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Ooh funsies!

1. I love reading.. I read a book a day to keep me sane. I love sci fi, fantasy, and any end of the world books.. Love the Hobbit and LOTR. Love Orson Scott Card with a PASSION. Love the classics like the wind in the willows, dorian grey, white fang, call of the wild, pride and prejudice, jane austen, etc. I try to read unknown authors now to support them. I read “The End of all things” yesterday and really liked it! But it was post-apocalyptic survival and I am all about that! And it had animals! Squeal! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00B4ZK9QA/ref=oh_d__o01_details_o01__i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

2. I love to cook. I think it’s my one real god given talent. I also love to eat.. I like to pretend I’m Martha Stewart. I think maybe 50% of the reason my fiance proposed was because he realized he could have my cooking forever if he did.. Facepalm.

3. I am horribly clumsy.. I once managed to slice my foot open….

4. I believe that everything will always work out. 

5. I have OCD. But the weird kind in which everything has to be super clean, wash my hands way too much and I multiply numbers and count vowels or characters in sentences in my head. 

6. I have major food issues.. I am always hungry.. Always. I can eat an entire pizza and just keep going. I’ve been teased about this all my life so now I’m terrified to eat in front of people most of the time.. I’m also around a 110 pounds so most people assume I have some type of eating disorder.. Which is lovely and has given me the disorder of “I can no longer eat until I’m full around people” disease.. Which means I will only order 4-5 tacos in public when I could eat 12+. I hate people.

7. I love board games. 

8. I’m almost six feet tall. 

9. I love keeping up with the kardashians.. To an unhealthy extent.

10. I have way too many pets.. 

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