@misshydra:  oh I hope you can qualify for a mortgage… Sounds like a great opportunity!!! And of course you’d get twins; Murphy’s law in all πŸ™‚

@WillowB:  update, update, update!!! We are all crossing our fingers and can’t wait to hear how tomorrow goes!!!

AFM, I got so frustrated with our cable (Directv) and Internet (centurylink) being unbelievably messed up today that I bawled for a good 15 minutes outside my office… #crazyhormones #yaymonday

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@WillowB: SO beyond thrilled for you my dear!!! CONGRATS! This is amazing news that I think gives all of us renewed hope! Keep the updates coming! Sending prayers your way for a H&H pregnancy! X

@lindsayandchris09: Hey lady!! Good to see you pop in! I keep eyeing your chart and sending positive vibes your way! X

@hardtoconcentrate: Hey you! How are you doing? X

@HopefulForLittleOne: Thank you for starting the new thread!! I hope the luck finds you!!! X  Thanks for sharing the blog. I was searching for blogs yesterday and couldn’t really find one I liked or had been updated recently. I’ll add that one to my list! πŸ™‚

@smcopp89: Welcome to the group, sorry you have to be here, but it truly is a group of wonderfully supportive ladies! I hope your stay here is short and sweet! Good luck with your appointment, sorry it got cancelled.

@misshydra: Hoorrrayyyy for the new cycle and Clomid!! I’ve got everything crossed it’s the key to your bfp! I added you on FF, I hope I see that green line VERY soon! πŸ™‚ Oh, and I agree with the others, go for the house!!!! πŸ™‚ Good luck!

@Ms.Bookworm: Hi there!! Welcome to the group. I remember you from the charter’s thread; so sorry you found your way here πŸ™ Sending lots of positive vibes and prayers that this 2nd IUI is the one! Good luck! X

@wandering_gypsy: FX for you this cycle, and if not, FX for good results from the MRI!

@MrsMonty11: Hi!! Will they do another HSG anytime soon to see if the right tube is unblocked? I really hope the serrapeptase is working! Good luck with your upcoming appointment. X

AFM, this year is just not starting off well.AT.ALL. The only thing keeping me going right now is the hope that it will only get better from here. Last Thursday we got a snowstorm and Darling Husband wrecked my (6 month new) car on our way home, only a half mile away from the house. We had to walk home in the freezing cold and snow and of course my anxiety kicked in full-blown. The next morning I found out someone else smashed into the back of my vehicle and of course, didn’t leave their info. I called the insurance company to report the incidents and found out I did not have the rental coverage that I had asked for when I signed up for the policy (I always, ALWAYS opt for rental coverage. My mistake for not checking the coverage when I signed). So, as of right now we have no vehicle because my husband’s truck can’t get out of a wet paper bag, we have possibly two, one for sure, 1K deductibles, and we can’t get home. So, we’ve been staying at my parents’ house since Friday. I’m certainly thankful for them being open to taking us and our pups in while the snow clears. But, needless to say, I’m in a funk right now. I know things could be MUCH worse, but right now, I’m just blah. I’m actually “fertile” right now (if that’s even what you can call it when you’re going through infertility…) and I have NO desire to even try to make a baby at this moment. I certainly hope everyone else is doing better!

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