(Closed) 1 Year+ TTC Part Thirteen

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mini-bride:  Welcome! What a sweet Darling Husband pampering you a spa day πŸ™‚ I’m jealous you are booking a vacation, we hope to book ours soon too. 

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nyckitten:  Glad to hear you are feeling better.  Yay for 3 embryos.  FX you get a few more from the ones left too!

mini-bride:  Welcome and hope your stay is short!  The year mark was very sad for me too.  I wish I could say it gets easier, but it still sucks.  I felt more hopeful though after going to the RE!

akbanana:  Welcome and hope your stay is short too!  Don’t have any advice on the clomid or injectables question.  I just finished my first clomid+IUI cycle (and first cycle on clomid).  Did you respond well to the clomid?  My RE recommends 3 clomid+IUI cycles before moving to injectables I think.  Will your clinic cancel an IUI if you have too many follicles?

AFM, 12 DPIUI today and another BFN this morning.  Still have some bright red spotting & cramps, so I’m pretty sure the witch is on her way.  My normal LP is 10 or 11 days, so AF should be here soon, but I think the clomid could lengthen that.  I had a talk with my mom yesterday and told her about going to the RE and the IUI and clomid.  She thinks I’m rushing things and should give it a little bit more time before doing another IUI.  I see her point (we’ve been trying for a year and 4 months and don’t have any diagnosed issues) but feel like I’m not getting any younger (I’m 33 Darling Husband is almost 39).  So when AF shows, I think we’ll take the next cycle off from clomid/iui.  This cycle took a huge toll on me emotionally.  


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Hi everyone…just spent some time catching up on here for the last few days. It’s been a whirlwind around our house, and not in the best way. Darling Husband has had a severe allergic reaction over the weekend and required a doctors visit on Monday, meds, referral to a specialist and all sorts. But I feel like it’s settling down now and I can look at this part of our lives again. I am at 10 DPO right now and just waiting. Always waiting. My temp dropped to below my cover line for 8-9 DPO, so I was concerned that AF was coming way too early, but we’re back up and no sign of the witch’s imminent arrival.

I also finally got the printout results from our fertility testing we got done back in June from our doctor. They had said everything was good, but I really wanted to see the numbers. DH’s SA was pretty good, I think. Everything seems normal, his count was super high and motility was good (39%). My test results were good too, I think. I need to look up recommended numbers for some stuff and see where I actually fall. A couple of mine seem a little low, but I don’t understand what they are. Dr. Google, here I come. πŸ™‚ Hope everyone is doing well and I really hope the ladies here on IUI and IVF cycles get their BFPs!

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10 follies! 10 lovely follies! They’re coming along nicely but still have more growing to do so I need two more days of injections. We’re thinking possibly a Saturday trigger and a Monday retrieval!

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saraja87:  I’m not sure why they don’t share more info about the embryos.  It’s the nurses that give the updates, not the embryologists, so I don’t think they are given the details.  It’s a bit frustrating.  I’m going to try to ask one of the doctors when I’m at the clinic for my baseline visit tomorrow.  Yay for your 10 follies!!!  

mini-bride:  Welcome — hope your stay here is short! 

lonsk:  Thanks! 

CityBearBride:  I’m so sorry. πŸ™   I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for you.  

ShellVee:  Glad the side effects aren’t too bad yet!!  Yes, we do need a new thread!  Hopefully someone else will get some of the “starting the thread” luck — maybe saraja87: should start it since she’s triggering soon! πŸ˜‰  

AFM…good news!  We had 3 more embryos that were biopsied and frozen today!  So that brings us up to a total of 6 frozen embryos! (all the rest didn’t make it, so 6 is our number).  That’s the most we’ve ever had — our other cycles we had 3, 3, and 2…so 6 is great.  I don’t know if it was a difference with this clinic’s embryo culture (why my doc sent me there), my stim protocol, the acupuncture I’ve been doing, or all the supplements and diet changes, but something seems to potentially have worked.  We’re trying not to read too much into it though since we haven’t been told anything about the quality of these embryos, so it could be that they are all poor quality.  We will find out about the results of the PGD in about 2 weeks (2 loooong weeks).  I’m really feeling very anxious about them — I am nervous that we won’t get many that are genetically normal.  But I guess there’s nothing we can do now but wait.  In the meantime, AF started yesterday so tomorrow I’m going for my baseline appointment for my frozen transfer, which will be in early to mid October if all goes well.   

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CityBearBride:  I’m sorry about AF πŸ™ I’m SO sorry that the IUI didn’t work. I think taking a break is a good idea. Wishing you all the best and hoping you get your sticky BFP soon

saraja87:  nice number of follies!

ShellVee:  It’s great that you’re not having side effects yet and I’m glad you’re able to talk openly about IF with your coworkers, it’s good to have people that you can confide in

nyckitten:  yay for 6 embryos! Fingers super crossed that they are all great quality. I hope time flies for you and I can’t wait for your PGS update. Sending tons of positive thoughts your way.

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I’ve been following this board for a while now and decided to finally join. Hi. Just curious, does anyone else have really uncomfortable google autocompletes now? Apparently I spend too much time researching early signs of pregnancy and side effects… Oops. Makes things interesting at work when I search anything with anyone standing over my shoulder now.

Age: We are both 30

TTC since: August 2013

TTC Recap:  First looked at IVF (for unrelated genetic issue) while still on birth control before trying to go the “natural” route but ran a lot of preliminary tests in the process. Tried acupuncture and herbs before seeing an endo after about 6 months of anovulation.  Now 5 rounds of letrozol in (my doctor only counts it as 3 though since it hasn’t been clear if I’m been ovulating), 4 rounds of estrace, and 1 round of overa.

Issues (if any):  PCOS (and the skin of a teenager again to match, ugh), thin lining, likely mystery issue

Currently: Waiting for a cyst to clear up so I can spot and then do the contrast dye test.  Also waiting to hear back on a repeat hypothyroidism test since last time I was borderline.

Supplements: Prenatal, Omega 3

When I get my BFP, I’ll celebrate by:  I’ll let you know when I get there…

If it’s not this cycle, we’ll: Not sure.  My doctor is pushing for IVF at this point but the genetic testing would take 6 months to set up and I’m always convinced we could do this naturally before then (I thought that a year ago too :-/). 

How do you stay connected to your SO? Long spring/ summer/ autumn walks with our puppy.  Preferably to an awesome food destination.


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CityBearBride:  I’m sorry for the BFN and that you’re feeling stressed. I think a break might be a good idea. It gives you and Darling Husband a little time to connect while you decide on your next steps.

pinkshoes: I too would take a couple months off and have both you and Darling Husband stock up on some vitamins. Three months is the perfect time to optimize egg and sperm quality. Good luck either way!!!

nyckitten:  6 in total that’s fantastic!!!! Can’t wait to hear more news regarding the PGD. Would you be finding out the sex before hand?

ShellVee:  I hope AF shows soon and you can get the show on the road. When do you start stimming. I’m sorry if I missed if you already stated exactly when you’ll start. I’m excited to have some stimming buddies. I start Oct 7th.

saraja87:  FX you get to trigger soon. And wow 10 follies!!!! That fantastic news!!!

InsertUsernameHere: Welcome! I totally hear you on the google saves, especially at work. I’m so afraid that one of my co-workers would see the words ivf or infertility etc. I find it helpful to always sign off google/gmail when I’m at work so there’s on less thing on my mind to worry about. PCOS do suck. I don’t have the syndrome but Drs think i have mild PCO. Have you inquire about metformin? I really hope you do get your BFP before the 6 months though.

As for me, still in my extended downreg stage. I go Tues for my last zoladex (gosh that needle is HUGE) and to start my Humira. I was in a panic yesterday because I found out my rubella immunity might be a bit low and they wanted me to take another MMR. Thankfully, I convinced the Dr not to cancel my cycle since it would be danagerous to take a live vaccine and the Humira so soon after. So for now no vaccines for me, but I get to still go forward. Darling Husband and I were really worried about what the outcome was going to be.

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CityBearBride: How are you doing? Any sign of AF yet? I’ve still got my fingers crossed for you.

debinoxford: Ugh, allergic reactions are the worst! I hope your Darling Husband is feeling better now.

ShellVee: How are you doing on the meds? Once AF arrived, I usually had a baseline on CD 1 or 2 but I think it depends on the clinic.

nyckitten: Six is AMAZING, congratulations! Whatever combination you have going right now really seems to have done the trick for you, I just know your sticky baby is in that batch. Do you know what different protocols they use for their embryo culture? I know their communication isn’t stellar but their lab must be excellent πŸ™‚

InsertUsernameHere: Welcome! Hope your stay is short.

picturemeurs: I’m glad you get to continue, that must have been an awful few hours though. The whole IVF process is incredibly stressful, even when it all goes perfectly. Is there a specific reason you’re on Zoladex vs lupron or BCPs?


AFM I am in an absolute state of shock. I went in for my ultrasound this morning and we saw FOURTEEN FOLLICLES. This is insane! I had 7 antral follicles on my baseline and prior to that was told I would never get more than 3! I don’t know where they came from but I’m so, so thrilled. Some are still a little small, there was one teensy one around 7 but the others were all 11-19 so it looks like I have more stim injections in my future. I did my morning shot already so I have the 3 injections tonight and then another ultrasound and draw tomorrow morning. Depending on how that looks I’ll stim through Saturday or Sunday with my trigger on Sunday or Monday and a Tuesday or Wednesday retrieval. I’m starting to get excited instead of nervous/stressed/worried, I just hope we get some good quality embryos!


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I’ve managed to get so far behind with work being so crazy at the moment. ive been following and it seems like things are moving along for lots of you which is great. 

saraja87:  so glad about the number of follies you have. FX you get lots of awesome embies from them.

AFM BFN from my injectibles cycle and AF is on her way. Haven’t been able to talk to my specialist yet. I think she wanted another cycle of that but I think I may ask to go to IVF. I don’t think I want to stuff around any more.

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Wow we are close to 500! Okay, new thread coming in 3, 2, 1…

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