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Age (if you care to share): Me 32, DH will be 39 in a few weeks

TTC since: July 2013, but I have 25/26 day cycles.

TTC Recap: Diagnosed with Endometriosis prior to TTC. We’ve TTC’d for 12 months before my most recent lap. Currently TTC is on pause for medical reasons until fall (see next paragraph for details)

Issues (if any): ISevere Endometriosis. I had my first lap and was diagnosed with mild Endo in Jan 2013. My pain became excruciating again once I came off the pill to TTC. I had a second lap in April and found out that I now have severe Endo- I mean everywhere. My doc couldn’t remove it all in one surgery so I need another one. I’m currently in the middle of a 6 month routine of Zoladex which puts me into fake menopause and will hopefully shrink my disase to make the surgery I will have in the fall more successful. If all goes well with that surgery we will TTC again shortly afterwards.

Chart? There’s no point in charting during chemically induced menopause so I paused my FF account

Currently: CD60

Supplements/how are you going about your BFP: on pause currently

When I get my BFP, I’ll celebrate by: I can’t even think about it right now. But on the plus side, next week will be dose #3 of Zoladex- halfway to surgery time!

If it’s not this cycle, we’ll: It definitly won’t be this cycle lol.

Since TTC after 12+ cycles (or with IF) issues, is a very different experience than a fertile couple trying in the first month, how do you stay connected to your SO? I don’t know- don’t think about it for 6 months? Hopefully this break will help us feel more connected once we start again.

And just for fun,

As it’s Independence Day today for our US friends, how did you celebrate? DH and I are taking my best friends kids (ages 6 and 12) to the fireworks tomorrow since she and her husband both have to work. It’ll be super fun, I can’t wait.

AND…Post your most uplifting quote   :)

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent  -Eleanor Roosevelt

<br /><br />

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ShellVee:  Thanks for starting the new thread!  Lore has it that it is good luck to start the thread (it didn’t work for me but has worked for many here!).  I’m so impressed with your weight loss — huge congrats. 

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Age (if you care to share): I’m 34, DH is 33.

TTC since: January 2012 (wow!  I can’t believe it has been that long.  Looking back I realized I started the 4th iteration of this thread and now we’re on 13!) 

TTC Recap: Oh boy, I could write a book.  In brief, in July 2012 we learned that DH has horrible sperm.  He had a varicocele embolization but that didn’t help.  I had a small uterine septum and had hysteroscopic surgery on that.  We did our first IVF cycle in Jan 2013 and have basically been continuously doing IVF / frozen embryo transfers since then.  Our first cycle was a CP.  After that cycle 2 (FET) was a BFN, cycle 3 (FET) was a BFN.  We switched clinics (because we moved), did another IVF, had a horrible egg retrieval by a covering doc, I developed ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and spent a night in the ER, we did another FET and had a CP.  After that we did another IVF but delayed the transfer because my hormones were a bit off.  In the meantime we did a uterine biopsy and found that the development of my uterine lining was out of sync.  We did several things to try to fix that (some antibiotics in case it was related to infection, femera to try to reset things, and a normal HSG) but the repeat biopsy was still abnormal so we did a course of 3 months lupron depot shots to try to fix it (and treat any presumed endometriosis, which can cause endometrial dysfunction), and just did our most recent FET in May, which was a BFN.  Phew.  So that’s 5 total embryo transfers, 2 CP’s, and 3 BFN’s.  All of our transfers have been single embryo transfers because we were worried about twins; the most recent one was supposed to be a double embryo transfer but one embryo died upon thawing.    

Issues (if any): Primarily male factor infertility (really bad sperm counts, mobility, morphology).  I also seem to have some endometrial dysfunction of unclear etiology, possibly subclinical endometriosis. 

Chart? No point.

Currently: Getting ready for another FET, likely around July 21.  I’m on estrace and letrozole (femera) currently (the letrozole is because of my endometrial issues).  We’re going to transfer our last two remaining embryos, one is a Day 5 blast and the other is a Day 6 embryo that is really poor quality, if they both survive the thaw.  We’re going to do acupuncture before and after the transfer (we did this with our last FET too).  Also, my doctor did an endometrial “scratch” last week which one or two studies suggest can help with implantation but overall the evidence isn’t great. 

Supplements/how are you going about your BFP: IVF/FET’s as above.  I’m also on a low dose of Synthroid because my thyroid is a bit underactive for TTC (my TSH is a bit higher than my RE would like).  And I take a slew of vitamins and supplements (all okayed by my RE): prenatal vitamin, Metanx (a prescription-strength Vit B complex that includes folate), Co-E Q, Vitamin D, Calcium, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, melatonin.  Most of these are to help improve egg quality, the Vit D is because mine is a bit low, the Metanx is because my homocysteine was high.  I also recently read the book “It Starts with the Egg” that has a lot of suggestions for improving egg quality.  I’ve been working on reducing toxins like parabens / BPA / PVC’s (changed my soaps / shampoos / lotions / lip gloss, not eating out of plastic, changed to a natural yoga mat, avoiding nail salons) and changing my diet to be more plant/seed/some animal based and have less artificial stuff and refined carbs.  Never thought I would become the person with almond milk chia seed pudding in my fridge, but here I am (I don’t take it to extremes though…I’m still gonna have a hot dog for July 4 though if I can find one!)

When I get my BFP, I’ll celebrate by:  I definitely won’t be able to relax until way after the 1st trimester. 

If it’s not this cycle, we’ll: We are going to switch to a different clinic (at the recommendation of my doctor) to try something new and see if we have better luck growing embryos there.  I have an appointment lined up at the new clinic in mid-Aug just in case.  The plan will be to do our 4th IVF, this time with preimplantation genetic diagnosis so that we can see if any of our embryos are genetically normal.  

Since TTC after 12+ cycles (or with IF) issues, is a very different experience than a fertile couple trying in the first month, how do you stay connected to your SO? 

We try to do fun stuff, mainly going out to eat or to movies.  We also just got back from a fantastic vacation in Ireland!  It’s tough because I also have a very demanding job that requires a lot of my time (and most of my mental energy). 

And just for fun,

As it’s Independence Day today for our US friends, how did you celebrate? <br />It’s raining here!  Boo!  But we’re probably going to go see a friend and her baby, maybe have some dinner.  If it stops raining we’re going to go to a BBQ and then probably will try to catch the fireworks from our roof.   

AND…Post your most uplifting quote 

I don’t have many uplifting quotes, but don’t give up!

Whew, sorry about the book.  I just hope that my experiences can maybe help some other people.  I don’t check my PM’s but do follow this thread so if you have any questions feel free to write me here (or tell me to check my PM’s!).  I also have been trying not to be so active on the thread but do follow along and am thinking of everyone!

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Age (if you care to share): DH AND I are both 28

TTC since: July 2012. Last week marked 2 yrs TTC for us.

TTC Recap: Issues (if any): PCOS, Graves Disease (over active thyroid)

Chart? Currently: I have a fertility friend chart to keep track of my cycles and meds e.t.c but I don’t temp. It’s too stressful for me. I always wish I have when I’m obsessing during the TWW but I know I obsess more with the temps so that doesn’t change anything. I just need to be patient. I get monitored with blood work with my RE at the moment anyway so I know if/when I am ovulating

Supplements/how are you going about your BFP: Currently on Vit. D3 and folic acid as supplements in addition to PTU for my Graves disease (hyperthyroidism). I am on my third cycle of Clomid for annovulation due to PCOS. First cycle 50mg (O but BFN), 2nd cycle 50mg – no O so did more clomid in the same cycle 75mg (O but BFN), 3rd cycle 75mg – no O so currently taking 100mg in the same cycle – will hopefully O early next week. We have had performance issues with the timed intercourse in the last 2 cycles and it has been really hard. This cycle we are using something like preseed (Maybe Baby sperm friendly gel for those Aussie girls) to help take the stress out of the situation and it is working a treat! So happy with it.

When I get my BFP, I’ll celebrate by: I just can’t wait. I feel so positive it is close sometimes and then every time a cycle fails I’m not surprised. It’s what I’m used to. I don’t know if I will ever get to see those 2 pink lines and be able to tell people in exciting ways like the rest of the world gets to. So many people already know we are going through treatment.

If it’s not this cycle, we’ll: I have another appointment with my RE on 22nd and DH has another SA booked before then too. He was fine last we checked but that was 2 yrs ago when we first went to a different RE. I wouldn’t be surprised if we go the HSG/Hycosy route. If that’s all good I assume IUI or IVF if it’s not. I get the impression from my RE’s nurse that I won’t be doing many more clomid cycles if this one doesn’t work.

Since TTC after 12+ cycles (or with IF) issues, is a very different experience than a fertile couple trying in the first month, how do you stay connected to your SO? We watch a lot of TV and movies together and have a lot in common which is nice. Mind you can’t wait for the World Cup to be over so DH will come to bed before 4am. Stupid Australian time zone!

And just for fun, As it’s Independence Day today for our US friends, how did you celebrate? Being Australian I didn’t celebrate but I hope all the US girls had a safe and happy weekend.

AND…Post your most uplifting quote: it’s actually something that started a thread with about a year and a half ago: “we must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us” Joseph Campbell. I saved the image on my phone and I look at it sometimes when I’m feeling down.

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phoebephoebo Thank you so much for the well wishes but it doesn’t look like this was our cycle πŸ™ I tested this morning on what should be 11DPO (or 10DPO if I didn’t ovulate till the day after the IUI) and got a stark white negative. Super disheartening πŸ™ I’m supposed to go in for my blood draw tomorrow but I don’t expect it to show anything different.


If this negative is a real negative, I’m not sure where we should go next. Each IUI cycle runs us about $4,000 in meds and appointment copays, not including acupuncture which runs $70 a session. People with my premutation usually do much much better with IUI than IVF, some doctors won’t do IVF bc of the limited number of eggs we produce,  but I don’t know how many more IUI cycles I can justify when we might need to do IVF with PGD anyway. It will also take a couple of months to build the PGD probe and I don’t want to lose the boost that comes from doing back to back cycles. Maybe we should start building the probe now, do one or two more IUI cycles while it’s being built, and then do IVF if necessary? But then we would have spent about $16,000 on 4 IUIs that we could have put towards IVF.

I was so hoping this cycle would be it πŸ™ How could 148 million sperm fail to meet up with at least 1 of the 7 eggs that were waiting for them??

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Age (if you care to share): 26 (27 next month)

TTC since: April 2013

TTC Recap: Went to OBGYN in Feb 14, she told us it was DH’s sperm that was the problem and refused to do anything more for me (even after we questioned the reliability of the SA.) Made another appointment with a different OBGYN that looked at DH’s results and said uh..it doesn’t seem like there’s a problem here, but she didn’t do much for us because I had already scheduled an appointment with the RE in April. RE said looked at DH’s SA and said that there was no problem there at all, that the problem was likely me. Had an ultrasound–uterus looks great, but my follicles didn’t seem to be very long considering I had just gotten a + on an OPK the day before. He thinks either I am not ovulating at all and I’m one of those weirdos that gets a + anyway OR I’m not having a strong enough ovulation which is screwing with my LP and not producing a mature enough egg. I also had an HSG in May, and it was completely clear. 

Issues (if any): ^^^

Chart? I’ve kinda stopped charting. I feel like, at this point, it isn’t helping anything. So for the last month I just didn’t temp or do the OPKs. 

Currently: CD1, Cycle 15

Supplements/how are you going about your BFP: Monday I’m calling my RE to get started on Femara and monitored cycles

When I get my BFP, I’ll celebrate by: I can’t even imagine getting a BFP. I’d probably burst into tears and not believe it at all.

If it’s not this cycle, we’ll: Well, we went to Turks and Caicos in June since we decided that if we weren’t pregnant by this summer we would take a big vacation. So, yeh, we did our “big” thing already haha. Now it’s just saving money to pay for treatments, bleh

Since TTC after 12+ cycles (or with IF) issues, is a very different experience than a fertile couple trying in the first month, how do you stay connected to your SO? We try to just be with each other and enjoy the “us” time that we won’t have as much of when we finally do have a little one. We also don’t think of sex as “baby making.” We enjoy it ALL cycle long, heh.

And just for fun,

As it’s Independence Day today for our US friends, how did you celebrate? Went to a BBQ at my dad’s house, however, I just found out I’m allergic to eggs, milk, and corn sooo my eating was fairly limited -_-

AND…Post your most uplifting quote :)  

I’m actually quoteless, I don’t really have favorites. I just end up loving all kinds of little quotes here and there, but of course, my mind is completely blank at the moment. <br /><br />I’ve been having a pretty hard time lately. I feel like most people can’t understand what I’m going through (which is true), but I also feel like so many people simply don’t care to even try. My in-laws have been really hard to get on with lately. My sister in law basically told me that since I don’t like other people’s children I must not want children of my own. And both her and my mother in law told me that I am not positive enough about our situation and that I don’t have enough faith. They went on to tell me that there are women who have had it much worse than me because they have tried for many more years than we have and that they have suffered miscarriages. (The reason they told me this was because I told my mother in law it hurt my feelings when she told me that “when I have kids I would understand ___”) 

So, yeh, I’m hoping to find some support and just be in contact with other women who are in the same or similar situation that I am in. I’m really, really scared/anxious to start femara. I’m scared that at the end of the cycle, I’ll feel even more crushed if it doesn’t happen because of the money + extra hormones + the hope that starting something new will bring. 


Ugh, sorry for being a Debbie Downer!

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i know I’m only a stalker of this thread but I have an uplifting quote that I would like to share…

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ShellVee:  Wow!  So awesome about the new wardrobe!  Do you have any motivation tips to share?  Glad the 21st is perhaps a lucky day.

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EverAfterBegins:  Thanks for sharing that nice quote. 

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Novella:  That Joseph Campbell quote/image was the thread I started!  So nice to see that the quote resonated with others too.

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saraja87:  I’m so sorry about the BFN.  I still think 11 DPO is a tad early for home tests…I know many people get positives that early but I don’t think it’s 100% sensitive at 11 DPO.  So I’m still hopeful for you.  It sounds like if this time isn’t it for you the IUI vs IVF decision is tough.  Really interesting to hear about it taking time for them to build the probe for the PGD.  I am forgetting what your premutation is (or if you’ve shared).  DH and I will probably be doing PGD with our next full IVF but without any particular probe or thing they are looking for aside from trisomy, but maybe with some special thing that compares the embryo DNA to mom vs dad DNA to try to tell where the problem is…I don’t quite understand the details yet.

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Peffy:  Ugh…sorry to hear about the in-laws and others not understanding.  Being told to be positive, coming from someone not in your situation, sounds like the most annoying thing.  I’m hoping the femera does the trick for you.  If it’s any consolation, I was also worried that doing medically enhanced cycles (I just made that term up!) would result in even more crushing BFN’s, but I haven’t really found that to be the case…for me it has given me a bit of peace to go the “extra step” and know that I’m doing all I can do to aim toward a BFP.  Side note…totally jealous of your sex life!!  πŸ™‚ 

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nyckitten:  I thought it was! I nearly tagged it as you and then thought it may have been Mrs Farmer and didn’t want to look like an idiot πŸ˜‰ I really love it. I nearly framed it and put it on my desk at work.

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saraja87:  I’m sorry about the BFN. I’m still hopeful for you that it is too early but I know how disheartening it must be to have had so many shots and to feel like it still wasn’t enough. Thinking of you xox

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Age (if you care to share): 35 for me, 37 for DH<br />

TTC since: March 2012 (involved with the fertility from the start)<br />

TTC Recap: Have known about PCOS since my early 20s.  So as soon as husband and I were going to TTC we went to the fertility clinic, since the OBGYN had told me that there was virtually no chance of me getting pregnant.  Have done pretty much everything.  Clomid + timed intercourse, Clomid +IUI, Injectables + IUI, IVF, ICSI, FET, Egg Donation and now surrogacy.  In all the tries we’ve had one chemical pregnancy (in me), and a miscarriage with our first surrogate with donated eggs.<br />

Issues (if any):PCOS but successfully ovulated tons of time, so turned from explained to unexplained.  DH is fine.  <br />

Chart? Since it’s a surrogate, doesn’t matter.<br />

Currently: There will be a FET to a new surrogate on Monday.  <br />

Supplements/how are you going about your BFP: She is on prenatals, and possibly progesterone to boost her uterine lining.<br />

When I get my BFP, I’ll celebrate by: We won’t do anything.  We probably won’t ever feel safe in a pregnancy.  Given that we are so detached from it.  The only real information we get are the email updates from the clinics, all the medical reports, a few pictures of her during a pregnancy.  I’m not sure it will feel real until we take a baby out of the hospital.<br />

If it’s not this cycle, we’ll: We’ve paid for 2 FET’s, so we’ll do at least one more transfer.  We’ve got 12 embryos frozen at the clinic.  So that would do 3 tries, but I am pretty tapped out.  I don’t know we have it in us to keep going.  Of course we’ll see.  It’s also really hard to think about stopping.<br />

Since TTC after 12+ cycles (or with IF) issues, is a very different experience than a fertile couple trying in the first month, how do you stay connected to your SO?   It’s very tough.  Our life and money are pretty consumed in waiting for the email updates.  Being so detached, does drive us together, but I could see how it could very easily try to push us apart.<br />

And just for fun,

As it’s Independence Day today for our US friends, how did you celebrate? As a Canadian it was not a holiday so I went to work.  Boo.<br />

AND…Post your most uplifting quote :) “Even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise”  I can only hope so.  It’s been quite a while since anything good happened. 


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ShellVee:  ahhh I’m so inspired to see the graduates!  congrats to those bees  <3 !

(I should note that I changed my username – it used to be 2catsandaman but we had to put our otis down :(( ) 

ive taken some time off from this section of the boards. It’s been a tough few months with a really exciting pregnancy test (because I was 2 weeks late!) at the oldest pub in Edinburgh Scotland haha. Long story. Anyway, I’m back And thanks again for the love you always show me!! 

Age (if you care to share): 31

TTC since: May 2013

TTC Recap: we’ve had extensive testing done and doc says were both healthy, which is good and bad news. stats show thato couples with no identifiable fertility issue only have a 3% chance of conceiving a month after 1 year of trying. We’re heading back at the end of July to talk about our option$ 

Issues (if any): none that they can find

Chart? Yes until last month and now only kind of 

Currently: praying, but losing optimism quickly 

Supplements/how are you going about your BFP: we’ll see July 30 

When I get my BFP, I’ll celebrate by: crying! 

If it’s not this cycle, we’ll: keep trying! 

Since TTC after 12+ cycles (or with IF) issues, is a very different experience than a fertile couple trying in the first month, how do you stay connected to your SO?  We try not to focus on it every month. It’s definitely getting harder πŸ™ 

And just for fun,

As it’s Independence Day today for our US friends, how did you celebrate? for canada day we had a BBQ and fireworks :)) 

AND…Post your most uplifting quote :)  


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