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I’ll play!

1. I have a degree in culinary arts, and went to culinary school.

2. No matter how intelligent I feel, I can’t get enough celebrity gossip.

3. I also hate Twilight, and find the obsession with it a little bizarre.  Even my mom loves it.  LOL.

4. I work in hotel events, but would love to own my own high end hotel/restaurant.

5. In a few years, I may quit working and be a stay at home wife for while.

6. I hate having dirt on my hands or feet.  I refuse to walk outside barefoot. Even on the beach I wear flip-flops.

7. I was born 7 weeks early, and stayed in NICU for 4 weeks.

8. I have horrible nightmares, and wake up screaming every now and then.

9. My favorite shows are The Office, Lost, and Wife Swap.

10. I drink more Starbucks than anyone I know.

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Yay!  Some Friday Fun πŸ™‚

I can’t snap my fingers.  Anytime I tell people this, they look at me weird, and then they start snapping away..kind of like to taunt me.

My Fiance and I have an eerie similarity.  We have matching moles on our faces that line up when we kiss.  He calls them ‘mole kisses’ and our friends always encourage us to mole kiss when we’re out.  Oddly enough, we also have matching birthmarks on our right big toes (literally…same spot!).

Growing up I had weird pets that my mom would buy me from Chinatown (back then sold to be used for food).  I had a pet quail, duck, chicken, turtle (that was supposed to be for soup)..now this wouldn’t be so odd, except I grew up in urban NJ, no where near a farm.

I don’t know how to write in cursive.

I hate lemon flavored candy but love to put lemon in just about everything.

Standing 5’2″ I have a large sized noggin for my height (poor momma)

I turned 30 a couple of months ago and honestly forgot how old I was when asked

My dream job would either be owner and operator of a small successful restaurant or owner of a shoe boutique.  I both love to cook and love shoes

I sometimes will translate the chorus of some hit songs on the radio into chinese and sing along loudly in my car.  I crack myself up…yah I’m weird like that πŸ™‚

If I had to live the bi-coastal lifestyle, my two homes would be NYC (or where I am now-it’s close enough) and SanFran

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Oh Fun!

1. My last name is a bad word. Everyone has to ask me twice to make sure they don’t offend me. Cannot wait to get married and change it!

2. I’m obsessed with Elvis and collect Elvis memorabelia.

3. If I could afford to buy jar of pickles every day I would eat a jar a day.

4. I won’t walk on grass without shoes. The feeling of it on my feet creeps me out.

5. I’m 26 and have had 6 surgeries. I don’t even have an ongoing medical issue it’s just been one stupid thing after another that aren’t related at all!

6. I can’t watch scary movies without a blanket on me to cover my eyes.

7. I hate to be home alone. I am beyond super paranoid that someone will break in and kill me. So I rig things in front of the doors and have a pistol in my nightstand (no I don’t have any kids in the house).

8. I’m obsessed with Perez Hilton’s gossip blog. I have to read it multiple times a day in case some celebrity news happens.

9. I treat my cats like they are my children. If I’m home alone I’ll talk to them like they are people and find myself sometimes answering for them the answers I want to hear. “Do I look good in these jeans?” kitty says “Yes mom you look amazing” Thanks kitty

10. I’m terrified of clowns. If I see one I close my eyes until it goes away.

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Sounds fun to me!

1) I love my animals more than anything except for R. So much so that I wouldn’t compromise on bringing my rescue kitty, Holly, with me to college, and I bought a Mustang at the age of 18. I may have to work extra hours to support them, and get creative with budgeting, but they’re worth it. 

2) Related to #1… R is on the pre-vet track, because he loves animals just as much. If he does become a vet, it’s going to make my worry about my pets and my checkbook much happier! 

3) I love cooking and pride myself on being able to tweak and modify complex recipes to fit our vegetarian/picky lifestyle. Cooking and baking are releases for me, but I try not to bake unless someone’s coming to visit so we can pawn off the results. 

4) You wouldn’t think it from #3, but my most stressful job ever was cooking for 40 people. I was the only one cooking, filling drinks, etc, and there were a lot of dietary restrictions because it was in the nursing home where I still work. How one person was supposed to get all this and the cleaning done in a 4 hour shift, I’m not sure, but I was 16 and it nearly drove me to a nervous breakdown. 

5) Did I mention #4 was especially stressful because I couldn’t taste the meals? I’m a strict vegetarian, and have been since the age of 11. My mom hated that I made that decision (I tried when I was 9, but she said no!) and figured that if she stopped cooking for me I’d change my mind. Clearly, it backfired. πŸ˜‰ 

6) I love Psychology and, although I was terrible at science in high school, biology. I’m a Psychology major and plan to pursue a post-graduate degree. I can’t wait to actually have a job in the field. 

7) I moved to Chicago at the age of 18, and I feel like it’s my soulmate city. I’ll be really sad when we have to move after the wedding! 

8) I was in Grant Park the night of the 2008 Presidential election and it was amazing! I wasn’t in the fancy ticketed part, but it was worth it just for the atmosphere and BEING THERE! The subway ride home was crazy, and the rest of the night I couldn’t sleep because people were shouting “Yes we did!” so loudly. 

9) I’m a generally artistic person, but have no talent besides amateur photography and a love of fashion and interior design. 

10) Whenever I’m with my extended family, I feel like the dunce! I may have gotten a partial scholarship to a respectable university, but most of my cousins got scholarships to Ivy League schools and those who didn’t graduated at the top of their classes at the University of Illinois and University of Wisconsin at Madison. One of my cousins got a perfect score on her SAT IIs and had University of Chicago and MIT fighting over her for grad school. 

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Just not feeling like myself today and don’t have much motivatiion to work, so I’m going to play!

1) I am 100% a dog person. My puppy is like my child and I love her more than life itself. I can’t wait until we move into our house so we can get another one!

2) I am scared to sh*t about having children. I see how much people can mess up their children and I don’t want to bring a child into this world just to screw it up LOL

3) I make more money than my Fiance. Secretly, I am very proud of that. I need him in many ways, but knowing I can take care of myself at such a young age is a great feeling.

4) I hate ketchup. If I were to get ketchup on my I would throw up. Fiance loves it and puts in on anything.

5) While I stated in #3 that I do make more money than Fiance and in #2 that I am scared of children. I can’t wait to be a stay at home mom. I have such a high maternal instinct that I would be happy being a housewive with a modern spin.

6) Cooking is my extreme passion. I love reading cookbooks and coming up with new recipes. Delicious food makes people happy and I love to be part of that.

7) My parents were very wealthy until a few years ago when they lost everything. They would have paid for my school and bought me my first house. While I ended up with school loans (100k) and having to buy and mortage my first house, I am sort of grateful that this happened. I was never spoiled and worked hard since I was 14, but now since Fiance and I have to build together from the ground up I think it will make our relationship much more solid.

8) If money was no object, I would love to go onto school and become a psychiatrist working in the field of abnormal psychology. I realized this is what I wanted to do during my senior year in college but to get into medical school I need to have  at least 5yrs of experience and since I got a job offer in that field at about $17,000 I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t live on that kind of money where I am and with my debt so since I can’t put in the time for the work experience I won’t be going back to school.

9) Since I cannot work in my dream job, I would like to train my dog (border collie) as a volunteer dog and volunteer in homes with children who have disabilies such as autism and down syndrome. A lot of therapy has been know to use border collies to help their development. I want to do something good with my life and I think this might be the way, combine my love for my dog and passion for helping others with disabilites.

10) I have been in love three times in my life. I truly believe I have had three soul mates, while I was not meant to be with all three they were all meant to be in my life for a reason. But I couldn’t imagine spending my life with anyone but my Fiance. He has taught me that love can conur all.

That was hard! Smile

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Ill play!

1. I hate feet. I think they are so ugly and get pedicures on a religous 2 week basis because I think its the only way I can handle looking at my own.

2. I have a very very real fear of clowns. Even though I know its just a person, the thought of a clown makes my skin crawl and I CANNOT be around one in person.

3. I was a vet technician for 6 years and now Im a medical assistant. I guess I like the medical field.

4. I bought my own house when I was 21. 3 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, and about 2000sq. ft.

5. I love cars… Im a total gear head and racing for me is a passion. I used to own my own racecar.

6. I have an obsession with shoes and jewelry. I have jewelry to no end and about 50 pairs of shoes.

7. My eyes naturally change from blue, grey, to green.

8.  I almost died in a car accident May 7,2004. I finally had the courage last year to take my SO to the place of my accident and drive the route I took when I got hit. This also resulted in the last few of my 22 bones I have broken in my lifetime.

9. I am a major melencholy. I love lists, excel spreadsheets, and being organized. I even have my clothes in my closet organized by color.

10. I love taking pictures. I used to be the photographer for one of the semi-pro football teams here in Atlanta. I was even the historian for my sorority.

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  1. I hate my major, like with a passion. I would much rather do something in design, but my mom talked me out of it… and I regret that decision.
  2. My biggest fear is truly failure. I am ok with failing as long as there’s another option to solve my problems, but having to “sink or swim” after college scares me.
  3. My fave drink is a Midori Sour or a Bellini… sorry wine!
  4. I never take notes in class and i’m still getting along with As and Bs. I just have a good memory, I guess, or I’m lucky!
  5. My favorite thing to do is shop, but only sales. I loooooove getting the best bargain. In fact, during this class I’m in now, I’ll probably be shopping the 75% off Belk sale online, haha.
  6. I would switch back and forth between italian and mexican food for the rest of my life if I could.
  7. I am going to spend spring break in Florida in just one more week!
  8. Everyone thinks I can’t bake because of this one time I screwed up a pumpkin pie… too bad I bake better than most of them!
  9. I wish Toaster Streudels that had the egg, ham and cheese in them were way less calories, because those are the best breakfast food on the go ever.
  10. I wish I was more patient.

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1) I don’t like chocolate, peanut butter, or regular milk.

2) I eat my potatoes with mayonnaise and my eggs with ketchup.

3) I sleep-eat sometimes. Even was studied by sleep doctors for it. It’s weird.

4) When i was born, the doctors gave my mom and I each a 50% chance of survival. Not sure what happened, but shit hit the fan apparently.

5) As much as I complain, I tend to have a very positive body image. I think it’s from being surrounded by people with very negative ones and seeing so many extremities in real life. Although I get a pang of bad envy when there’s a tall girl (5’11” and up) in my gym classes who is obviously skinnier than me even though I’m of normal size. 

6) I wear boat shoes to work most days. 

7) I don’t like to sleep in

8) I like gin…not most girls’ drink of choice

9) I have a messed up sense of humor. It’s sick what I find amusing sometimes. Luckily, there must be plenty of people out there, otherwise the shows Darling Husband and I watch would not be on TV for more than a season =]

10) I like when things smell nice. My whole house must smell nice all the time. Even if it’s messy

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  1. I am growing out my bleach blonde hair and I think my roots look hideous, but everyone else tells me they don’t notice (I just think they’re lying).
  2. I love to cook.
  3. I am a total book worm, have been my whole life.  When I was a kid I would get in trouble for reading instead of doing my chores.
  4. My cat is the most spoiled cat in Chicago.
  5. I have been sewing for 15 years, and just recently finished making curtains for our master bedroom.
  6. All the walls in my house are stark white.  I can’t wait to paint them in a few weeks.
  7. I can’t wait for my BFF’s wedding next Saturday!
  8. I met my 4 week old nephew for the first time last weekend and I think he is the most adorable thing in the world! 
  9. I could probably get all my work done from home in about 20 hours a week, instead of coming into work and working 40 hours a week.
  10. My husband and I are in a competition this month to see who can lose the most weight, and I Will.Beat.Him.

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1) I’m very traditional: I can’t wait to be a stay at home mom until my kids go in school, I absolutely wanted to take my husband’s name.  This is pretty unusual here so I get all these weird looks and comments from other women…

2) I’m not allowed to disclose any information about my work on the internet, not even my employer… not always easy but I love my job and even if I’ll probably end up taking 7 years off, I’ll be glad to go back after! πŸ™‚

3) I have NO time for TV at all! I feel like I’m probably not organized enough, but really, between training, cooking, cleaning (or my lame excuse for cleaning) and Weddingbee…

4) I’m desperately trying to convince Darling Husband to cancel TV cable and use the money to pay someone to clean the house

5) Due to circumstances that make a very very long story, we have, not one, not two, but FOUR cats!

6) I love travelling and have a policy where we never go to the same country twice, or I’ll feel like I missed a place… We’re trying to travel at least 3 times this year before TTC.

7) I always have a project on the go, too many in fact – the hardest part is deciding which one to prioritize…

8) Other than people with whom I do sports, I have almost no women friends – just two that I see once every two months… So I’m trying to be more feminine and learn more about how to dress and do hair and makeup, but it’s hard with no guidance!

9) I can’t have junk food in the house because I literally eat it all… No kidding, it happened a few times where I would eat the entire bag of chips we bought, then buy another one and eat it until it looks the same as the previous one… Pathetic I know! That’s why it’s not allowed in the house. Shame on me.

10) I will be running my first 10k race in less than three months and I am very excited about that!

I love this thread!

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Sure! Why not? Better than actually doing work on a Friday!

#1 – I am petrified of eyeballs – seriously, everything about them makes me want to vomit and I can barely even get something out of my own eye without gagging

#2 – oddly enough, althought I am petrified of eyeballs, I WILL NOT leave the house with mascara.  I LOVE mascara and spend the majority of my makeup time in the morning making sure my eyelashes look perfect

#3 – I LOVE elvis! woot woot! to Soon2beeMrsMI am a member of Elvis Insiders πŸ™‚

#4 – If I could move anywhere it would be to Orlando so I could have a season pass to Universal Studios

#5 – I am obsessed with the 50’s – I think I should have been born in another time

#6 – Unlike most of the posters above me – I DO understand the Twilight obsession and cannot wait for the 3rd installment to come out on my birthday this year

#7 – I am addicted to farmville (sad, I know)

#8 – I took classical piano lessions for 9 years

#9 – I took flying lessons

#10 – I love all things citrus and all things mint

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@otb – oh, I think your kitty has competition for the most spoiled cat in Chicago. πŸ™‚

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This is fun!!

1. I have a pretty unique injury.  When I was 3-years-old my biological father dropped a car battery on my left foot..now my toes are messed up.  Wanna see a picture? It’s the non-tattooed foot…

2. And while I’m talking about my feet, I have 17 stars tattooed on my right foot.  I wanted a tattoo and this is what I got.  I still love it almost 6 years later.

3. I bought my first house when I was 20-years-old.  I now own that house and another one with my husband and we are the proud owners of three mortgages–there’s some sarcasm there if you can’t tell πŸ™‚

4. I’m an avid Superman fan.  Always have been.  He’s just the greatest super hero ever.

5. I have at least 5 sets of salt and pepper shakers.  I love salt and pepper.

6. I was in NYC staring up at the twin towers in the financial district less than 6 weeks before 9/11.

7. I have an obsession with paper.  It’s probably not healthy…and it’s taking over my office.

8. Two days ago I completed the 9th class of my masters degree.  I’m officially 75% complete and cannot tell you how excited I am to ALMOST be done with higher education!

9. My first love was a car.  When I was rearended on my way to work one morning which consequently totaled my car, I cried hysterically for days…I was fine–not a bump or bruise–but I felt like the love of my life had died.  I kept it and left it sitting in my driveway for over a year before I finally decided to part with it.  I did, however, keep part of the broken bumper.

10. I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.  Any suggestions what to do with a masters degree in management and leadership coupled with a bachelors degree in entrepreneurship??? 

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Oh this is a great thread! What a fun way to spend a Friday morning in bed while sick and snuggling with my pugs… Btw, @Lindsay, I am sooo jealous that you went to culinary school!!! I tried a part time program for 6 months and decided I was not cut out for it but I wish I had started off doing that when I was a little younger.

  1. I collect shot glasses. Have over 100 from various states/countries. Have never used them (well okay, maybe I’ve used a couple…)
  2. The Fiance and I have four animals – two cats and two pugs. It makes for a very zoo-like atmosphere…
  3. I’m the most impatient driver ever. I hate people who are slow and get in my way. It majorly stresses me out.
  4. I hate housecleaning! My Fiance usually does the laundry and about once every week or two, we get sick enough of the fur (from #2 above) to sweep/vacuum. I also almost never do the dishes – that is the FI’s job. πŸ˜›
  5. I love love love to cook. I almost went to culinary school then decided to get my MBA instead which was, btw, totally useless.
  6. I’m a consultant and I pretty much hate my job. I want to do something creative but I don’t think I have the talent to succeed in a creative job. I’m really a type A who wants to be type B.
  7. I sniff my pugs’ feet regularly. They smell like cornchips – seriously!
  8. I’m a super fast reader. I can get through approximately 100 pages an hour. But that does not apply to serious reading, only fluff things like trashy romance novels. πŸ™‚
  9. I’m afraid of the sound of the toilet flushing in an empty bathroom. I read some scary story when I was younger about a monster who would come out of the toilet unless you were out of the bathroom by the end of the flush, and for whatever strange reason, I always get a little jumpy when I flush the toilet in empty bathrooms.
  10. I’m HORRIBLE with plants. I killed bamboo once. ‘Nuff said.

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