(Closed) 10 Random NWR Things About You – August Edition

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I love these threads.

  • Birthdays make me anxious.  The last 5 years or so, I have done nothing other than go out with my husband or maybe another couple.  I always worry that if I have a party, no one will come.  Which is silly because I have parties all the time for other reasons and people totally come.
  • I love magazines.  I used to subscribe to at least 10, but then I started to feel guilty about the cost/waste.  So now I only subscribe to Vogue, Elle, and New York Magazine, but I still read a zillion at the library every month.
  • I’m having a ribs moment.  I never cared much for them, and now I want to eat them like every week.
  • I’m coming up on the one year anniversary of living in my house, and it’s still a disaster with bare walls, ripped up carpet, and paint chips taped all over.  Mike and I can’t agree on ANYTHING.  I’m just going to start making decisions on my own.  We got in an epic war over a rug for the living room, and finally I just bought one and laid it down.
  • I recently discovered the deliciousness of iced coffee and have been making myself one at work every afternoon.  Hot coffee in the afternoon just feels weird, so this is the perfect solution.
  • I hate Casual Friday.  My work recently went casual all the time, and “super casual” on Friday.  It’s causing me to dress like a slob.  Yesterday I went to work with my bra straps showing.  I would prefer Cocktail Dress Friday.
  • I am always cold.  It’s supposed to be 85 out today and I’m sitting here with my space heater on.  I always, always have a cardigan in my purse.
  • I want to be a nurse.  I wanted to three years ago, and if I would have just gone back to school then, I would be done and I would be a nurse.  I’m probably never going to do anything about it though and it makes me sad.
  • I am nutso about recycling.  I wash my Lean Cuisine trays and recycle them.  I never throw away a piece of paper without printing on both sides.  I won’t order ice cream in a dish because I feel guilty about the plastic waste.  I get very upset about junk mail.  90% of my clothes are secondhand.
  • I miss my old hair.  Seriously regretting the PWC.

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1) I vow to go to the farmer’s market at least every other weekend from now on. I’m eating cantaloupe i got from the farmer’s market. Blows anything else i’ve ever had out of the water. The peaches are superb also. I’m thinking about making and freezing some pies/cobblers for the fall.

2) i’m really anxious right now b/c mom supposedly had a talk with my dad last night about some stuff that’s been bugging me

3) my mouthguard hurts my teeth. sigh. I feel like i have braces again.

4) I have spent so much money on medications and doctors this month, it makes me literally sick to think about. Sigh.

5) I’m starting prerequisite health courses again. In a couple years, the option to go back to school will be there should i desire it. I probably will. But i wish my family was more supportive. THey think engineering=money=happiness.

6) i had nothing but carbs and ice cream all day yesterday. Literally. A muffin, two scones, a half sandwich with potato salad, a butterfinger blizard, a pretzel, some coleslaw, and a piece of ice cream cake. WTF. Fell off the wagon and hit every rung on the way down.

7) I really want to bring Mickey and Minnie cake pops from Bakerella to my niece and nephew’s birthday party Sunday. The theme is Mickey and Minine. But i don’t want to step on my SIL’s toes by bringing too much cuteness =].

8) i love DIY home projects. I have too many. I am obsessed

9) i keep floss at my desk

10) went to bed at 930 last night. Awesomeness.

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I’ve never done one of these.. Here goesssss…

1. I hate louisiana weather. Hate. Straight hair never stays straight in this torture. For instance, today it’s about 95 degrees here with 60% humidity.  I was SO excited to move when Fiance found out he was trasnferring… then we found out it was just to Texas. With more sucky weather. Oh well, a new city should be fun.           

2. I HATE DIY things. I will pay a little more to go out and buy the dang finished project. It seems like everyone on WB does DIY and they always come out cute. I’m sorta jealous.. but I have like not one creative bone in my body.

3. Greys Anatomy is my all.time.favorite. show. Nothing beats it. I have all the seasons and have watched them all probably two or three times. Maybe I’m a little obsessed? But who doesnt like hot doctors.

3. One word: Brownies. It’s my weakness. Just talking about them is making me crave them!

4. I’m a very indecisive person. When i first started college i started in nursing, changed to accounting, then to general studies, NOW im gettin a pre-law degree to be a paralegal. Pretty sure thats the last time I’ll change or I’ll neverrrr graduate!

5. I love shopping at goodwill, salvation army, thrift stores. Don’t get me wrong I love me some Banana Republic and Saks, but have no problem shopping at cheaper places. You can always find the most unique or antique things at those places without paying a forturne!

6. I have a badddd bad habit of cussing. Fiance always tells me I cuss like a sailor which is funny because HE’S a sailor in the navy. I’ve been working on this tho bc my 15 month old daughter is now a little parrot and last week she repeated ass. Oops.

7. I can sleep ANYWHERE. car, plane, train, with a blaring tv, screaming baby, ect. And I’m so glad I’m like this. Fiance cannot sleep ANYWHERE other than his bed or couch.

8. If I have a boy next I want to name him Ayden. I got this from Ayden on SATC. Ever since the very FIRST episode he was on yearsssss ago I’ve always loved that name. He’s so hot.. can you blame me?

9. I love tattoos. I have one. I want more but I feel guilty about them. For some reason I think because I’m a mom It’s like forbidden to get any. Even tho I got my first one when Ava was 9 months, but it was for her.  

10. I love posts like these! I think we should make more!

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Would you spell it Ayden?  On SATC, it was spelled Aiden.

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Okay here’s mine.


  1. ‘m really getting into bird watching, like freak out when I see a new bird.
  2. am now the sole provider for our household since McGroom was laid off on Friday (~2 weeks before our wedding)
  3. love acting like a 5 year old. I pout, I talk in 3rd person, and I play.
  4. hate being in large crowds. They totally freak me out.
  5. love rollercoasters and am really upset that I won’t get to ride one this summer
  6. can’t wait to get pregnant again even though I’m going to be the biggest nervous wreck anyone has ever seen.
  7. can’t stand when people ues “u” for “you” and “4” for “for.”
  8. just realized that I should’ve been getting a tan for my wedding. Crap!
  9. hate being tickled
  10. stopped biting my nails less than 6 months ago which was perfect because McGroom proposed 4.5 months ago.

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ohhh, I like these! Here’s mine:

• I hate drivers who see the construction signs posted for MILES along the highway that a lane will be shut down in 1 mile/.5 mile/.25 mile, and they don’t merge until the very last second before their car would hit the barrier. God forbid they end up one car length back. I NEVER let anyone merge ahead of me who does this, and I’m generally a very courteous driver. This gives me the worst road rage ever. I’m getting mad just thinking about it – grr!

• I love sweet potato French fries with curry mayo.

• I can, and do, fall asleep anywhere/anytime. I’m asleep on planes before the cabin door is shut. I fell asleep in the dentist chair once, waiting for the dentist to come. If I’m a passenger in your car, I will be asleep in under 10 minutes unless you keep the conversation going.

• My cat begs for food worse than any dog I’ve ever seen. She comes RUNNING at the words “lunch”, “dinner”, or “special treat”, and sits right in front of us, staring at us until we feed her some of whatever we’re having.

• I don’t “get” sports.

• I don’t “get” the popularity of Nicholas Sparks, Twilight, the Kardashian sisters or Sex in the City.

• I want to make a difference in people’s lives.

• I actually have managed to grow 2 tomato plants, 1 jalapeno pepper plant, 1 serano pepper plant and 3 types of herbs this summer, which sadly, is a world record for me and my non-green thumbs.

• When I hit a pothole or drive over rough patches in the road, I tell my car sorry and pat it on the dashboard, which is extra silly since it’s a 4×4 SUV and certainly can handle my “rough” city driving.

• I am obsessed with 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom, and I hope MTV forwards the tapes of Farrah onto Child Protective Services and they take away her baby. I can’t stand her, I literally yell at the TV when she is on, and FH tells me to simmer down! haha

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This is so fun!

1. I love to print out recipes that I may never cook – I just love food blogs!
2. I still read wedding blogs even though we were married in June.
3. I hate mornings – they suck.
4. Despite trying to eat healthy and organic I use powdered coffee creamer at work :/
5. I love audio books – they’re easier than reading and can fit them in during work and commuting.
6. It’s never too late for breakfast
7. I’m trying to edit our own wedding video – it’s … uh coming along
8. our cat is way to pampered – but we’ve trained him to “sit”, “jump up” “roll over” & “speak”.
9. I’m both looking forward to and dreading potentially moving to another city.
10. Darling Husband is my #1 fav thing.

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@Chillmer: Yeaaa I know he spells it Aiden, But i like Ayden ๐Ÿ™‚

@gabrielleelise1981: hahaha i yell at Farrah on Teen Mom too! And Amber… oh god. She has the worst attitude I’ve EVER SEEN. No wonder her Boyfriend or Best Friend leaves her every episode. I like Macey. She’s super cute and a good mom.

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Sugar bee
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These are my favorite! But are getting kinda hard not to repeat things  

  1. I would be ok eating/making tacos at home once a year (FH asks EVERY week if we can have tacos)
  2. I hate to exercise- I can only last 5 minutes
  3. I need to start thinking about a new job- As in career my job is great but I do not want to be doing this in 2+ more years.  My goal is a housewife but I’m totally marrying the wrong man to do that!
  4. I keep slippers at work so  I can wear them around all day
  5. I always have somewhat long hair but my hair is the longest its been in a LONG time and I LOVE it!
  6. I hate being in a “city” everything about it creeps me out.
  7. I normally don’t drive out of a 5 mile radios and I REFUSE to move out of it.
  8. I cannot wait until my house is finished it will be so nice not to look at drywall paste & subfloor.
  9. Sometime I wish I bought a different breed dog (puggle) that could be outside when its hot. I would NEVER give her away or anything but I like to layout and she doesn’t ๐Ÿ™
  10. When I want something from FH I have to let him watch a sports game.

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1. I am OBSESSED with animals, especially dogs. I have wanted one for about a year now, and we are adopting next month! Yay!

2. I love musical theater. It’s my favorite pass time ๐Ÿ™‚ I am playing Irene Molloy in Hello Dolly right now locally.

3. My favorite food is lasagna! YUMMY!

4. I cannot cook very well, but I love to bake!

5. My friends invite me over to do dishes…YES, I for some reason love doing dishes.

6. I do vocal impressions of Celine Dion, Cher, Patsy Cline, etc. It’s pretty silly.

7. My favorite colors are pink and green.

8. I am NOT a homebody! I love to go out as much as possible!

9. I look just like my momma…people think we are sisters, in fact!

10. I am struggling with my faith…but figuring it out a bit more everyday ๐Ÿ™‚

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Buzzing bee
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  1. I love hockey and the Pittsburgh Penguins. I literally cried when my favorite player Sergei Gonchar was traded to the Ottawa Senators.
  2. I love going on cruises, the price is just fantastic.
  3. I am a very picky eater!
  4. I brew my own beer, and I can pour a tap better than most bartenders.
  5. New york City is my favorite place in the world!
  6. I drive a bright yellow car.
  7. I have never owned a dog, but I am dying to adopt one.
  8. I have owned 3 rabbits. Gizmo, BB King, and Little Bit. All 3 were Dutch rabbits.
  9. I recently tried Ocean Spray Diet Blueberry juice and I am addicted to it!
  10. I love to sing Big Broadway Belt style music. I actually used to study voice but I just don’t have the time anymore.

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@ LetsGoPens, I studied voice as well! Love the B’way Belt, but I am a soprano…belting doesn’t really happen on a high C. lol

I always wanted to play the lead in the Last 5 Years, but I can’t do the belt! lol I’m forever doomed to be the ingenue.

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Bumble bee

(1) I hate driving. I wish I lived in an area with better public transportation system. I love taking trains and subways!

(2) I can wander around on foot for hours, but have to stick to a route while driving. Large machine + wandering eyes = danger on the road.

(3) I have zero sense of direction. North is always in front of me.

(4) I have considerably gotten better at cooking. I would like to get to a point where I can identify ingredients from a meal just by taste.

(5) It drives my Fiance crazy when I don’t follow recipes exactly. I like to put a spin on things and sometimes it doesn’t work out.

(6) I am on my 4th day of my 30-day challenge to stay active for at least one hour per day. They say it takes a consistent 28-days to make it a habit. Let’s go habit!

(7) My Fiance and I give our cat a bath every couple of months. She hates it and screams bloody murder the entire time. Our neighbors have heard her through the walls but have since gotten used to it.  After the bath, our cat spends the rest of the day licking herself, then showing off her puffy coat and lavender scent.

(8) I love to dip my french fries in mayo.

(9) On bad PMS weeks, I eat McDonald’s french fries and vanilla ice cream cone together.

(10) I cannot wait for my next laser hair removal appointment. Not being able to wax is bugging me!!


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Cool idea.

1. I am huge into divination. I used to be able to read palms and tea leaves but now I do tarot, runes and pendulum work.

2. I am a huge mom’s girl. My mom and I are really close and we do almost everything together.

3. I am Irish, Czech and German and have Irish gypsy in my heritage.

4. I speak Gaelic. Not fluently yet but I am still learning.

5. I have Fibro. This is something that I am still opening up to people about.

6. I love tattoos and piercings. I have 6 tats and multiple piercings. I used to have my navel done twice but now all of my piercing are facial, my tragas, nose and eyebrow. Mybrow is brand new,literally only a couple days old.

7. I am an animal rescuer, adopter and foster mommy.

8. I have severe anxiety and can not function in a large group of people that I do not know.

9. I am HUGE into vampire lore but the old time Romanian kind. Not the romanced versions you see today.

10. I love tea but it has to be super strong. When I make myown tea, I put about 12 scoops into a cup of water. It almost has to look like coffee when it’s ready or I can’t drink it.

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