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Helper bee
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I love this thread!

1. He drink at least 4 cups of coffee every day. And he’s not picky either… he’l microwave yesterday’s stale pot this morning just to make it hot so he’ll drink it. I’ve also seen him ‘find’ a mug of coffee in the microwave that he’s allready warmed once and forgotten about, then just warm it again and drink it.

2. He’s allergic to anything that lives… animals, plants, mold… etc. He is even allergic to our dogs, but he loves them so much he just suffers

3. He has a short temper, and holds a grudge, but 5 mintues of neck rubbing, and he melts into a puddle and forgives everything

4. If he could eat a sandwich for every meal for the rest of his life, he would. Meat, cheese, mayo and mustard… for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and snacks)…. it’s insane. I can coax him into trying new things by promising to put in on bread and grill the sandwich in our panini press.

5. He would rather stay at home and watch movies together than go out- total homebody.

6. He’s terrible at surprises… he gets too excited and gives them away early

7. He’s incredibly sweet, but not terribly romantic. I have to gently suggest sweet things for him to do for me, but I don’t mind.

8. He loves our dogs more than he loves most people

9. He’s a total procrastinator… he puts EVERYTHING off to the last minute and it drives me CRAZY

10. He loves me more than he loves our dogs…. most of the time! 😉

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Helper bee
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aren’t we lucky, bees!

1) He is a total IPA snob – the hoppier the beer, the better.

2) He is an awesome cook but is a mess – after a big meal, the walls and counters are covered in splatters, sauces, and spices.  I call it “cooking an opera”.

3) He plays guitar, sings, and composes – he is arranging our processional and will be doing a song or two with the band at the reception.

4) He is a Cubs fan and a total baseball stats know-it-all.

5) He has an older half-brother and half-sister, and a younger full-brother.  When the four of them, plus their dad get together, good luck on EVER getting a word in edgewise. 

6) He is really good with math and logic problems, and can do sick arithmetic in his head.  He always wins strategy games and I always win word games.

7) He has a bionic toe from when he broke his foot at age 17.

8) He is quitting smoking, woohoo!

9) He has one tattoo, of his initials as music notes on a staff.

10) He is an awesome ballroom dancer, but when he dances to pop music he does a side-to-side shuffle and shrugs his shoulders, in what I call “the shoulder dance”.

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Buzzing bee
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  1. He LOVES spicy salsa- so we have a big bottle of it for him and a small bottle of the mild for me.
  2. Lamb is his favorite meat.
  3. He’s the first male in four generations not to enter the army.
  4. He was almost born in Leavenworth (his father was stationed there at the time and the maternity ward at the army hospital was under construction for a good while).
  5. He’s a terrible procrastinator on almost everything.
  6. First weekend of undergrad he cracked his skull open riding a roommate’s scooter. He says it helped him come out of his shell (he’s an odd one). He is now forbidden to ride any motorized two-wheeled vehicles.
  7. When we retire (rather when he retires, I plan to work until I’m 70+) he wants to become a full time swing-dance instructor.
  8. He has never been to a non-Gulf beach.
  9. When he found out I like Firefly, he watched all the episodes in two days so that he could bring it up the next time we met.
  10. He was Captain Hammer for Halloween- and was sad when I forbid him from saying the line about “the hammer”.

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Busy bee

@danadelphia: I love these!!

  1. He is a video game elitist…he will only play xbox or xbox 360 and sports games, mostly basketball
  2. He is the countriest guy I know, and he’s never even lived in the country, he will walk around in his barefeet
  3. He was born with clubfoot as a baby and had to have muscle from his calves removed and placed into his feet so his calves are much smaller
  4. He is super sensitive about his bald spot on his head that I call the landing strip because it goes from the front to the middle of his head
  5. He is the only person I know who will blast gospel music on high volume
  6. Refuses to drive a car because he thinks trucks are a better value (up until he goes to fill it up with gas)
  7. Will eat food when its piping hot with his method of blowing and chewing simultaneously
  8. He is THE funniest person I know and can always make me laugh, always
  9. Is a major foodie, and will experiement and create anything
  10. Is die hard Chicago anything…sports teams, festivals, etc…he thinks its the best place on earth

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Busy bee
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Let’s see… 10 things about my fiance…

 1. He is a music fanatic! His favorite band of all time is Metallica, no doubt about it! He has gone to RockFest with his friends the past two years and doesn’t plan to miss it any time soon! Yet, I can also make him listen to pretty much any other kind of music!

2. He has an obsession with paintball! Sometimes, even though he won’t admit it, I think he loves paintball more than me! haha. He owned a field for 5 years right out of high school, plays on teams, goes to events, networks, and someday hopes to be a pro paintballer.

3. He has one younger brother who has autism

4. His initials are “BS”, which he finds entertaining… For years, he has wanted to name all of his kids with those same initials! Even before I met him, he knew he wanted to do that!

5. His entire family loves motorcycles!

6. He is very close to his family, which I love!

7. He is amazing at surprises! Even though we currently live an hour apart and have since we met, he still finds cute ways to surprise me!

8. He has had the same friends since he was in the first grade (he’s now 24). They separated during high school as they went to different schools, but they have been inseparable ever since they graduated! Those same friends were how we met…. they were my next door neighbors for 2 years during college!

9. He is an amazing cook!

10. He loves working in the outdoors and with his hands! He would rather spend a day working the woods and outside than spend it inside.

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Bumble bee
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  1. He shares my love of Korean food, even eats kimchi with potato chips.  Has to make everything spicy so we always have the big bottle of Texas Pete in the fridge available.
  2. His nickname for me is “Gorgeous” and I call him “Handsome” and “Big Eyeballs.”
  3. Doesn’t ever complain when I tweeze the grays out of his beard, but I’m not sure if he’ll let me touch the one in his eyelashes, lol.
  4. Has to match his clothes with whatever Jordans he’s wearing that day.
  5. Would prefer a small fluffy puppy with a bow in her hair over a big dog any day.
  6. Already has his gun loaded and ready for when the boys come knocking on our door to date our daughter…..she’s only 18mos. old, lol.
  7. Has a big birthmark on the side of his torso that he’s a little self-conscious about, but I find it sexy and plant kisses on it every chance I get.
  8. Refers to himself as “Pecan” instead of black.
  9. Actually likes country music.
  10. Will never pass up an action movie starring Steven Seagal or Jean-Claude Van Damme.

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Bumble bee

1. He is a Disney fanatic. He loves all things Disney and he took me on my first-ever trip to Disney World! I loved it.

2. He LOOOOOOVES bad movies. Mystery Science Theater 3000 boxsets line his shelves.

3. He is Jewish.

4. He works in radio and has a sexy radio voice.

5. He has a nerve disorder that makes him twitch.

6. He loves and writes parody music.

7. He loves Terry Pratchett books.

8. He owns 2 pairs of shoes. His work shoes and his workout shoes.

9. He worked at Blockbuster for 7 years so all of his movies are alphabetized.

10. He doesn’t drink. I have seen him take 3 sips of a Bloody Mary in the time I have known him.

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