(Closed) 10 Random Things… about your SO!

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Busy bee
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1. He is half Filipino, half Swiss

2. He’s had major surgery on both knees.

3. He is starting P90x soon.

4. He is the oldest of 4 brothers

5. He loves watching romantic commedies w/ me.

6. He is a way better cook than I will ever be.

7. His fave. breed of dog is the Boxer.

8. He has a small chinese symbol tattoo for “spirit” (I think?) but  he wants to cover it up with the Filipino Star.

9. He drinks instant Nescafe coffee.  (blech.)

10. He can’t wait to have kids.

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Honey bee
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1. He’s afraid of bugs (I am the bug killer in our house!)

2. He’s afraid of horses. No traumatic experience or anything, just an irrational fear!

3. He eats eggs for breakfast every morning.

4. He eats ketchup and hot sauce on everything (including the eggs he eats every morning!)

5. He aspires to be a politician some day, and eventually Prime Minister!

6. He has had more concussions than I can count, and that’s why he doesn’t play hockey anymore.

7. He has worn glasses since he was basically a baby.

8. He’s got the cutest curly dirty blonde hair, but he says it’s brown

9. We have the exact same color eyes (same shade of blue and everything!)

10. He is super excited to wear a wedding band and tries his on often.

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Sugar bee
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  1. He loves to go fishing.
  2. He makes the best face when he is car dancing to “his jam”
  3. He is an only child
  4. He would wear the same shirt & shorts everyday if he could
  5. He’s a really good cook but he never cooks anymore (besides frozen pizza) πŸ™
  6. He is an amazing Mr Fix it!
  7. Sometimes I think he should have been born a girl
  8. He HATES tomatoes but loves ketchup and tomatoes sauce as long as there are no chunks
  9. He has been to more pro sport games than anyone I know (all for free one good thing about his job)
  10. He snores REALLY loud.

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Buzzing bee

I love this!

1. His favorite movies are the Indiana Jones ones. He even named his dog Indiana.

2. He had a big tumor under his arm when he was young that the doctor’s thought was cancerous. Luckily it wasn’t!

3. He does the best impression of Pop’n Fresh, the Pillsbury Doughboy. I poke his belly so he’ll do it whenever I need a laugh.

4. He LOVES ice cream but is slightly lactose intolerant. He eats it anyway and I’m the one who has to suffer.

5. He only wears cartoon boxers, like The Simpsons, SpongeBob, etc.

6. He is the domestic one. He does most of the cooking, cleaning and laundry. 

7. He is very handy and made our coffee table and side table. He also refinished our dining table and chairs and our guest room dresser. 

8. He has blue eyes.

9. He’s a big Civil War buff.

10. He still has a Fraggle Rock stuffed animal from when he was a kid. 

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Oh YAY, my turn.

1. He is a realtor in Philadelphia

2. He LOVES spicy food and always asks me to load up on the crushed red pepper and Franks Red Hot (I literally put that s**t on everything!!)

3. He loves our dog

4. He HATES eggs, vegetables, and anything where his food is mixed together

5. He has a younger sister and survives his younger brother

6. He has lived in Philadelphia his whole life

7. He’s really great with kids

8. He’s a messy person to live with

9. He’s a snuggle bug

10. He is a self proclaimed Groomzilla

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Buzzing bee
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Ohh, fun, I like this!
1. He’s half Mexican and half German. I hope our future kids get his hair – I think its beautiful!

2. He’s written (and published) a book about the history of Los Angeles. He’s currently writing his second book, which is about our sense of time, ghosts, and nostalgia.

3. He has a huge record collection.

4. At the end of our first date, he walked me around the city for almost an hour killing time, because he was too nervous/shy to kiss me.

5. He loves the movie Planet of the Apes.

6. He actually really wants to help with the wedding craft projects (I put him on glue-gun duty) even though prior to the wedding, he had never done a craft in his life!

7. 99% of his clothes come from Brooks Brothers.

8. He taught me how to cook.

9. He’s a huge punk music fan, and I mean real punk, not the pop-punk crap most people mean when they say “punk”.

10. His favorite drink is a gin martini, with a twist!

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1. He puts slices of ginger in his ginger ale.

2. He can speak Mandarin.

3. He plays the piano, guitar, saxaphone, violin, and sings.

4. If it weren’t for his dad telling him to have a “real” career, he probably would have gone into music. Now he’s a tech guy. He still plays and records as a serious hobby.

5. He was a missionary during college.

6. I’m pretty sure it’s psychologically impossible for him to watch a movie without making popcorn.

7. His favorite drink is a gin and tonic, though he loves watching Pirates of the Caribbean with a dark and stormy in hand.

8. He is adamantly anti-furbaby. Cats are pretty much the only worthwhile pet in his book because they can take care of themselves. (A point we agree on. πŸ˜‰ )

9. He was captain of the football team and looks like Patrick Swayze. Who’s a happy Minutiae?

10. He is one of the kindlest, gentlest, most open-minded persons I’ve ever known.

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Busy bee
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@Minutiae:Patrick Swayze?  pics please!  Are you going to make him say “Nobody puts baby in the corner” during your reception?  ;P  I totally would.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: November 2011

1.  Most of the time (I’d say about 90%) he acts like a big child. He loves to have fun and goof off, and since his job is always 100% dead serious, he is anything but when he is off the clock.

2.  He is the half of the relationship that has read the entire Twilight series. I have absolutely no interest in the books whatsoever, but I saw Eclipse with my best friend last night, and when I texted him and asked him jokingly if he had “imprinted” on me, he response was “Lol shut up I’m not a wolf.” I was surprised he even knew what I was talking about haha.

3.  He is a cav scout in the Army and is extremely proud of his job.  He’s going on his first deployment this September to Iraq for 12 months, and he’ll be coming home in 32ish days for his leave.

4.  He has 3 tattoos.  Some tribal thing on the back of his arm, a quote that we got together, and his last name as an ambigram on his left forearm, which I designed.

5.  He is only 3 hours and 28 minutes older than me.  We were born in the exact same hospital too, and our last initials are next to each other alphabetically, so we like to think we met in the nursery. πŸ™‚

6.  He has lived his whole life in the north (minus one year, and the time he has been stationed at Fort Hood), but he is a southern man through and through.  He absolutely loves country music, his cowboy boots, and he wants to live in the south after he gets out. He calls every female “sweetheart” or “hun” (which makes me kind of uncomfortable since no one that I know really does this in the north, but he means nothing by it), and he is the most polite man I have ever met.

7.  He has 7 brothers. Yep, SEVEN. Which pretty much means I’m completely screwed, seeing as how I would like a little girl someday. But I know the boys we do have will be so absolutely adorable, and I hope they are the spitting image of their father. πŸ™‚

8.  He is also the cook in the relationship, and he is definitely amazing at it.  I can’t cook to save my life, so it kind of works in my favor lol.  He has also gotten me to try a ton of foods I wouldn’t normally have tried, like chili and stuffing (I know, I’m weird).

9.  He played football in high school and has also had his fair share of concussions, a broken foot, and a messed up knee.

10.  He is a dog person. He absolutely loves his dogs (they live with his mom), and he can’t wait until he gets back from Iraq so that we can get one of our own.

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Bumble bee

My SO:

(1) Is a triathlete and once ran a marathon without training.

(2) Has a bladder the size of a Chihuahua’s.

(3) Gets really grumpy when hungry.

(4) Sings off-key and dances against the beat.

(5) Grew up with 10 pet dogs.

(6) Was terrible at the grill when I met him but has since gotten a LOT better and can now cook scallops on the grill perfectly!

(7) Adds Tabasco sauce to almost everything he eats.

(8) Sobbed through the movie Marley & Me.

(9) Does his own oil change and brake pad/rotor replacement.

(10) Has a daughter he hasn’t seen for 5 years.


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1. He would wear boxers and a t-shirt all the time if it was socially allowed πŸ™‚

2. The way he leaps off the couch when the Phillies get a homerun makes me smile everytime

3. He can’t cook very much, but he’s the weekend breakfast maker-he’s better than me at eggs!

4. He was raised in India, moved here in 2001 for grad school

5. His fave band is Led Zeppelin

6. He loves Family Guy and The Office

7. He’s an environmental engineer

8. He tickles me to make me laugh whenever I’m down or just for no reason, but I’ve banned him from this on the stairs because I’ve almost fallen so many times

9. His fave movies are Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
10. He is the BEST kisser   πŸ™‚



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Buzzing bee

aw these are fun to read! my turn πŸ™‚

1. he originally didn’t like my engagement ring (i picked it out – it’s a round halo, he wanted something plainer)…but now he loves it! he is so proud of himself, and will show anyone who will look!

2. the way he treats our dog makes my heart melt. he is going to be an amazing father.

3. he has a very thick southern accent when he drinks…i can barely understand him. when he drinks he can’t stop giggling.

4. he hates watching movies. it’s like pulling teeth to get him to watch ANY movie.

5. with that being said, he’s a history junkie/reality show junkie. his favorite tv show is….dog the bounty hunter! lol, he could watch it for hours.

6. he doesn’t have any body odor! it’s the craziest thing. he could wear a shirt for 5 days in a row and it still smells fresh.

7. he’s stayed friends with the same group of guys since kindergarten (he’s 34). it’s really cute and they’re a great bunch of guys.

8. he calls me his ‘beyonce’ instead of fiancee. he’s always coming up with the most random nicknames.

9. he’s the domestic diva of the house, and loves to do a little dance when he cooks.

10. he gives the best presents. they’re always really thoughtful.

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1. He’s the youngest of three siblings … and the most mature.

2. He’s very, very tall, and very, very skinny.

3. He only drinks good beer (refuses to drink Bud Light).

4. He loves old-timer things like cuff links and fedoras.

5. He’s admitted he loves my family slightly more than his own.

6. He loves small dogs, and has said he’ll always be a small dog person.

7. He was sports-obsessed when we first started dating. Now, by choice, he only watches a game when he has nothing else to do. 

8. He’s a computer whiz. It saves me a lot of time and frustration.

9. He’s a vegetarian for moral reasons, and just quit meat cold turkey one day, even though he always loved it. He’s never looked back.

10. He’s the funniest dancer ever. The male version of Elaine.

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