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@SVC.love: mine also sings and dances to Kesha in the car with me (no lie, he usually starts the singing and dancing haha).

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1. He is very non political.

2. Loves football…especially college. Hook em horns!

3. Loves spaghetti and meatloaf. He would likely eat both at the same time if I let him.

4.  He loves his mother.

5. He is strong willed. Sometimes not a good thing. lol.

6. He is a homebody.

7. Loves movie night.

8. Likes Metallica. I promised I wouldn’t tell his friends or family.

9. Metallica is the only rock band he knows!

10. He is in the army and making a career out of it.

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1. He is funny, he never fails making me laugh.

2. He laughs at my lame jokes and no one else does besides my sister.

3. He cooks and helps with housework.

4. He is great with children.

5. He likes sports but golf is the only thing he’s into now. Is that even a sport?

6. He enjoys shopping for me and himself ๐Ÿ™‚

7. He travels often for business.

8. He hates Facebook *lol*

9. He makes better pancakes.

10. He is the sweetest guy I’ve ever dated!

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This is fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

1. His name is Christopher, but he goes by Kit.

2. He’s working on his Ph.D in Nuclear Engineering right now, and he’ll finish up the December after we get married.

3. He looks like Harry Potter. 

4. He has a tortoise named Gustav.

5. He works out and lifts weights everyday- otherwise he would be extremely scrawny.

6. Total movie junkie. He owns probably over 100 movies, and everytime he visits he wants to go and see one or buy one.

7. He has a total sweet tooth. If I have any candy around, he will eat it. Every last bit.

8. He can’t cook, unless it’s noodles with alfredo sauce from a jar on them. Once, he tried to make us waffles, but somehow he did something that made them disentigrate on the waffle iron. Weird.

9. He was born in Kansas, moved to North Carolina, and moved to Texas for college.

10. I am the only person he will let call him Kit Kat, Kitten, or any of the other variations on his name that annoy him.


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Bumble bee

Cute thread!

1.  He’s the most sweet/sensitive/thoughtful person I know.  He just pays attention to detail and has a knack for saying or doing the right thing at the right moment.

2. He’s a fantastic test taker – as in never showed for class and aced the final.  Yes – it’s ok to hate him for that.

3. He learned his fluent Spanish in school.  They spoke English at home and he’s the only one in his family that’s really fluent. (since he’s Mexican, people are always surprised by that)

4.  He’s an amazing cook.

5.  He knows how to fight fair, how to apologize and how to make a point without being a jerk. (I didn’t know that was possible in the male species LOL)

6.  He’s the baby of 6.  There’s a nine year gap between FI & #5

7.  movie.fanatic.

8.  He has no children and doesn’t wish to have any.  My 2 were his “perfect instant family”

9.  Both of his parents passed away more than 5 years ago. 

10.  When my friend was playing matchmaker, she said he was quiet.  Our first phone convo lasted 5 hours.

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Wow, these were really fun to read! Thanks for sharing ladies. Here’s mine:

1. His hair is longer than mine. As in past his butt long.

2. He didn’t learn English until he was 6 years old.

3. He is an amazingly good whistler. He will whistle along to anything on the radio without even knowing he’s doing it.

4. He only cooks three things (spaghetti, scrambled eggs and Bananas Foster) but they are the best I’ve ever tasted of their kind.

5. He cries at sad or sentimental scenes in movies openly and without shame.

6. In all the time I have known him I have never, ever heard him refer to any woman as a b*&^h.

7. He has about three times the amount of clothing I do.

8. Give him something that needs to be fixed and it will be fixed.

9. He could eat BBQ ribs every single day for the rest of his life and not get sick of them.

10. He loves games – board games, video games, card games, word games, number games, scavenger hunts, geocaching, etc.

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Busy bee
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1. He is obsessed with Pearl Jam. Literally obsessed. I think he would break it off with me to marry Eddie Veder.

2. He works construction and makes the walls dirty when he gets home because he can’t seem to make it to the shower without touching EVERYTHING.

3. He is a great gardener especially vegetables and herbs.

4. He loves wood working and built us a beautiful beautiful coffee table.

5. He has “I love You” Eyes that make me melt.

6. He can quote Tolkien easily (which sounds dorky but I am an English lit nerd so I love it).

7. He was my very best friend in the world before I knew I was in love with him.

8. He opens doors for me, doesn’t eat until I am eating, carries my shopping bags and is a true gentleman all around.

9. He snores, grinds his teeth and/or will elbow me in the face when we sleep. I want to register for a California King bed gr.

10. He loves to hike, backpack, canoe, kayak, etc and if I agreed, he would move us to the Alaskan wilderness in a second.


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1) He’s a computer whiz.  I swear he can look at a computer and it will be fixed!

2) He loves him some video games!

3) His favorite movie is Independence Day (uhh..yeah..with Will Smith!)

4) He only likes cookie dough ice cream

5) He only charges his cell phone at work, M-F  (Also, very annoying come sunday, when it’s dead!!)

6) He prefers Mountain Dew over all other sodas

7) He only drinks Water, Milk, and Dew.

8) He graduates college in september

9) He likes asian food

10) He grills THE BEST steak in all the world!!

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  1. He is a world champion arm wrestler and was inducted into the Hall of Fame.
  2. If it can be made of metal, he can make it.
  3. He would rather have a bigger boat than a bigger house (me too).
  4. He believes that if meat isn’t smoked by him, then its not cooked correctly.  He builds smokers.
  5. He loves lobster and mushrooms.
  6. He still thinks that 80’s rock is the only good music.
  7. His favorite movie is Constantine.
  8. He used to be a ballroom dance instructor.
  9. He has three tatoos and getting a new one next month, two tiny feet he says represents me (he always says I have the cutest little feet).
  10. He is a total guy’s guy, but still all my girlfriends (and gay friends) always tell me how jealous they are about how well he treats me and how affectionate he is.

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oooh let’s see 10 things about my husband…

1. He loves beer – he is a beer enthusiast – he prefers microbrews and tries anything once (beer wise).

2. He absolutely loves fishing. That’s how he “relaxes”…

3. He hates pop music – but admits to liking Lady Gaga.

4. He’s a clean freak. He cleans the house and does the laundry. I do the laundry once in a while – but he’s the landerer.

5. He loves taking bubble baths (yeah, should I admit that?? lol)

6. He’s a huge Illini (University of Illinois) fan.

7. He’s a walking encyclopedia of sports information. NEVER play a board game with sports trivia – he can tell you some incredibly obscure information.

8. He’s got scoliosis. Has 2 steel rods in his back.

9. He can’t snap his fingers.

10. He’s 37 and a grand-uncle.

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Hmmm let’s see, 10 things about my Fiance…

1.) He’s a computer programming geek. This is not to be confused with a plain old computer geek. He doesn’t fix or build computers, he’s just insanely good at writing programs. It’s what he does for his career, AND he spends hours at home doing it “for fun.” Yeah. He writes computer programs for fun.

2.) He’s the more domestic one in the relationship. He is the only one who really cleans, unless he is forcing me to. He polishes the stainless steel appliances like once a week, and he used to iron his sheets before putting them on the bed until I told him that was really weird.

3.) He puts ketchup on ALL meat. It doesn’t matter what it is or what it’s been marinated in or if it already has another type of sauce. It drives me nuts, especially when I think I have made a really yummy dinner and he smothers it in ketchup. He also puts ketchup on potatoes and eggs.

4.) He makes the best homemade pizza EVER. We have it every Friday night.

5.) He thinks fart and poop jokes are the highest form of humor. He’s 31.

6.) He watches chick flicks when he’s by himself. If I suggest watching one together, he scoffs, but then I find out he’s watched things like “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, “Because I Said So”, and “The Notebook” when I’m away or sleeping. He claims he watches them because there are “pretty girls” in them. Right.

7.) He claimed he didn’t want a dog, especially not a small one, but he’s obsessed with my miniature pinscher and he spoils her rotten.

8.) He’s the oldest of 3 boys, and they are ALL total momma’s boys.

9.) He loves boating, and the beach.

10.) He loves Madonna songs. He almost killed me when I said I was going to tell the DJ not to play “Like a Prayer” at the wedding.

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1. The boy can COOK.  Made such an awesome stir-fry that I ate it 3 nights in a row.  And I don’t really like stir-fry.

2. He’s a Gemini (while I am not into horoscopes much, he is, so he would use this on the list)

3. Awesome bridge player and taught me to play

4. He has really good fashion sense for a straight guy

5. He can’t wear khaki

6. He has little feet (size 8)

7. He makes homemade pasta

8. He is great at investing (good since it stresses me out)

9. Used to be pseudo-addicted to coffee but gave it up

10. owns more TV DVDs than anyone I know

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Sugar bee
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1. He is a cancer survivor

2. He can really cook…anything

3. He has one sibling…and they are 16 years apart

4. He is currently in school getting his PhD…he’s such a smartie

5. He is always banging his hands up somehow….his poor hands are beat up

6. He plays the guitar but he can’t sing (I can and he hates on my skills on a regular)

7. He has two sons…one of which he only found out about this past October…and his son is 24!

8. He has 24″ rims on his truck courtesy of his youngest son

9. I bought him a puppy while he was undergoing chemo….but his parents “stole” him for themselves =) He gets doggy visitation though

10. He stutters when he gets really agitated. I think it’s cute…he HATES it.

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It’s so cute to read all the little quirks about all of your guys.  ๐Ÿ™‚


1) He loves to travel, but he’s only been overseas twice: once with his friend to Italy (with a short trip to Amsterdam, too), and once to come visit me in Japan.

2) He’s a hockey goalie and has told me that, when we have kids, if he’s supposed to be playing a game the day I go into labor, I’m out of luck.  I think he’s joking.  I hope.  ๐Ÿ˜›

3) I was his first kiss.

4) The first time we dated (we broke up for five years after high school and then got back together), he was a failure when it came to girls.  He didn’t compliment me on how I looked a single time until we had been dating for eight months!  The closest he ever came was commenting, “Hey, your hair smells like flowery, fruity stuff.”

5) He loves ethnic foods, especially Indian, which works out well for my curry-loving self.

6) One of his favorite authors is Robert A. Heinlein, to whom I introduced him.

7) He has the cutest habit of talking to inanimate objects while looking at them in the eye.  For example, he’ll look directly at his plate of curry, then say, “You are so delicious, food.  I’m going to eat you so much.”

8) His favorite color is orange.

9) He is exactly one foot taller than me.

10) He prefers tall brunettes, but I’m short and blonde, yet he’s always been convinced I’m one of the most beautiful women he’s ever met, and he LOVES my hair.  <3

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Sugar bee
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1. He can cook… and boy can he cook.

2. He doesnt like doing laundry, I do all his laundry, washing and ironing.

3. He talks to his cat in a baby voice sometimes, until I look at him and then he goes back to his normal voice. He doesnt realise hes doing it until I burst out laughing.

4. He can remember what I wore down to every last detail and what shade of lipstick  that im wearing and perfume. (I will come out with an outfit on and he goes, I remember when you wore that last and can recall the date) But cant remember when I ask him to do something i.e take out the trash.

5. Hes is a tough teddy bear.

6. He always gives me a kiss goodbye in the morning before he goes to work and I know ive stuffed up or if hes unhappy if he doesnt.

7. He isnt a romantic, I have to hint that I would like to go to the movies, or go out to dinner.

8. Hes a movie junkie. Will watch tv and whatever till the cows come home and not realise im there

9. he is extremely patient.

10. He likes boutique beer and will only drink the good stuff and never ‘normal’ drinks.

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