(Closed) 10 Random NWR Things about You: September Edition

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Oh this is my first time of doing this…lets see what I can come up with

1.  I bitch to myself when fin doesn’t help me with cleaning, laundry, or dishes.  But I hate when he actually does help because he doesn’t do it to my standard.

2. I am a die hard bargain shopper. I think it has become a huge habit to not pay full price for ANYTHING!

3. I have a vascular tumor in my right leg.  I was treated for it over the holidays and on my 6 month check up they told me I have 2 new growths.  I haven’t had the info sent to my specialist and it has been 3 months. I am too afraid of what he will say.

4. I hate drinking a glass of milk more than anything!  However, milk and oreo cookis is great!  I will also drink the milk left after I have cereal.

5. I am a Southern girl but managed to drop most of my accent due to fin teasing me (he is a yankee) about how I said things.

6.  My son is my greatest accomplishment! 

7.  I really do not enjoy cooking daily.  However, I love to cook huge holiday meals!

8. I have a computer addiction.  If I am home I am on the computer.  My fin wants to get me an EVO and I am not sure that I should have a phone that has access to the internet.  I would really not have a life then.  lol

9. When I was a kid my favorite fruit was honeydew melon.  When I turned 18 I had an allergic reaction though and my throat and tongue became very swollen.  I so want to have some again but worry about how my body will respond.

10.  My birthday is 19 days away and I am really not that excited

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1.  It has been at least 85 degrees in out apartment for the last three days.  It’s cooler outside.  I’m tired of getting soaked with sweat just using my laptop.

2. I am allergic to my favorite flowers, irises.  My “other-mommy” is allergic to her favorite flowers, lilacs.  We still sniff them, even though our faces swell up…

3. I am banned from buying more books until I finish my novel.  All four of my bookcases are full anyway.

4. 90% of my wish list is book-related.  The other items – a food dehydrator, an ice cream maker, and the new Doctor Who and Castle seasons.  

5. My boyfriend has given me two stuffed animals.  These toys are surrendered to the cat for roughly two weeks, during which he tries to demolish them, and drags them around the house for 10 minutes at a time.  After the apparent hazing, I actually have a stuffed animal.

6. The cat also sits on command and will not eat red meat, but he steals salad and peas directly from our forks or plates if we aren’t at the table.

7. My dad is more tech-savvy than I am.  He taught me HTML, he got me a (badly) paid gig as a chatroom monitor, he was on MySpace and Facebook LONG before I was, and is now on Twitter (which I refuse to touch.)  BUT he can’t get a printer to work to save his life. 

8. Both my parents claim my Boyfriend or Best Friend is EXACTLY like them.  Naturally, they both approve of my choice.  ๐Ÿ˜€

9. Every week, I’m tempted to renew my WoW subscription so I can get to 80 before the expansion.  I started playing WoW before the first expansion came out, and I’m STILL not to 80.

10. My most terrible secret.  My epic fantasy trilogy started out as a My Little Pony fanfiction when I was 12.  There is still a country of sapient, multi-colored horses.

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1) I used to be able to name all 43 presidents in order (when there were only 43). Now I can name all 19 Duggars (19 Kids and Counting) from oldest to youngest. I think I’m getting dumber with age.

2) I love the flying trapeze, but I don’t do it as much as I’d like because it hurts my hands, and I think I have extra-sensitive hands.

3) I’m embarrassed by my dog, because she growls and barks at strangers…and sometimes nips them. I wish I had a dog who people could come up and pet. I worry about how she’ll react when we have a baby.

4) My bed is my favorite place to be in the whole world. When I work from home (which is three days a week), I always have my computer in bed with me.

5) I get instantly addicted to 90% of the TV shows that I watch starting with the first episode (and that’s the only way I will watch a show).

6) I hate decorating. I’ve been living in my house for almost four months and the walls are still basically empty. My friends make fun of me for it.

7) I met my husband when I was 13 and he was 12. We started “dating” a month later. We didn’t go out on our first real date for another five years. (We’re now 24 and 25.)

8) I’m really proud of my ability to remember song lyrics, and get annoyed when my husband interrupts when I’m trying to sing. It’s understandable, however, because my ability to sing is not up to par with my ability to remember lyrics!! ๐Ÿ™‚

9) My husband talks in this sleep, and I have a log of all the things he’s said for the last 6 years, with dates and times.

10) I don’t own any makeup, a hairdryer, or an iron. I have 3 pairs of shoes (flip flops, sneakers, and Uggs) and one purse. I’m not really into the whole beauty thing. I did get pretty into it on my wedding day, though!

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Fun, first time taking part in this!

1- I’m running my first 5K in two weeks, but so far I have not been able to run more than 2.5 miles….eeekk wish me luck!

2- I am addicted to Bad Girls Club. Its such a train wreck and a trashy show, but it is my guilty pleasure, I am usually very embaraased to admit it!

3- I have recently been attempting to wear contacts. I say attempting because apparently my eyeballs are misshapen and every pair/brand I have tried do not properly fit my eye, so it actually makes my vision worse. I am ready to give up and stick with glasses(I only wear them currently at work anyway) but my eye dr is determined to find a pair that works!

4- I have a weiner dog. And I think he is the CUTEST best dog on the planet.

5- I’m getting a promotion at work in the next few months, but since I don’t have an official start date yet, I haven’t announced it to any of my coworkers. I am dying to spill the beans bc I am so excited!

6- My fiance is shorter than me. It doesnt bother me in the least, but we joke about it all the time.

7- I just got a new phone (droid x) with the internet and I am wondering how I EVER suirvived without having internet on my phone. (Kinda pathetic, I know)

8- Aside from weddingbee, the other website that I am addicted too is textsfromlastnight.com. Its the only other website I check religiously, it cracks me up!!

9- I am very LOUD. I always have been and I swear when other people tell me it sounds like I am screaming, I cannot tell in the least that my voice is raised. Yes, I have had my hearing checked, its not that. I tell my boss, I’ve been loud since birth lol

10- I was in Miami last weekend and met Chris Brown. And while I think he is a douche for what he did to Rihanna, I was still on cloud nine from meeting a celebrity.

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1. My Fiance sleepwalks after drinking too much and I love to get up and follow him around. One night he jumped down the hallway and I asked what he thought he was doing and he got a big grin on his face and said he was pouncing!

2. I feel most productive at midnight

3. I am terrified of zombies, I lay in bed at night and think about how I’m going to survive and keep my daughter alive. I have an escape plan/ hiding place in every home I’ve ever lived in.

4. I hate my major

5. My new house is beautiful, but I wish I had this house down the road… it sits on the lake and is completely trashed. The previous owner ripped the wiring out of the walls and everything.

6. I love flowers but hate planting them.

7. Pulling weeds/folding clothes is my therapy.

8. I love movies, even horrible ones.I try to find at least one good thing about every movie I see.

9. I hate people talking while I’m trying to watch movies and will get down right bitchy.

10. I love ballet, but never took any classes

Oh, and and two more! I’m very painfully shy, but people think I’m stuck up. And I don’t fart in front of my Fiance either, but he has told me I do it in my sleep sometimes lol

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Love this! Here’s my go at it

1) I have a love-hate relationship with exercise. I use the excuse that I ran competitively through college so I’m now burnt out all too much, it’s usually that I’m just being lazy.

2) My FH and I shower together everyday, it’s a nice way to chat in the morning and sing songs.

3) Our “you cook, I clean” rule went out the window a long time ago, as did the “you squeegee the glass in the shower, I’ll make the bed” rule

4) I spend waayy too much time on weddingbee, I work at home, no-one knows!

5) I once dated a fisherman who’s on the Deadliest Catch. Actually, I dated him while dating my FH… (FH knows all about it)

6) I work in tv, it’s not glamorous (though I only work for cable networks)

7) I wish i were more fashionable, I feel like I shouldn’t spend the money to be because I don’t leave the house during the day and I live in Seattle.

8) I was adopted from Columbia when I was an infant, I don’t have too much desire to find my birth family, few people understand this

9) I had planned to move to Seattle and SF to work at small production companies and get into the tv biz.(I did exactly that!) I was then going to move to LA, work for bigger production places there and then and move back to NY (i’m from northern NJ originally) to work at HBO in development, it was my dream job. Now I’m happy seeing the beautiful scenery in Seattle, loving lots of people here and deciding on a new career path when my next contract is up.

10) I talk and laugh in my sleep and have extremely vivid dreams. 

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Helper bee

1.  I hate scary movies

2.  I memorized how to say the alphabet backwards at work once while bored (I can still say it)

3.  I have a crush on Louie C.K.

4.  I am the *worst* procrastinator

5.  I get very very grouchy when I’m hungry/tired.  It’s a very bad combination!

6.  I hate peanut butter

7.  I LOVE names.  If I could, I would name people’s kids for a living.

8.  Sometimes I get words stuck in my head, just like you’d get a song in your head.  It’s like I can hear myself saying it in my head over and over again.

9.  I hate Ed, Ed, and Eddy.  Worst kid’s show EVER, it makes me want to drive hot spoons into my eye sockets

10. I love cats but I’m allergic.  So, when I’m around them I usually end up a swollen red-eyed, sneezing mess, because I cannot resist petting them.


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@MissAdventure: I’ve had this exact thought about Paula Deen as well. I’ll sit there and scoff, “That’s just ridiculous!” But secrely, I’m jealous as hell. I freaking love butter.




1. This thread makes me RIDICULOUSLY happy. Making lists is one of my favorite things to do. Hearing random facts about people is another.

2.  I was a weird kid. When I was little, my favorite drink was Ovaltine and milk on ice. Drunk entireley by a giant spoon. I don’t know why. But from time to time, I still do it. I also loved sticking my finger in the Lipton Iced Tea mix and eating it. Again, I still do it sometimes.

3.  The older I get, the more the world depresses me.  The obsessive consumption culture (ever seen Hoarders?) how everyone’s seems to be on coke and meth these days (Intervention), etc. UGH. I should just stop watching TV.

4. I love getting old 90s TV shows on DVDs and watching them. I sometimes remember exactly how a particular episode made me feel when I first watched them. Felicity is a perfect example. I recently re-watched it and remembered how desperately I had wanted to go away to college.

5. The most annoying thing to me is when I can hear people chewing. And when they talk with their mouth full. I think it started when teahcers in middle school would teach with a cough drop in their mouth. Made the most annoying sound.

6. My dream job: SNL cast member.

7. I am terrified that my SO is not the right match for me, but not willing to hold out for a true soul mate. Do they even exist?

8. I am always thinking of inappropriate things to do or say in a given situation and how funny it would be if I actually said or did them.

9. I once ate an entire bowl of Lucky Charms marshmellows in college. The milk afterwards was a disgusting color.

10. If you were to diagnose me with any mental disorder, it would probably be generalized anxiety disorder. I do not handle stress well. Simple things stress me out, like knowing I will be late or not being able to find a shoe.


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1. I have a degree in English literature

2. My 8yr old Shih Tzu Pepper is my world

3) I really hate when people wait till the last minute to switch lanes or when they drive too close to my car.

4.)I love the real housewives series on Bravo…it doesn’t matter where, I love all of them

5.) My fiancé and I met at work

6.) I grew up in Southern California then moved to Florida when I started middle School.

7.) I’m a Catastrophe insurance Adjuster and travel around the country working catastrophe claims…it’s interesting to meet people from all walks of life but sometimes I just wish I were home every day and had a 9-5 job.

8.) I’ve been delaying the move I’m going to have to make to Indiana where my FI ( I live in Florida), it’s coming soon but I’m going to miss my Florida Sunshine.

9.) I love tennis but I’m not very good at it

10. I’ve met a handful of celebrities. Steve Harvey, Conan O’Brien, Snoop dog, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson.


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@Sloth: I SO LOVE Jon Hamm!! I’m obsessed with Mad Men and he was hilarious in the opening skit for the Emmys.

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Hey everyone! Love the lists!

Here is mine:

1)I am from Pittsburgh! (but currently in school in central PA, while fiance works in pittsburgh ๐Ÿ™

2)I have a degree in Psychology, but am going to be a Physician Assistant

3)I am learning how to play guitar (love it , but really bad at it..)

4)I worked my college breaks at Gatorland in FL because most of my family is there (my family is in FL not gatorland..just to clarify lol)

5)My fiance and I just got engaged last month and we are having a september black and white wedding..can’t wait! (we have been planning well before engagement)

6)I get kind of anxious walking by myself at night so I carry mace..FH bought it for me!

7)I love kids and can not wait to have them (maybe have a mild case of baby fever at the moment)

8)I love to shop and have my nails done to de-stress

9)The beach is always calling me!

10)I love eating at Moes with FH (we joke that they will cater our wedding)

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1.  I am obsessed with General Hospital and have been since I was a kid.  Sonny and Brenda are my favs and I screamed when I found out that Vanessa Marcil was returning to GH as Brenda.  I’m such a dork, I know it and I embrace it.  Fiance tells me all the time. 

2.  I am on my third Volkswagen New Beetle.  The first one was totaled in a 20 car accident, the second one was totaled when a guy pulled out in front of me.  Neither were my fault, but that doesn’t change the fact that my insurance is sky high despite having no tickets.  That really irks me to no end. 

3.  Fiance and I have two Siberian Huskies and they are my favorite pups in the whole world.  I love them as if they were human kids.  Fiance and I also talk for them and we have the funniest conversations. 

4.  I haven’t been able to concentrate on work all week and my whole world seems to be revolved around wedding right now.  I can’t wait to get my life back. 

5.  I was born outside of Pittsburgh, moved to Tampa, then moved to Raleigh, and now am back in Tampa.  I’m tired of moving and Fiance wants to move to Boston, where he is from. I just want to stay in one place. 

6.  I think the Herman Miller Embody chair is the most comfortable work chair I have ever sat in in my entire life.  If you can afford one, get one. 

7.  My favorite NFL team is the Raiders, even though I’m not from California.  My dad has been a fan since the late 60’s and that was just how things were in my house.  My favorite MLB team is the Pirates.  It sucks being a sports fan when both your teams suck. 

8.  My mom is my best friend and my Maid/Matron of Honor and we email all day while working and talk to each other on the phone at least 3 times a day, even when we aren’t wedding planning.

9.  My favorite band is O.A.R. and I can’t wait to see them live tomorrow night. 

10. I could watch the ID channel and Discovery Channel all day long and not even think twice about it.  Fiance hates the ID channel, but loves Discovery. 

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What a fun thread. Here it goes…

1. Fiance and I plan to include a golden retriever, a collie, and an Irish wolfhound in our future family – not all at once, of course! But we love love love dogs.

2. I am either in dresses or sweatpants every minute of every day. That is not even slightly exaggerated. I used to always wear heels with my daily dresses too, but now I’m all about ballet flats or low boots – I reserve heels for special occassions.

3. My favorite shows growing up were Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, Sesame Street, Power Rangers, and Little House on the Prairie.

4. I was an English Writing major in college, but took a sales job after graduation. I regret that decision every single day.

5. I cry very easily over silly little disagreements, passages in books, or even commercials. But I didn’t shed a single tear at high school or college graduation. I cried at our friend’s wedding a couple weeks ago though. I have no idea if the waterworks will appear during our ceremony.

6. I’ve used the same perfume since eighth grade- Lancome Miracle.

7. I was going through old doctor’s records with my mom over the weekend and found my vitals from my senior year of high school. I once weighed 105 lbs?! What?!?

8. I loved the Berenstein Bear books as a child, but when my family visited Cedar Point’s “Bear Country,” Sister Bear made me cry – she was almost 6 feet tall! I thought she’d be my size ๐Ÿ™

9. My immediate family is super close and wonderful. My friends in high school used to call us “The Brady Bunch.” No real fights, everyone gets along really well. Of course, extended family is a different story…

10. My favorite movies are Cindarella Man, Seabiscuit, and Waking Ned Devine (which is the best movie ever made, in my opinion.) Of course that’s the only one Fiance doesn’t really like. Oh well!

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Worker bee

Ok…I’ll bite.

1) My Fiance and I adopted a dog almost four years ago. She’s a pitbull and people judge her to be a man eater. My friends daschund just ate her kid’s rabbit straight out of it’s cage; our pitbull has never ever shown an ounce of aggression. It kills me that people believe that her breed should be banned and euthenized.

2) I dislike soda. I’ll only drink ginger ale once in a very great while.

3) I am terrified of flying. So much so that I cry. We’re flying from the East Coast to Hawaii for our honeymoon.

4) I have a degree in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science. I LOVE that I get to exercise that love on a daily basis at work.

5) My favorite sandwhich is a Tuna BLT from a local pub, but it has to have corn fritters on the side.

6) I will run my first 5k in 3 weeks. I’m doing it in memory of my mother.

7) I LOVE beer. Fiance and I are a total beer snobs and we travel to specifically seek out microbreweries and other areas local brewpubs; we have a journal recording our travels and findings.

8) My Fiance is an amazing musician and I think it’s totally hot.

9) I hate being photographed.  

10) I’m just about 6’0″ tall and my biggest pet peeve is when people ask me how tall I am before they say hello or introduce themselves.


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