(Closed) 10 Random NWR Things about You: July Edition

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1. I love Madonna.  I always have and I always will.  I own (and like) every one of her CD’s, including American Life.  The first time I saw her live, a giant disco ball descended to the stage from the ceiling, and she emerged.  I almost cried.

2. I just cut off 7 inches of my hair last week and I hate it and am in shock. I feel so plain, so boring, so nondescript right now.  Plus, it doesn’t look good with any of my clothes.  I’ve been wearing a lot of pants because I feel like I look infantile when I wear a dress now.

3. I hate exposed bra straps and cringe when I see them.  Is this a style thing or just laziness?  I just don’t understand the whole not wearing proper undergarments.  I have big boobs and can’t wear spaghetti straps, so I just don’t.  I don’t say eff it and wear them with a normal bra and let my straps hang out. 

4. I wish I was a good singer because karaoke looks fun.

5.  I am currently battling a Cheez-Its addiction.

6.  I recently bought a Marc Jacobs bag and it’s the love of my life and I understand why people go so crazy for designer bags.  It’s so soft, smells so good, I want to wear it every day, and strangers stop me on the street about it.  A girl at a bar asked if she could smell it.  We’re going to be together a long time, me and Marc.

7. My sister and my best friend are always on my case to “dress sexy”.  Me being sexy is hilarious.  I’m cute and have a decent body, but I will never, ever be the kind of person who wears miniskirts or shows cleavage or wears stilettos.  Give me a poufy dress over “body conscious” anyday.

8.  I’m really, really liking bands with keyboards lately and bands that sound 80’s ish.  I’ve got MGMT and Passion Pit on repeat all the time. 

9.  I like to run.  I’n doing a 5K on Thursday.

10. I feel silly posting on Weddingbee now that my wedding is over.

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1. I love pie.

2. My husband and I are doing an anniversary shoot for our one-year anniversary. At first, we felt totally self-indulgent, but now we’re super excited about it.

3. I still eat Mac & Cheese from a box. And love it.

4. I need to eat every four hours or I get mean. Like, really mean. My husband avoids it all costs by packing snacks for me anytime we leave the house because he says I turn into a scary monster ๐Ÿ™‚

5. My husband and I are planning a trip to Mexico next winter, and I’m already planning outfits to wear.

6. I hate bars. I avoid them at all costs past 9 p.m.

7. During the entire month of my birthday, I buy myself stuff that isn’t technically in the budget because “it’s my birthday soon, and I deserve it!” It’s a free-for-all month for me ๐Ÿ™‚

8. I want to adopt kids, and have no interest in having a biological child for some reason (although, I would be fine with it if I got knocked up).

9. I’m always planning something, be it a birthday party, or our future housewarming party that won’t happen until five years down the line.

10. I will always need to have a dog in my life. They truly add something to our family that I can’t live without.


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1. I talk way too much about our puppy. (Me and FH’s first child haha)

2. I am the QUEEN procrastinator, I can avoid an assignment for days and days just on WB hehe

3. Sometimes I don’t get out of my PJ’s (I study from home extramurally while FH is at work)

4. I too have an online shopping obsession, Amazon sales anyone?

5. I have not read ‘for pleasure’ (read: not a coursebook) ALL YEAR – and I’m studying to be an English teacher hahaha

6. I sing when Britney comes on to the radio, but will deny it to the death.

7. I am 26 and still call my Mum almost everyday!

8. I can eat a family block of chocolate in one go. Easy.

9. A friend I used to work with (at highschool) and I had a tally/competition about who made the most boys cry. We’d brag about it at work. (Try and tell me teenage girls aren’t EVIL)

10. Need a haircut.

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1.  I’m a jersey girl and I LOVE the beach.  I went to college with girls that totally remind me of Snookie… these people DO exist!

2.  I relocated to Maryland a few years ago and really don’t understand the whole Chesapeake Bay thing.  I don’t really like motor boats, I don’t like picking crabs.  I don’t understand these people who have “shore” houses but they are on the bay, not the beach.  I think this hurts my FI’s feelings, but I just don’t get it!

3.  I don’t like having to “work a room” or talk to large groups of people, but have no problem with giving speeches or having large groups of people watch me dance, walk down the aisle etc.

4.  I love Led Zeppelin!  Also love Biggie!  I like every type of music except for modern country.

5.  I love music, but don’t really care for concerts.

6.  I hate orange flavored candy.

7.  Lateness is one of my pet peeves.

8.  I get super cranky when I’m hungry.

9.  Every time I plan a trip, even a weekend getaway an hour away, I obsessively plan and research on TripAdvsior, for like months.

10.  My first car was a white plymouth “duster” with pink trim 

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1. My friend and I watched The Exorcist when we were 13 and home alone at her place. We screamed so much that her neighbors called the cops to come check on us and make sure we were ok. Yeah, that was embarrassing.

2. I don’t trust people who don’t have any books in their home.

3. I once saved a dog off the side of Interstate 95 in South Carolina. He had clearly just been dumped to fend for himself (obv. starving), and there was no way I was leaving him to get hit by a car.

4.  I know the President of Iran is a bad guy, but I secretly find him intensely handsome. I wish I didn’t, but I just can’t help it!

5. My tailbone is fused to my lowest vertebrae. It doesn’t cause me problems by itself, however, it makes all the spaces between my vertebraes off kilter, which causes problems.

6. I love toast like nobody’s business.

7. It annoys me when people say they wish they could have lived in the 40’s “because the clothes were so great”. I want to ask “and how do you think coming off the Great Depression and a pesky WORLD WAR would work out for you?” but I just bite my tongue and nod.

8. I’m extremely particular about socks. If they bunch up around my toes or feel weird, I feel totally claustrophobic and get all freaked out. I hate wearing socks. I don’t care how ugly people think Uggs are, I love them because they mean a winter without socks!

9. I still have not seen Avatar, and I don’t plan to.

10. I was, or rather, my legs were, once in a commercial for some sort of snake oil diet pills. They were the skinny “after-the-pill” legs, jumping into a pair of jeans.

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Ok, I haven’t done one of these yet…I will play…

1. I have a fear of creamy white foods.  Like, a strange phobia.  I will not eat (or go near) cream cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, cream of anything soup, plain yogurt, alfredo sauce, whipped cream, ranch dressing….the list goes on!  I gag thinking about it.

2.  I have three dogs and a cat, and cannot imagine my life with fewer furbabies!  All of our dogs have people names…Dillon, Emily, and Lucy.  The cat is Princess.

3.  I love board games and get really competative with them.  Scrabble and Monopoly are my favs at the moment.  And if you are looking for a quick, fun, cheap game, pick up Scrabble Slam! 

4.  Sometimes on weekend mornings (or early afternoons) the hubs and I dance with our dogs to 80s music in the living room.  We have a blast!

5.  I hate the cold.  And I am always cold.  Last night we were grilling outside.  It was about 85 degrees and I had a sweatshirt on.

6.  I love to read!  My favorite authors are Lisa Gardner, Harlan Coben, and Jodi Picoult.  ALways looking for recommendations, so pm me anytime with a good title or author!

7. I am in school for my master’s degree in mental health counseling.  I want to work with adolescent females, especially bullies and victims of bullying.  I am especially interested in the effects of technology on bullying (facebook, text messaging, etc).

8.  I have Bob Saget tickets for a Jaunary show!  I am so excited!  I’ve seen Chris Rock and Ralphie May…both were great.

9.  I love Wifeswap.  If you have never seen it before, you must!  So funny!!!

10. This list was harder than I thought it would be.  Time to prepare dinner for the hubs!  ๐Ÿ™‚


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1. I went dress crazy this weekend! at Target so its okay. pheeeww
2. I woke DH up this am to make me coffee.
3. Dont laugh but toddlers in tiaras is awesome.
4. Also “I didn’t know I was pregnant”!
5. When DH isn’t looking I add butter to everything – no wonder everything tastes’s good!
6. finally registered my car in this state – forever after I bought it!
7. sometimes I play Angry birds or iphone games in the bathroom for a break at work!
8. I LOVE SUMMER!! dont care if I sweat after stepping out the door or if its 110 degrees + 1000% humidity – I love summer!

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ok I’ve never done one of these either!

  1. LOVE mac&cheese. I could eat it everyday, three times a day plus snacks. not kidding.
  2. I adore the summer in St. Louis. Heat + Humidity = stlginkgo happy
  3. I am always cold. It ould be 95 degreese outside and I will be wearing a hoodie
  4. I like to read but nothing that makes me think too much more like the Twilight series, Harry Potter, Mary Higgins Clark etc
  5. During the summer I like nothing better than to sit on my ass and snuggle with my furbabies
  6. Somedays, right before the hubbie gets home, I will begin picking up the house so the thinks I was hard at work
  7. If my leg hair was lighter I would never shave
  8. This past school year somone asked me how old I was and I answered 25. They then asked when I was born, 1983. Um…stlginkgo you are not 25. (To my defense I really truely believed I was 25!)
  9. I am a fat person living in a skinny person’s body
  10. I can’t wait to quit my job after I get certified to teach Bikram yoga!

that was pretty tough!

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OK, I think I did this last month but I don’t remember what I said. Hopefully I won’t repeat myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Although I use a computer (quite competently!) in my work, I’m a bit of a techno-Luddite otherwise. My very techie husband is somewhat appalled that I have yet to program any important phone numbers into my new cell (that I got in JANUARY).
  2. I never knew it before I got married to a person who literally cannot function in the morning until the caffeine kicks in, but I am actually a morning person!
  3. We don’t have cable and the only show I truly miss is “What Not to Wear”.
  4. I love nail polish on my toes, but can’t stand it on my fingers.
  5. I actually like washing dishes.
  6. I’m a decent outdoor gardener but have a unique talent for killing houseplants.
  7. I am really bored with seeing stripey, chunky highlights. I don’t mind people colouring their hair, but I prefer it to look as if it might at least possibly be natural.
  8. I have named the black squirrel who visits our birdfeeder “Bob” because he has an unusually short tail.
  9. I am utterly hopeless at small talk. People meeting me for the first time likely think I’m a snob, but I honestly just can never think of anything to say most of the time. Unless they give me some kind of opening by saying something that unparalyzes my tongue (and God bless the people who do), I am quite iikely to just sit there like an idiot. 
  10. I used to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer religiously. Still think it’s one of the best shows ever!

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  • Wedding: July 2011

1. I love to read – I am an English Lit major but I am NOT a book snob. I will read anything.

2. I would wear men’s sweatpants all day everyday if my friends and family would let me.

3. I dislike cats (sorry) I think they smell and are supercillious creatures.

4. I have a texture issue with foods and will hate anything I eat for the first time because it is a new texture.

5. I am obsessed with Gilmore Girls and I use lines from it in everyday discussions with people even though they don’t get the allusion.

6. The Bachelor/Beachelorette is my guilty pleasure – mostly because it makes me feel better about myself and my life.

7. I grew up five minutes from a ski mountain but have never skiied or snowboarded before.

8. I love chocolate. No you don’t understand. I LoOoOoOve chocolate like I couldn’t live without it.

9. I am pretty competitive but I especially am competitive with word games like Scrabble and bananagrams.

10. I cry, bawl and weep at every wedding (I know non-wedding related) or anything particularly sappy. It is pathetic but I just can’t help it. ESPECIALLY when families or fathers get weepy. It is just too much for me.

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1) I have a freakishly good sense of smell – which is not always a good thing.

2) I really love baseball.

3) I try to be a conscientious worker, but I resent being asked to do some else’s job when I feel like I’m being taken advantage of.

4) My favorite vegetables are peas, radishes, and lettuce.

5) I love David Bowie.

6) I learned how to ski, almost as soon as I could walk.

7) I get really emotionally involved when I read books.  I usually need to give myself a week or so before I start another book so that I can ‘get over’ the characters. 

8) I’m an Aquarius.

9) I was recruited to be on my school’s NCAA team my first week as a freshman.

10) I love to sing in the shower.

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  • Wedding: September 2010

  1. I derive a secret very sick pleasure from buying toilet paper on sale. I love it. I refuse to pay full price for it. When I find it super duper on sale, I stock up BIG TIME. (This also relates to another post about FI’s ridiculous toilet paper usage, I can’t afford him otherwise!!! LOL!)
  2. As much as I love baking, I frigging love cake made from boxed mixes. Cake from scratch is great, but give me a Duncan Hines deep chocolate any day!!!
  3. I hate drying my hair. I only wash it every other day, and I still hate it. It takes FOREVER.
  4. I still have my bear and my blanket from when I was little. My bear was my sister’s and is now 36 years old! I sneak him into bed sometimes, but my blanket lives in the nightstand. I haven’t decided what to do with them or if I’ll ever give them to my kids…
  5. I lived in Italy for 3 months, ate prosciutto and melon for at least one meal each day and I miss it SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. Sigh.
  6. I’m close friends with my ex. He’s going to propose to his Girlfriend and asked if it would be too weird to show me the ring because he wants my opinion on it. I’m possibly almost as excited about their soon-to-be nuptials as I am about my own!!!! 
  7. I hate our basement. I refuse to go down there at night alone. It totally freaks me out. We once heard totally freak horror-movie sounds over the baby monitor in FSS’s bedroom and ever since then I’m beyond terrified of the basement.
  8. I have to watch the news at least once a day.
  9. I was named after a cartoon character. Seriously.
  10. I love a good thunderstorm!!!

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1. We have turtles. I think they’re a somewhat weird pet to have when you’re older but honestly they’re amazing. I sometimes just sit on the floor and watch them swim around. It’s awesome.

2. I want to be environmentally friendly but I effing HATE public transportation. Even though everyone should use it, it’s always freaky at the bus terminal and I hate how sweaty I get on my walk there.

3. I love planning as well. I’m thinking after this wedding event maybe I should just become an event planner. It’s so much fun! To-do lists, binders for specific things, agendas, brain storms….big fetish for me.

4. Im a social worker, I love my career so far. However I would love to be a photographer in order to express my creative side a little bit more (it doesnt get seen a whole lot in my job right now).

5. I have a scary addiction to travelling. When I work midnight shifts, I sometimes plan itineraries for a future trip (budget, hotel rooms, flights, etc) 

6. My future husband and I just signed a contract to teach in Korea for a year together. I’m really excited– and I’ve been planning it forever but I’m also totally scared $hitle$$.

7, My mom is my best friend.

8. I totally believe that my dog and I understand eachother– that he’s equivalent to a human being sometimes.

9. If you’ve ever been to Ontario you’ve heard of Canada’s Wonderland. When I was 5 I peed my pants in the middle of the candyland store. My friends mom paper toweled all of the seats in the car on the way home.

10. I can literally work 72 hours straight without sleep. And Ive done it several times, always without caffeine. I have no troubles falling asleep,  I just seem to have a freaky ability to stay awake when necessary.

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  • Wedding: August 2009

1. I ADORE summer and wish it would last forever. Just about all activites that I love happen during the summer.

2. I am an old hippie. Hopefully aging gracefully ๐Ÿ™‚

3. I am a garlic nut. I throw it into just about everything that isn’t a dessert.

4. I am one hell of a good cook. My mother used to brag how I took over cooking at the age of 11 years old. It was self-defense on my part.

5. I like cats more than I like most people.

6. I adore 90s grunge and alternative music.

7. I hate all sports except ice hockey. I especially hate car racing. Around and around in a circle. Could anything be any more boring?

8. I will feed anything that looks hungry – humans, cats, birds, bears, etc.

9. I am not overly fond of children. I loved my daughter with all my heart but there was a reason why I only had 1 kid.

10. I love tanning in the nude. Luckily, my nearest neighbor is over 1/2 mile away and I live surrounded by woods, so I can and I do!

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