1 year + TTC / TTC with Infertility — Part 30

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mkat37 :  we transferred as IVF newbies. We were supposed to do our first cycle here in my home province but got cold feet over the fact that they arent using vitrification so we jumped ship and travelled. I didn’t find the travelling part to be too difficult. We stayed at a Airbnb. Rental car there is a must. I tried to get away without one but my Airbnb hosts talked me into getting one the night before I flew there and I’m glad I listened to them. To be honest, it was a nice getaway for Darling Husband and I and that made the whole experience much more relaxing. I believe they had me fly out for a scan on stims day 9 (?) but I’d have to go back through my emails to be sure. When is your consult? 

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mkat37 :  I fell off the face of the earth for a while! I’m so sorry to hear about yet another delay. I also have an irregular heartbeat. They had me see a cardiologist and get an eKG and heart echo. I was diagnosed with a mitral valve prolapse which is basically something 80% of people have and they don’t realize. I had heart palpitations here and there. I really hope you can get in with a cardio and get this all sorted as soon as you get back. I hate when things hang over my head before a trip. I hope you can still enjoy it! I’ve been stalking you on FF. 

AFM, hi girls sorry I’ve been absent. We had our 2nd IUI (clomid+trigger) fail. I’m waiting for AF and we can hopefully try again. I’ve been hanging out on Instagram in the ttc community there a lot lately. If you have a ttc Instagram please PM me and I’ll follow you! Prayers and good thoughts for all those here!!! 

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mkat37 :  Sorry to hear about the delays for you. But enjoy Italy! Man alive, I would love an overseas trip right about now. Sadly, our FET didn’t work. Just waiting for AF. Going to take a break before our last transfer. I’ll get a call this week from my doctor to discuss the cycle and what we do moving forward. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve got to ask her if we have to go back on the waiting list for our second round of IVF if this next embryo doesn’t stick or if we can just jump back in immediately. If we have to wait again, I’m going to probably lose my mind. That was a year+ waiting. Going to focus on getting healthy again this month though since I basically stopped going to the gym once IVF kicked in. It’s autumn here now and I’ve got plenty of projects to keep me busy as well as a theatre festival I help organize the first week of May. So much work to keep me busy that it’ll be good to take a break for at least one cycle. Wishing everyone else the best. Will pop in if my doctor decides to change things up for the last transfer.

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mkat37, thanks for checking in. I became highly allergic to Pio shots and ended up testing on Saturday morning. I had my beta today to confirm a positive. 

debinoxford :  so sorry, big hugs

FreckledFox :  big hugs to you. 

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ajillity81 :  Thank you <3 and congrats to you on your pregnancy! Praying for a smooth 9 months for you!!

debinoxford :  I’m so sorry about the failed FET. I hope that AF is shown and you can get started on the next! Hoping it works perfectly for you!

Hi ladies, I’m cd4. I just began my 3rd iui cycle. 100mg clomid, trigger ready and waiting. If this doesn’t work I’m going to switch to femara and keep trying IUI. What are your thoughts on femara vs clomid? 

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Bumping this to join the discussion!



Your Age/Partner’s Age: 29/29

How long you have been together/married: 4 years

How long you have been TTC: Now on 13th cycle

Known Issues/TTC History: At the moment, no issues. May possibly have a mild case of endo, but other than that doctor doesn’t seem to think we’ll have any issues conceiving, just hasn’t happened yet. A new symptom I’ve had since TTC has been increased spotting. Basically start spotting a few days after ovulation, and keep going until I get AF. It has happened about 5 cycles and my OB and RE don’t have any explanation for it. 

Your TTC plans for the next few months: (fertility meds, supplements, OPKs, BBT charting, NTNP, etc):

Starting new supplements, trying for everyday instead of EOD. Also thinking of using progesterone cream to see if it will help with the spotting I’ve had.

Just for fun: I love to read, and lately I have found reading to be a great “escape” from the difficult reality that is TTC with infertility. What are you currently reading? Share your favorite authors or “must read” stories!:

Actually not reading anything at the moment but I just ordered two books by Alice Domar, a leading psychologist who does a lot of work in mind body medicine as it relates to infertility.


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moonandnight88 :  This thread has been quiet for a few months might be a good idea to start a new one if you’re up for it.

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