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1). I work in the defense industry where everyone needs to wear a badge with their corresponding level of governement clearance color coded on their badge and I judge people depending on what level of classified clearance they have.

2). I went on a gameshow and it airs next week. 

3). I don’t think its possible for myself to ever be too thin.

4). I have worn the same color of red nail polish every single day since 1997.

5). I would rather be late for work or anything and reapply my nail polish than ever show up anywhere with unpolished or chipped nails.

6). Every spring I google myself to see if anyone at my former high school has broken my track record.  So far, it’s held up for 13 years and is the longest standing record.

7). I can’t stand people who complain about their weight, but are too lazy to work out, reduce their calorie intake or improve their diet. 

8). I made a fake facebook profile to check out my FI’s ex fiance. 

9). It makes me happy that I think I am prettier than her.

10). My favorite snack is Cool Ranch Doritos dipped in cottage cheese.

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  1. I’m incredibly clumsy. On a trip to a historic cemetery (we were studying American funerary motifs) I walked into several trees trying to avoid tombstones.
  2. I was avoiding the tombstones because I saw the Doctor Who episode “Blink” way too many times and there were angel statues everywhere.  
  3. I can never get bored of Band of Brothers (I met Maj. Winters when I was in high school when he came to speak to my class)
  4. I co-wrote a feature-length script and had a round-table reading for it last summer.
  5. If a show is doomed to have a short run, chances are pretty good that I’m going to love it (ie: Standoff, Firefly, Dresden Files, MiddleMan, Jack of All Trades)
  6. I’m in the oldest community band in my county and love it.
  7. I found out in the middle of dissection that I was allergic to the latex gloves the school stocked.  
  8. I’m not a huge fan of red meat.
  9. When I get bored/stressed and I can’t bake, I clean. One evening I started scrubbing the walls of the kitchen.
  10. I can sleep quite literally anywhere: Stairwell During the Pep-rally? Middle of a Movie Date? Standing Up? In the Saddle? Middle of a VERY Loud Country Concert? Marching Field during a Water-break? I’m not picky.

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1. worms freak me out. I would rather come across a snake than one of those super long squirmy earthworms.

2. jello also freaks me out. it’s a texture thing… last time I tried to eat a jello shot I gagged

3. 10 Things I Hate About You is my most favorite movie of all time. everyone makes fun of me for it but I don’t care, I love it.

4.I despise business clothes. Nothing makes me feel more uncomfortable and awkward. I’m lucky that I’ve never had a job that requires me to wear a pant suit.

5. dresses with pockets are the best thing ever!

6. I love coffee table books, I just hate that they’re usually expensive.

7. on a similar note, one of my goals in life is to have a floor to celing bookcase wall completly filled with books. for this reason I never go to the library and I hate e-readers… I buy all my books and have read almost all of them at least twice, if not more.

8. I go through museums way too fast. Having majored in art I always feel guilty about this, but I’m just too ADD and get really antsy when I stay in one place too long.

9. I’m obcessed with Target. I go there multiple times a week, sometimes just to look around.

10. I refuse to ever drive a mini van. I don’t care if it would make my life easier at some point in the future when I have kids, I think they are horrible.

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Oh I love this thread!! Okay, here it goes…

1. I LOVE sweetpotatoes!

2. I am very proud of my Irish heritage and learned to play Irish Fiddle tunes!

3. My secret dream… to one day be an author of a successful novel!

4. I am from a large family and they are a huge part of my life, I am so greatful for them!! We’re talking 10 neices and nephews with one on the way… all 12 years old and under.

5. I love to paint in oil and acrylic, but I especially love painting people, capturing emotion is a magical feeling for me!

6. I am a total Disney fan… but I hate tinkerbell. My family compares me to her all the time in terms of personality, but I think she is a brat! But if I could visit Disneyland every weekend, I would be exstatic!

7. I have traveled to many places in Europe, but I would still rather live in the good ol’ USA than anywhere else in the world.

8. I heart Audrey Hepburn! and a ton of old black and white movies… in fact I love all things old and with character!

9. I am the luckiest girl on the planet… seriously, I am like a fricken leprochaun.

10. I had a severely injured back for 5 years (we’re talking surgery, near motor neuron loss, wheelchair in Disneyland type injury), but I was miraculously healed 3 years ago today in Lourdes France.

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1) I don’t “get” soccer and not only does the word vuvuzela instantly look like the word vulva to me, I find the noise to be the most annoying thing ever.

2) On the other hand, I’m a college football FREAK – Tennessee Volunteers all. the. way!

3) I have judgemental eyebrows! I always look like I’m judging people. It’s a natural arch and trust me, when I look in the mirror, it looks like I’m judging myself too (I am, though). πŸ˜›

4) I’m obsessed with books about serial killers, true or not. I couldn’t go to the bathroom by myself for a month after reading about the BTK killer. So I’m a wimp, as well. πŸ˜› (I’m BEYOND obsessed with Dexter!)

5) I’m pretty sure I was meant to live in any decade but the last two. Preferably born in the 40’s or 50’s…ah, the clothes…

6) I’m a vintage clothes FREAK. I refused to buy anything new in high school, which pissed off my dad so badly that he stopped giving me money for clothes.

7) I collect buttons. Just…buttons. Like on your clothes. I always buy them, meaning to change out the buttons on clothing but I never remember to do so. I probably own over a million freaking buttons.

8) This is gross, but true – my wedding gown is laying where I left it when I got home from my wedding – in a guest room floor. My wedding was in November. It looks like a beached whale. I have no idea what to do with it. Oh wait, that was wedding related. Dang it!

9) I’m southern, and I love being southern. I have a southern accent and I say things like “shoot” “dang it” and “y’all”. I wouldn’t lose that accent for anything in the world.

10) I will kick your butt at trivia. πŸ™‚

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I wanna play!


1.  I’m a lawyer, but editing is my passion.

2.  If I could live anywhere, it would be London or Los Angeles.

3.  I have a major case of baby fever, but the hubs and I are waiting to start TTC.

4.  Cat person.

5.  I recently became obsessed with soccer.

6.  I make headbands.

7.  I’m a former vegetarian, and my favorite food is fast-food hamburgers.

8.  I suck at photography.

9.  I still haven’t seen Avatar.

10.  Sometimes I wish I would have gotten a P.h.D. in English instead of going to law school.

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1. I am obsessed with peace signs- I have them EVERYWHERE

2. I modeled for a while, but the dream is on hold LOL

3. I would LOVE to live in Charleston S.C. (where I got engaged πŸ˜‰ )

4. My favorite fruit are cherries

5. I have an addiction to green tea

6. Iced coffee really can make my day better

7. I love NYC and go there as ofter as possible

8. I graduated with a B.A. in publishing and cannot find a job πŸ™

9. I am a middle child

10. I love playing volleyball

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Hmmm let’s see:

1.) I’ve been a runner since I was 12. I ran competitively from junior high through college. I just ran my first marathon in January. I’m registered for my first triathlon in August.

2.) I’m a total slob, and Fiance is a neat-freak. We like to say we have some sort of a stereotypical gender-role reversal. I leave clothes all over the place, leave dishes in the sink, and never seem to see dirt on the floor. He irons his clothes every morning, used to iron his sheets (yea…I put a stop to that one), and obsessively polishes our stainless steel appliances.

3.) I’ve never had a job where I’ve had to wear “business” clothes. I’ve been able to wear jeans and t-shirts to all 3 of my “adult” jobs. I didn’t plan it that way, but I love it, and I don’t know if I’d ever be able to work somewhere that I had to “dress up”!

4.) If I’m at home I’m either wearing PJs or workout clothes. It could be the middle of the day, but if I’m home, that’s what I’m wearing. I need to be comfortable. I also have a pet peeve about denim in the bed. Fiance, back when we were first dating, would sometimes try to go to bed in the clothes he’d worn that day if he was really tired and it freaked me out. Now he knows about the strict “NO DENIM IN BED!” policy. It’s just so uncomfortable.

5.) I love/am obsessed with dogs. All kinds of dogs. I have a miniature pinscher and I think I could just sit and stare at her for hours without getting bored. I talk to her like she’s a human being, and talk about her endlessly to others, even though I know people hate that. I’m normally super shy, but if someone has a dog, I’ll go charging right up to them and start talking about their dog. Fiance thinks I’m creepy like that.

6.) I hoard sneakers. I’ve worn out so many pairs of sneakers over the years through running, but I just can’t get rid of them. I rationalize it by saying I’ll use them for other things, like yard work, but who really needs 10 pair of beat-up sneakers? I’m so torn up about parting with them, that Fiance has to take them and get rid of them when I’m not looking. Also, I’ve been known to buy new sneakers and smuggle them into the house so he doesn’t see.

7.) I’m obsessed with all things WWII. I have no idea why. Movies, books (both fiction and non-fiction), TV shows, etc. It started in elementary school. I even watch German movies about WWII, with subtitles. I’m fascinated. Whoever met Major Winters, I’m soooooooooooo jealous.

8.) I truly think I am addicted to chocolate. I have to have some form of chocolate every single day or I get cranky. When I have PMS, this is true x 1,000.

9.) I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was 24, and that was when I started working super long hours and needed extra energy. I thought the taste was so disgusting that my mug would be half coffee/half milk with 3 sugars. Now I can easily drink it black without flinching.

10.) I’m an avid reader. I’m another one who reads so fast that people think I’m only “skimming” things. I have a stack of at least 4 books on the night stand at all times, which drives Fiance crazy. If it weren’t for the library, I’d go broke buying books in no time.

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1. I really really want a puppy, but I can’t get one until I have a house.

2. I hate wearing socks, more than anything. The second the weather warms up I don’t wear socks again until the snow flies. Then when I come inside after being outside in winter the socks come off with the boots!

3. I am addicted to horrible reality tv shows. (You name it, I probably watch it)

4. I don’t like chocolate very much, I’m the worst at being a girl ever! If I have any other dessert option than chocolate I will take it.

5. Whenever I’m home sick from work I watch Princess Diaries which I own on DVD. I am aware that it’s totally bizarre, and I’ve now revealed my vice on the internet.

6. I hate illegal downloading, and I won’t do it, in fact I think I’m the only person in my entire circle of friends who still goes to Blockbuster.

7. I just got my P.Eng and am super proud of myself, and totally disbelieving that I’m a really grown up professional.

8. I want to jump on the iphone bandwagon, but I don’t think I can handle having an iphone because I hate when my phone screen gets face shmears on it.

9. I love cheese, it’s probably my favourite type of food.

10. I also love ice cream, in fact all dairy makes me happy!

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This is fun!

1. I am addicted to carbs but whenever I eat them I immediately gain 3 inches around my waist so I avoid them as much as I can. I literally look 5 mos. pregnant when I look at sugar.

2. FH and I have a son who is almost one! He loves to bite me and sometimes I can’t even get mad ’cause he’s too darn cute.

3. I love trashy tv! Real Housewives, Kardashians, etc.

4. I have a rare but not serious condition called pectus excavatum, basically a sunken chest which makes me a lil self-concious and makes cardio really uncomfortable. My heart rate can get up to 190 just by walking on a treadmill @3mph.

5. I love spicy food! Thai and mexican are my faves.

6. I still can’t decide what I want to be when I grow up. I am a hairstylist but I am going back to school to become a R.D.

7. I love the fact that I will be able to put “R.D.” after my name. FH doesn’t get it.

8. I don’t get sports fans. I wonder why people are so emotional over things that don’t really affect their lives. It just makes no sense to me.

9. I love home impovement and decorating. I have a million ideas but not enough money or time to execute them. We currently have 3 projects going.

10. I think common sense is much more useful than knowledge sometimes. But I strive to have both!


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@future mrs kirsch: Same here with carbs! Have a constant problem with SIBO that drives me NUTS!!

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1. I have two parrots, one of which swears like a sailor (have a dog , too)

2. I sing in a show chorus and am going through a director’s training program so that I can direct a chorus. I have sung in highly competitive quartets

3. I’m a graphic designer and online marketer by profession

4. I’m addicted to diet coke

5. I have had diabetes since I was 16

6. I’m ambidextrous (which comes in very handy for graphic design)

7. I have saved 3 lives, even though I am not in the medical field- just in the right place at the right time

8. I love soap operas- my Mom always watched, so I’ve been watching my whole life

9. I’m terrified of getting old/dying

10. Sex and the City and Family  GUy are my favorite shows, but I am also addicted to HGTV. 

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Ohh. How fun. This is my first one πŸ™‚

1. I am a HUGE history buff. I am studying to become a history teacher. You’ll often find me curled under a blanket reading a big history book. 

2.  Gone with the Wind is my favorite movie. But I constantly have to remind myself how historically inaccurate it is. Yes, I am a nerd.  

3.  I am addicted to the Twilight Saga and I cannot wait for Eclipse to come out next week. 

4.  The show Pawn Stars on the History Channel is my obsession at the moment.

5.  Aerosmith is my favorite band. My Fiance got my hooked on them. I surprised him with tickets last year. I may have a secret celebrity crush on Steven Tyler.

6.  I just had foot surgery on May 26. I’m still not allowed to put any pressure on my foot. I can’t wait to walk/drive again. Life is so difficult on crutches. 

7.  I waitress at a local Mennonite restaurant. I love interacting with my customers and meeting new people everyday. Its also interesting getting to work with Mennonites and seeing their culture. 

8.  I am a political junkie. For me, there is nothing better than election time. 

9.  I’m lactose intolerant. But sometimes, especially in the summer, I just have to have ice cream. 

10. Disney World is my favorite place to be. I agree with @sweetpea1031. Tinkerbell is a brat. Belle is my favorite princess. lol. 

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Ok. I’ll play.

1. I’ve been to every state in the contigious US at least twice.  I’m an actor, and in my 20’s, I did three national tours.  So, technically, I’ve been everywhere.  I remember maybe 70% of it.  Mostly, it was dressing rooms and the tour bus.

2. I’m a really good cook.  Some days I think about going to school and cooking professionally, but then I worry that I won’t love it anymore.

3.  When I first saw my SO, I thought “uh, there’s NO WAY I’m dating him…”   Guess I was SUPER WRONG.  πŸ™‚  Amazing what a four month run of a play can accomplish in the way of getting to know someone – and getting over my own bullS&!t.

4.  My mom used to be my best friend, and now she won’t speak to me. Over somethng that wasn’t my fault.  But she’s stubborn, and so am I, I guess.  I’m not super close to my family at all.  I’m an only child, and my parents divorced when I was four years old.  It used to make me sad, and now I just accept it. 

5.  Because of #4, I’m slightly worried that my wedding will look like I am an orphan or something – no one on my side of the ceremony aisle and all that.

6.  My friends are my family, and I would do anything for them.  For real.

7. I won’t eat anything with mint in it.  Food and mint should not go together.  Mint is toothpaste.  That’s it.

8. I am obsessed with my dog, Dilly.  She’s named after my paternal grandma, who I love and miss every day.  She was hilarious (my grandma…hell, my dog is too!)

9.  I’m a born and raised New Yorker that actually loves living in Los Angeles.  Been here for almost 10 years now.  No plans to move.

10. I check the houses for rent section of Craigs List every morning.  EVERY. Morning.  I’m driving SO crazy, I think.


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Okay, I’ll play:

1.) I walked for graduation last weekend and officially finish my undergrad degree in August. It only took me 10 years, and now that it’s ending I’m going right into grad school.

2.) I love animals and even did the pre-req work to go to vet school – but decided it’s to difficult to get in and I don’t want to pay that much for schooling only to make about the same amount of money I made before starting.

3.) I have a younger brother who is 10 years younger than me. When I was a teenager I was often asked if he was my son or a step-brother or half-brother (he’s a full brother).

4.) I’m the youngest in my group of friends and don’t miss a chance to remind everyone of this (I’m a brat!)

5.) I went to boarding school for one year in high school – it cost more than a year at college, so I came home and finished high school at the public school in my town.

6.) I love to swim and was a life guard and swim instructor in high school but I rarely swim anymore because I have thick hair and I hate getting it wet because it takes forever to wash and blow dry it.

7.) I’m a picky eater and I don’t like my foods touching each other. I often won’t eat the parts that have touched – but I have no problem eating sandwiches or things that are supposed to be eaten together. 

8.) I love summer and hot weather as long as I can keep my bedroom cool at night.

9.) I hate living alone, it’s boring. And even though my boyfriend lives with me I feel like I live alone because he works so much.

10.) I love kids movies and often fall asleep to them at night.

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