(Closed) 1+ year ttc success story? Naturally? Anyone? looking for hope

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I don’t have a success story, but I am also eager to hear from others who may have. I just wanted to say I can sympathize with you. My husband and I are going to be going into our 9th month TTC and no luck for us, either 🙁 It’s very frustrating – especially since, as far as we can tell, we are both very healthy. My cycles have been like clockwork since I was 12, very regular and never any weirdness or excessive pain or bleeding associated with them. Charting shows me I ovulate every month. We’re both healthy weights, work out a lot, eat organic food/a lot of veggies, try to avoid plastic as much as possible…. I have no idea why it could be taking us so long! 🙁 

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Yep, me. We TTCed for 15 months before our bfp (with one chemical pregnancy at 12 months). My cycles were irregular (28-45 days) and hubby had slightly low morphology on his SA, but we were otherwise healthy. Our doctors said there was nothing wrong with us. My charts showed ovulation each month, and I always got +OPKs. But when I finally convinced my doc to refer me to a gynecologist (different medical system here in Aus) she informed me that my progesterone was too low to confirm ovulation. 

Luckily we’d both started going to a naturopath, and the supplements she had us on improved both of our ‘scores’, so hubby’s follow up SA was normal and my next blood test was good too. I got pregnant before starting any medical treatment.

Worth checking out a good naturopath/Chinese herbalist/whatever if you want to run through some strategies before going the medical route. But I’d also get some of the basic non-invasive tests run to give them an idea of strategies to work on – with perfect timing you *should* be pregnant in 3 months, 6 at a stretch, according to research summarised in the Impatient Woman’s Guide to Getting Pregnant. Good luck!!!

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Have you had any testing done? I would def have your Darling Husband get a SA ASAP. It’s the least invasive thing to do. If you haven’t even had blood work I would start there, then maybe a HSG.

I had blood work, Darling Husband had a SA, I had a HSG, then we did two rounds of Clomid and ended up with our BFP. All the testing was normal.

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not me, but my future inlaws expereinced secondary infertility. SO was conceived by simply not being the careful on vacation. When he was 2, they started trying for another baby. Well, SO and his sister are nearly 7 years apart, so you can do the math on that one. They did not have any interventions or help to have his sister, and she eventually arrived, healthy and perfect, to complete their family.

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I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 19, right after my ectopic pregnancy that took my left tube along with it. I have always had really unpredictable cycles, sometimes going half a year or more without a period. I am also allergic to birth control, so have had ample opportunity to conceive, including periods of time involving charting. After 3+ years of never getting pregnant, and being told by multiple doctors that if I wanted to conceive I’d need medical help to do so, I had pretty much given up the idea of getting pregnant at all, let alone naturally.

It wasn’t until I changed my diet that things started happening. I stopped eating gluten and at all naturally, and within a month my cycle returned, and I had 6 regular cycles in a row, a first for me. Now, 6 months into my healthy eating, I am 5 weeks pregnant with my miracle baby, no trying, no charting, no medical help, just a wonderful surprise.


It CAN happen, but you have to treat your body really well first. That’s my opinion on it. Good luck in your ttc journey, I wish for your BFP to come soon!

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