(Closed) 1+ Year TTC part VIII – Let's Get Those BFP's!!

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Age (if you care to share): 32

TTC since: September 2012

Issues (if any): None for Darling Husband and I….we just don’t work together apparently.

Chart?: no temps because I ovulate the same day every month, so my chart is pretty empty, but here’s my chart.


Supplements/how are you going about your BFP: Just prenatals at this point (and some other random vitamins I take)

When I get my BFP, I’ll celebrate by:  I have a onesie for Darling Husband and I can’t wait to surprise him with it.  My friends and family will be so thrilled because they’ve been on this journey with us and know how long we’ve been trying, so I can’t wait to share the news with each of them when we get a BFP.

If it’s not this cycle, we’ll: I have an appointment with a fertility clinic on 10/31, so that’s our next step. 

Favorite thing about your partner: His sense of humor.  He makes me laugh more than anyone ever has, and that keeps me going when I’m having hard days.

Fun plans for this fall / winter season (or the season you are entering)?: Fall is my absolute favorite season, and I cannot wait for fires in the fireplace, changing leaves and pumpkin everything!  We’re traveling to Asheville, NC in 3 weeks to celebrate our first anniversary (which was yesterday), and we’re going to Charleston, SC in 4 weeks for a family wedding, which is one of my favorite places ever.  So I’m very excited about those two get-aways. 


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@Yellow.Clover:  To answer your question from the previous thread, it says, “I love my Irish Dad.” Darling Husband is fullblown Irish and very proud of it. πŸ˜‰  I would post a picture of it but I can’t remember what it looks like.  Really need to look for that thing…

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@Yellow.Clover:  Thanks for starting the thread and using the quote. Wow part 8 – unbelievable. I will try not to break this thread like I have done previously… 


Age (if you care to share): 32 (DH 36) – YIKES!

TTC since: End of June 2011. This is our 28th cycle.

Issues (if any): Nope. We have the lovely we don’t know WTF is wrong with you diagnosis.

Chart?: Nope


Currently: CD8 Cycle 28


Supplements/how are you going about your BFP: Have taken a lot of steps back and have stopped all the hocus pokus stuff I tried – which believe me was alot! So only prenatals (which after 2 years I think I should have great hair and nails but they too have failed me!) Just did my second round of Clomid.


When I get my BFP, I’ll celebrate by: Every month I have had new ideas of how I would tell Darling Husband, some simple some elaborate but I am sure I will just end up waving a pee stick in his face. I have no idea how I will keep it a secret for anyone until we are in the safe zone.


If it’s not this cycle, we’ll:  Nope, not answering this as I have decided to be defiant, this will be the cycle I get my BFP!


favorite thing about your partner: He really is very sweet and if you saw his dimples, you’d give in to just about anything he asked!

Fun plans for this fall / winter season (or the season you are entering)?: We will take our annual winter vacation to escape the bitter cold, not sure where we will go but hopefully it will be a babymoon! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas and am day dreaming on Pinterest about several ideas for treats, decorating etc.

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@Yellow.Clover:  I am so happy to see you starting this Thread! Hope it brings you all the luck in the world !!!  and of course to all the ladies here as well!!!  and btw I am honored you used my FF intro πŸ™‚ 

****baby dust****

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LOL! I just filled this out this morning… Mostly just moved it over here…

Cycle Day and TTC since/Cycles trying: currently CD16… This is our 13th cycle

Age (if you care to share): 26, soon to be 27

Issues if any: none that we know of yet… We have had some temporary delays; DH’s doctor prescribed him Testosterone which is basically male birth control! Ugh! My cycles took some time to regulate… And I was traveling for work for a few cycles…

Charting? (share your chart if you like): I don’t really chart anymore… I used to, but it was just to heart breaking to be invested on a daily basis in something that just wasn’t happening for us… I track my periods on my fertility friend app… But not much else…

Estimated next POAS date: I wait until after i expect my period… I was late last cycle and tested, but hadnt for quite a long time… Like I said, I’m a little down in the dumps about it so I’m not excited about wasting money we don’t have to… I should get my period around Sept 27/28… So maybe poas Oct 1st?

How are you going after you BFP: like I said, I track my cycle and try to BD CD9-CD17 fairly frequently… We are probably going to get a SA done for hubby so I can get evaluated by my OBGYN

When I get my BFP, I’ll celebrate by: no idea! I’m probably just going to cry a lot and freak out! Maybe by Darling Husband a onesie in his NFL team theme! Or a baby jersey πŸ™‚

If it’s not this cycle, we’ll: Try again πŸ™‚ honestly we need to get some help, so that’s next on our plate…

Favorite thing about your partner:  he has a good heart… And a nice butt lol

Fun plans for this fall / winter season (or the season you are entering)?: we are going to visit DH’s family for Thanksgiving! I wish September and October would hurry up already and get over with! Maybe we’ll have something extra ‘special’ to be thankful for πŸ™‚


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Age (if you care to share):  35, Darling Husband is 37

TTC since: I guess we got into a TTC mindset sometime last fall, though we had found about about DH’s infertility before then, so knew we needed serious interventions.

Issues (if any): DH has azoospermia (zero count), I have clotting issues (and take supplements accordingly, and do shots after embryo transfer).  Our AMAZING medical team found enough sperm surgically to fertilize all of my eggs at my ER.  But the surgery was a one time thing for many reasons, so if our frosties don’t work, we’ll use donor sperm (and I’m so grateful that Darling Husband is willing to go that route if need be, but hoping we won’t need to!).

Chart?:  Nope.  I don’t know how you guys do it.  When I did it while testing for O, I got so worn out by it!

Currently: Endometrial biopsy tomorrow, hopefully (test results permitting, though we’re doing it more as a precaution, my RE is pretty sure everything will come back normal) FET next cycle (which starts in few days!  Yippee!)

Supplements/how are you going about your BFP: FET.  I take lots of pills: prenatals, fish oil, coq10, baby advil, and folate B-vitamin.

When I get my BFP, I’ll celebrate by: Hmmmm, I really don’t know.  I’ll have a giddy smile on my face and will likely go out for a nice dinner (sans wine), but I don’t think I’ll really be able to fully relax until out of the first trimester and past most of the miscarriage risk.

If it’s not this cycle, we’ll:  Do another FET.  If our FETs don’t work, we’ll do IUI with donor sperm, but I’m really hoping it doesn’t come to that.

Favorite thing about your partner:  He is the most kind, affectionate person I’ve ever met.  And every so often he’s good for a fabulous belly laugh πŸ™‚

Fun plans for this fall / winter season (or the season you are entering)?: Leaving for California in a few days, then looking forward to the apple orchard, changing leaves, and the ability to be outside in comfortable weather.

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@hardtoconcentrate:  Not sure if you are Irish as well as your Darling Husband but wanted to add a onesie for you too

@Yellow.Clover:  Thanks, I like getting good grades! it is hard to come up with new roll call ideas! I like the “After Darling Husband who will you tell” question on the 6+ board

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@lonsk:  way to stay positive! I love Christmas too! Our hobby lobby already is decked out with decor… I’m so excited for fall & the upcoming holidays!

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