(Closed) 10 NWR Things About You – June Edition

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Helper bee
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I loved reading all these so I had to join in the fun!!


1. (sorry brittromance…:( ) I am always always always LATE. Never SUPER late but at LEAST 3-5 minutes late. Always.


2. I cuddle with my dog almost more than my husband.


3. I love french fries and cosmic brownies… mmmm…


4. The most endearing fact about my (new) husband is that he has 100 times the patience that I do… bless him.


5. i think in Facebook status almost all day long. Pathetic. Super pathetic.


6. I eat tostitos and Jalapeno cheese dip every day.


7. I am super passionate about the beach. I lived in HI (see #6) fell in love in the Outer Banks, married there, vacation there twice a year and can’t wait for our Caribbean honeymooon. When I say PASSIONATE, I mean, I literally CRY when we leave. ((PS — Bridal Party can SUCK IT for what they are doing to my coastline. Yes, I did cry over that too.)


8. Hate the fact that my mom has facebook. I can’t stand it. I wish I could log in under her name and UNFRIEND all of my friends so they don’t have to see her ridiculous statuses like : “Can’t facebook today! Too much to do!”  <– REALLY? You facebooked to say you can’t facebook!


9. I don’t know what I would do without my girlfriends. It took me a very long time to figure out the ones I want to keep in my life forever.


10. Coffee <


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Sugar bee
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1. I live in pajamas when I am at home. Seriously. The second I get in I change into pj`s. They are just way too comfy!

2. I hate butterscotch anything. Always have since I was little. My SO looks at me like o.O? How can you NOT love butterscotch!?!?

3. Touching wet plastic grocery bags makes my skin crawl. Thank gods! for re-usable totes!

4. I like to walk barefoot in the rain & mud. It’s the goofy little kid in me that giggles about doing something I ‘”shouldn’t.”

5. I do not feel like myself without my specs. Ever since they broke beyond what electrical tape could cure I feel like I have been starring at a stranger every time I look in the mirror.I cannot wait to replace them.

6. I Live for Tea, Toast & Yogurt. If you ask me, it is a perfect breakfast. 🙂

7. I read waaaay too much. Seriously. I bought old textbooks from the 1970s at a high school fundraiser just because I had not read them yet.

8. I get really excited and even squeal & hop/dance when it comes to anything plant related. Not just flower/wedding related, anything lush & verdant & green makes me happy. Even the weeds.

9. I also get WAY too excited about playing legos with my 4year old. Legos rule, nuff said.

10. I hate flip flops. Can’t really say if it’s the sound they make when I walk, the annoying thong that digs in between my toes or the fact that they never stay on. I just can’t stand them.

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Bumble bee
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@missmouse29 – i hate flip flops too!!! i LOVE sandles – but i can’t stand any type of shoe that doesn’t have a back / slingback, whatever. i hate the “thongs” of flip flops between my toes and need something to hold em on the back! lol

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: August 2009

1. I’m kind of a vegetarian, but I still eat (and love to eat) seafood. Most everything else, I never liked anyway.

2. On a day off, I prefer sitting on the couch watching cheesy DVDs, even if it’s nice out.

3. My husband and I never had have that “I must have you right now/undying” love for each other. Our friendship runs very deep, and we’re attracted to each other, but passionate is not a word either of us would use to describe our relationship. People think that’s weird sometimes, but we’re both extremely happy and committed.

4. If ice cream were healthy, I’d have a rockin’ body.

5. I live in a city, and crave the country.

6. I could spend the entire day at the beach and still not want to leave.

7. I think online shopping doesn’t count as spending money, which gets me into trouble sometimes. I’m better now, though.

8. I want to buy an amazingly large, old house on lots of land, and completely redo the inside.

9. I could care less about sports. Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I’ll find ESPN, and it puts me to sleep.

10. My husband and I have been living together five years, and I just started to fart in front of him like a month ago.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2012

1) I am vegetarian, I even avoid all dairy and egg (My Fiance has anaphylaxis towards both as well as Peanuts/Tree Nuts and Horses.) However I don’t say I am vegan, because I do not do it for animal rights reasons.

2) I am allergic to turkey and pineapple. The Turkey one is at the point where I have to leave the room if someone is eating it. The doctors can’t officially test me for either but I have such bad stomache reactions to both that I am to avoid, avoid, and AVOID!

3) I have lived in three provinces. All of which have been so different and so fantastic in their own ways. I think I am so lucky to be able to live in a country where you can experience so many different cultures and ways of think, even by just traveling a couple of hours away from where you live. I have visited 9 provinces in total and I can’t wait to get out to Newfoundland!

4) I am a recovering overeater. I am doing this with the help of my Fiance as I don’t have any groups in my area. It has been an uphill battle but I am starting to gain control of my life again.

5) I am a total music snob. I was raised by musicians and music is one of the most important parts of my life. The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa, Eagles and the Who are some of my top favourite bands/singer-song writers. I am also guilty of correcting people who sing wrong lyrics to songs I know.

6) I don’t have a driver’s license and I live in a city where I kinda need one. (bad public transit!) Since moving to this city I have become super scared of driving and even to the point where I am a nervous passenger when ANYONE is driving.

7) I’ve wanted a sphynx cat since I was 4 years old and saw one in a Cat Fancy magazine. Lots of people find them gross but I don’t care I know it is going to be the prrrrefect cat for me!

8) I am totally addicted to TLC and the Food Network. So glad we don’t have cable here or else I’d never get anything done!

9) I love, love cooking and baking. People often comment on what my Fiance and I eat as we seem to have limited diets, and I say everything! I love being creative in the kitchen. Very empowering.

10) I collect tea and drink it regularly. I have yet to find a tea I hate.

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Busy bee

I wanna play!

1. My puppy only walks on three legs majority of the time.

2. I am training for a full marathon on a strained tendon thanks to (legal) steroids.

3.  I performed in the 1996 opening and closing ceremonies for the Olympics.

4. I have a spinal fusion.  I can only bend my neck and two vertebrae in my tailbone.

5. I am a rock climber.  I prefer to boulder, but with the summer and my strained tendon, I’m climbing routes right now.

6. I love long hair on guys.  My SO shaves his head.  I think he is super sexy anyways.

7. I fart a lot.  Especially around my friends.

8. I’m one of the few people who lives in Atlanta, who was also born in Atlanta.

9. Because of my back surgery, I grew four inches in seven hours.  It took six months to get over the vertigo.

10. I got a degree, bought a house, and bought a car before I turned 22.

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Busy bee

@Daisylynn, my friend that just got married wore Cajun Shrimp!  Apparently it’s what a bunch of women in her family wear!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: June 2009

(1) I am a total Jeopardy freak, but even more than that, I am obsessed with Alex Trebek. Sometimes, I tell people he fathered my oldest child.

(2) I have never had a drivers licence, bc I suck at driving and have never been able to pass the parking portion of a driving test. I’m 32 yo and my husband drives my dream car, so it’s not for lack of trying, I’m just really bad and really scared of driving.

(3) I am terrified of escalators. My tummy churns whenever I see them.

(4) I love going to really great restaraunts and then re-creating my favorite dishes at home. I have an outstanding palate and I tend to be able to pick out flavors and spices easily. (I secretly wish I were a professional chef, so I could be on Top Chef…does anyone else ever do the challenges at home or am I a nerd?)

(5) I am a classic movie buff. I especially love Natalie Wood, Elizabeth Taylor, Ava Gardner and Marilyn Monroe. I get really pissed when girls say they idolize Marilyn or Audrey Hepburn, but have never even seen any of their films. I will so call people out on this, and try to give them a list of movies to watch. They usually think I’m crazy…

(6) I have a bit of a shopping problem, so my friends are CONSTANTLY asking to borrow things from me (ie shoes, purses, dresses, scarves, etc) and it secretly REALLY pisses me off, but I have a hard time saying no, bc I feel sad for them that they don’t get to shop as much as I do.

(7) I was married to my ex husband for twelve years, but we were actually only living together for a little over a year. I just never got around to divorcing him and it didn’t seem like a big deal until I stsrted dating my current husband, even though I had kids from two other relationships. It makes me sound like a floozy, but really I’m not.

(8) My favorite TV show ever is Absolutely Fabulous, and I secretly worry that my best friend and I are going to end up like Patsy & Edina.

(9) I hate washing my hair and having my hair washed at the salon. It really bugs me. I also hate getting mani/pedis. I just don’t like being touched in general.

(10) I love Jack Daniels Manhattans and Bombay Sapphire Martinis almost as much as I love my kids and I’m super sad that I’m not able to have them now since I have a Baby on Board.

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Bumble bee
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@Miss Starlet, I went to the same elementry school as alex trebex! I do Iron Chef Challenges on my own. Picking an ingredient and timing myself to see if I can cook dinner in an hour, lol!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: May 2011

@Missstarlet- LOVE Absolutely Fabulous.  They remind me of my mom and aunt!

(1)  I hate wearing shoes because I feel like my toes are constricted.

(2)  On a somewhat related note, someone once approached me at a car wash to tell me how much they liked my feet… and then showed me their tatoo of a pair of feet. 

(3)  Weird things gross me out, like seeds in fruit and anything else that is “embedded.”

(4)  I grew up near the beach and miss it soooo much!

(5)  I hate those black and white pictures on greeting cards of little kids smooching dressed in adult clothing.

(6)  I didn’t realize it was weird to invite someone over for tea until high school.

(7)  I’m an avid reader and love everything from the Twilight series to Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

(8)  I’m terrified of bees (to the point I will run off in a mad dash in mid-sentence and embarass myself) but I have never been stung.  I did get stung once by a scorpion though.

(9)  I love Lord of the Rings!!

(10)  I hate watching all team sports… I think I am missing the gene… I just don’t get it for some reason and can’t get excited.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: April 2011

(1)  I can’t sleep with any part of my body hanging off the bed because subconsciously I think “something” will get me.

(2) I live on a pretty small island and haven’t been to the beach in about 4 years.

(3) I am a romance novel junkie, especially historicals, but they must be set in England, no medievals or Westerns please.

(4) I recently became addicted to going to the gym; on days I’d rather just stay home, I usually go to work anyway, just cuz I want to go to the gym after work.

(5) I’m still great friends with the girl I met on the first day of secondary school.

(6) I am working really hard at not cussing.

(7) I love love LOVE chocolate. Cake, cookies, pie, bars, you name it and I am there.

(8) I twisted my ankle a few years ago and it’s never been the same since, so I avoid high heels even though I love them.

(9) I have no problem with letting a mess build up and then going into a cleaning frenzy. No stale food though, just clothes all over the place.

(10) Dog and cat lover, although I have never owned a single one.


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Worker bee

!.  I’m in love with an Army Soldier.  The uniform is a big plus!!  HOTTIE!

2.  I have 4 dogs that can be pain in the butt.  But I still love them all.

3.  I’m a graphic designer but am going back for my M.A. in History to become a History professor… then to a PhD.  

4.  My favorite movie is Coraline and my favorite director is Tim Burton.

5.  I get interested in something but lose interest pretty quickly.  

6.  My brother died when I was 15.  

7.  Katrina hit when I was 20 and took everything I own away.  We had 9 feet of water.  

8.  My cups seem to gather when I am sitting on the sofa.  It drives my BF nuts.  🙂

9.  I LOVE nachos!! and mexican…

10. I like my own space…  

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2011

hhhhmmmmm interesting…well here goes

1. i love to dance…love. anytime, anywhere.

2. im a lil ocd… just a lil. i hate germs… and disorganization

3.i hate when people dont go the speed limit. people think its safe but it jsut pisses off other drivers and makes then drive erratically while trying to get around you.

4. i love me some football… mmmmmm football come back on soon…. oh, and roll tide baby

5. i love my bro, he is the best. im glad to have an older bro, made me appreciate guy things in life…which arent so bad….like wings, and video games,and football, which growing up in alabama, i was bound to be a football addict anyways

6. i have terrible sleep habit, always have. i havent been to sleep yet.

7. i love learning new things… i crave knowlegde. if something intrigues me in the slightest, or even passively makes me curious, ill study it, google it, read on it for hours…. which also interfers with sleep…. i know alot on alot of topics cause im way too curious in life. thank god my fi is the same way, or i would drive him nuts.

8. im in school for law….

9. i have been to around 25 funerals… alot of em close family…growing up we had a tough time for a few years there…. most of those were about 97-2004

10. im a health nut. i eat perfect most days of the week, exercise, go to the gym, i taught spin for 8 or so years (i started young), run, go to hip hop class….stay active



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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2011

1. I had three kids in under 5 years – and I’m exhausted! lol
2. I love action flicks – the more explosions the better.
3. Whenever we have potlucks at work people request my homemade bread – it’s “the best”!
4. My favorite author is Nora Roberts – and yes, my favorite books are “cheesy romance novels”.
5. When there’s nothing on TV I put Steel Magnolias on.
6. When my friend T. is in a pissy mood I call her Ouiser.
7. I’d rather stay in a B&B than a hotel – I don’t like how impersonal hotels are.
8. My guy has promised me that when we buy a house the first thing he’ll get me for it is a English Bulldog.
9. I’ve never used a blow-dryer, curling iron or flat iron – and have no desire to.
10. I wear many colors of nailpolish but only buy OPI’s I’m Not Really a Waitress – it’s my favorite and has been for years.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2010

This is too cool!!!


1. I refuse to like the color blue cause of its popularity

2. I gag at the smell of pickles

3. I could eat chicken fruit and drink mr.pibb for the rest of my life and not get tired of it.

4. I played softball from age 7 to 18 and miss being fit lol

5. I tend to have bad OCD days where it bothers me stepping on cracks in the walkway or if i touch one side of my face i have to touch the other… =]

6. I have a thing for older celebrity’s…Bruce Willis and omg….Mark Harmon droooool

7. I get bored with hairstyles and colors and lengths very easily I hate that

8. I looove learning things my tv is almost always on the discovery channel…i also love museums

9. I get protective over friends and love ones and have been known to throw a punch or 3 because of it =/

10.I cry a lot over silly things like sappy stuff 

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