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  1. I don’t measure when I bake
  2. I like animals much more than people
  3. I refuse to purchase a dog (adopt/rescue only)
  4. I met my husband playing an MMORPG
  5. I escaped an attempted kidnapping as a child
  6. I’m an anchor baby
  7. I’m a total chubby chaser
  8. I currently have my dream job (SAHW)
  9. I’ve played the cello, violin and piano (forced to by asian parents lol)
  10. rogue is my favorite character class

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@whoa_its_ash:  oh, it didn’t stop me eating mcdonald’s.  it just meant i cried everytime a friend had a birthday party at mcdonald’s.   

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1.  I have crazy, clear dreams that are like a movie…if I wake briefly and fall back asleep, I will return to the same dream as if I hit “pause”.

2.  I am a crazy cat lady.  We have 3 rescues and they are my babies.  

3.  I love my work, but sometimes I hate my work and how much it requires me to sacrifice.

4.  I hate horror movies and won’t even watch the commericials, especially movies that have an element of reality….this could be because when I was 14 a friend was abducted and killed (famous Canadian news story from the 1990’s).  That same summer, no matter how hot my bedroom was, I couldn’t sleep with the window open.

5.  On a similar note, I’ve always had an irrational fear that I’ll be murdered in my own home.

6.  Inside, I’m a short hair person (have you seen Jennifer Lawrence’s new hair??? GAH!) but short hair doesn’t love me back.

7.  I give my cars names.

8.  The major stress in my life is how much student debt I have and how I’m going to pay it back in a timely fashion.

9.  Life would not be worth living without potato chips and Coke.  Sweets, meh.  

10.  I’m a bookworm and a library book horder.  As in, I will borrow 10 books at a time and think I will be able to read them all in time to return them.  Also, I generally don’t enjoy the major works of fiction that are so revered…Catcher in the Rye, To Kill a Mockingbird, the Bronte books etc.  My favourite book (BEFORE it was a movie) is The Timetravellers’ Wife.  

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1. I’m adopted by my aunt. My biological mother was diagnosed with cancer while she was carrying me, and her sister adopted me. It’s a huge part of my identity.
2. Despite graduating my MA at the top of my class, I have some pretty deep-seated fears about not being smart enough.

3. There has never been a moment in my life where I have been able to do my own hair. If it’s ever looked nice, it’s because it happened that way on its own. Sigh.

4. I am a voracious reader. I will read anything and everything, and have been known to spend days on Wikipedia.

5. I spent every weekend at my grandma’s house growing up, and she lived in a shady part of town that was known for gang activity, arsons and missing kids. Even knowing what I know now, I don’t think I would trade that time growing up there.

6. I’ve been in love twice.

7. I’m one of those people to whom remembering an embarrasing moment from the past is completely and utterly debilitating.

8. When I was 16 I somehow convinced my parents to let me travel (my first time ever) alone (no backup numbers to call, not even a guaranteed hotel room when I got there because we were staying in a hostel) with two older guys that I had met on the internet. As in, I shared a hostel room with them the entire time. Weirdest thing was it was awesome and nothing at all inappropriate (other than it happening at all) happened, hahah.

9. When I was probably 8 or 9 or something I was at my brother’s soccer game and went wandering in the trees, where I found a robin’s egg that had fallen out of a nest. I picked it up and cupped it in my hands to keep it warm, and had these grand delusions about raising it to be my pet and keeping it safe and happy when I tripped on something and crushed it. Ever since then it’s sort of been a subconscious thought that I would be a terrible parent, hahahah.

10. While I’m pretty lax with other people doing it, I would never, ever, ever in my life be late. For some reason I think it’s the rudest thing ever, but when other people do it I don’t really get too upset.

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1. I talk to my dog in pure baby talk and we call her “doggie” instead of by her name and now that we have a second dog I have tried to change and realized she thinks her name is Doggie so think I have to keep it up.

2. I havent watched the video my uncle took of my wedding because its all we got and i’m terrified its going to suck. Ignorance is bliss.

3. I am the queen of returns. Once I bought a turkey pan for thanksgiving and returned it after i used it (although it was totally used so i think other ppl do the same thing. I also once went to a hotel with DH with a REALLY hard bed so i went to the store down the street and bought a feather bed topper to use for the weekend and returned it when we checked out.

4. I am a web designer and a computer geek. I love what I do but would never want to do any freelance because I don’t like to do it at home because I feel like i’m working all the time.

5. I am a horrible procrastinator and hate planning anything. Wedding planning was a total nightmare. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I have only 9 months to plan for a baby.

6. I am a total Dave Ramsey fan and math geek and I have been known to spend days working on budgets and planning out debt snowballs… Just for fun. DH thinks I should teach a class cus i love it so much.

7. I am not religious at all. Actually I can’t stand religion because in my experience its just a list of rules made up by people – half of which aren’t even biblically based. I’m also a Christian and my relationship with God is my backbone.

8. I am not much of a girly girl… My version of dressing up is jeans, cowboy boots and a nice shirt. But Coach purses are my weakness.

9. I’m Lactose Intolerant but I love cheese. Its really bad.

10. I love coffee and pumpkin flavored anything. Pumpkin Coffee is amazing. I think i need to stock up though. I do not understand why people limit pumpkin to only the fall… i could eat it year round!

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1) I am an animal lover. I have helped our family rescue over 60 animals (mostly cats).

2) In 4th grade I cut off my eyebrow in class becuase I decided to “go big or go home” so while everyone cut their hair, I decided to take a step further.

3) I am a HUGE Josh Groban fan and was just surprised by DH with a weekend getaway where I got to see him in concert.

4) Cheese is my weakness. I ate a half a block of Colby cheese last week and didn’t even feel bad.

5) I am a good listener and tend to be more quiet than talk because I like to listen and evaluate.

6) I am a computer major and was almost talked into switching my major the last month of school by my English professor who said I’d be a phenominal writer or journalist.

7) By 21 I had graduated college, broken off an engagement, owned my own house, had a dog, no debt and a full time job as a supervisor. I gave up all 3 (dog went to my parents) to move in with my DH when we got engaged.

8) I am terrified of Charlie Chaplin, the silent movie actor. It stems from watching him too much as a kid and then having the same recurring dream about him.

9) I can burp better than most men, and I don’t even need any help from soda.

10) I kiss dogs on the mouth, and I don’t care how gross it is.

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1.) I rode an elephant in Thailand bareback.

2.) I sang at the Angel’s Stadium in front of a crowd of over 100,000 people.

3.) I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 10 years now.

4.) I have a scar on my iris from a freak accident. Every time I go to an eye doctor they tell me I’d be blind if the metal had entered my eye slightly to the left.

5.) I kept a diary from the age of 7-23. 

6.) I am obsessed with Matthew Broderick. 

7.) I have a massive fear of rollercoasters. I once cried watching a POV video of someone riding one. Even now just thinking about it makes my throat feel dry.

8.) I’m related to the first president of Mexico.

9.) I’m deathly allergic to cats.

10.) When I was a kid I used to chew the disgarded gum people would put under tables. I was just excited to get free gum. When I saw that scene in Elf I died. That was me.

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1. I am applying for physician assistant school.

2. I really love animals—especially dogs and sloths! We are adopting a dog in 5 weeks and I’m so excited!

3. My favorite band growing up was Incubus. I still love them but my music taste has slightly changed.

4. I am an atheist

5. I never want children. I actually hate babies, even though I worked with newborns. Ok, I don’t hate them lol. Just the idea! I’m too selfish right now for a baby!

6. I lived in Spain in 2012. I miss it so much. I would move back in a heartbeat if I was single.

7. I keep to myself and am introverted.

8. I absolutely hate winter, yet I live in one of the snowiest states ever!

9. I’ve shattered my elbow and now I have a big scar from the 2 surgeries.

10. I freakin love science!




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@thenewmrsmax:  #8) so that’s what it’s called ! That happens to me occasionally too. I never understood what it meant or if it was just me hallucinating. It is absolutely terrifying and i always try to scream, i call for my mom πŸ™ 

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@Pinkmoon:  #7) That made me burst out laughing haha


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@allyfally:   10 things about me …

1) I am Hispanic … I love the fact that I was born in a tropical island

2) ^^^ yet i can’t stand extremely hot weather

3) I was raised in New Jersey, moved here when i was 4

4) I almost died the same day I was born ( i was choking on milk)

5) I graduated high school at 16 years old ( I skipped 7th and 8th grade)

6) I graduated from college with a bachelor of science degree in architecture but i’m still not sure of what i want to do with my life

7) My favorite sport is baseball …. Go Red Sox !! ( I like the fact that i’m a girl and understand baseball πŸ˜€ )

8) I am a shy person, but i’ve come a looong way. When i was little people used to think i was mean because i was too shy to talk or to say hi. Teachers used to write “Great student but needs to talk more” on my report cards. Thankfully i am not that timid anymore, i actually feel like i talk too much sometimes haha

9) I have a weakness for dimples ! One of the physical aspects i love most about my Fiance πŸ™‚

10) I couldn’t decide what to put for #10 soooo…. Oh i’m very indecisive haha and i love to laugh (although i’m not a giggly person at all )


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@MrsC2014:  Yep, sleep paralysis. And it is nothing to worry about. I haven’t figured out how to stop it from happening, but if I force myself back to sleep, I eventually wake up normally.

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What a really cool thread!

1. I like animals more than most people…..yeah I know its bad!

2. Have been on the price is right….even spun a 1.00 on the wheel and went to the showcase showdown… A lot of FUN!

3. Sometimes people mistake my shyness as being stuckup but really I’m not sometimes I’m just awkward in certain situations

4. Have been involved in animal rescue for the past 7 years and saving fur babies is my life!!

5. Play tons of poker and have played in several big tournaments in Vegas and have won lots of $$$ at it!

6. I snack every chance I get….I have a MAJOR weakness for salty snacks

7. I am as nice as nice can be until someone crosses me then I have a hard time forgiving and letting things go….even thou I know I should just let it go

8. I have a major FEAR or public speaking…..my voice shakes and heart pounds….hate it!!

9. I hate the sound of hearing people eat….it sounds like its magnified x 10000 to me….LOL

10. I’m a sucker for reality TV even thou I know its mostly scripted!

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1) I sang in the white house when i was 16

2) I have a kick ass voice but never did anything with it

3) I love taking pictures of the sky

4)  I have crohns disease and one of my 3 meds cost over $100K a year (but only cost me $500 – thank god for insurence!)

5) I lost my mom 6 months after my wedding, but still talk to her on a daily basis – pretty sure she can hear me but i don’t hear her.

6) I see dragonflies all the time and i believe they are my mom visiting (i’ve even tested this and asked her to come visit and i saw them 3 different times the next day)

7) I learned to do the doggie paddle when i was 5 and fell into the water at a boat ramp. i was more afraid of the swans then drowning.

8) I never want to move away from my home state.

9) I am almost my mothers twin… we look remarkably alike.

10. I hope I have 2 daughters and have the relationship my sister and i had with my mom.

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Great idea for a thread. I loved reading everyone else’s lists.

1) I’m a legit speedreader

2) I talk really fast (and probably too much) so people sometimes have trouble understanding me

3) My first kiss was in a game of Spin the Bottle, even I don’t really count it

4) If I see a spider or a big centipede, I panic – sometimes to the point of crying and shaking

5) I have an MA in Professional Writing and Editing

6) I hate math and I’m really bad it it, but I love the way equations and math problems look on the page when they’re neatly written out

7) I taught at an all-boys middle school for a year

8) My father hit a deer on the way to the hospital the day I was born

9) I cry really easily, unfortunately.

10) My current guilty pleasure is cheese popcorn.

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Wow!  You all are so interesting and quite frankly amazing!  Kind of wish I could actually sit down and have a drink with all of you.  About me…


1.  I sing choral music professionally. My entire career depends on how perfectly I can sightread Bach.  I live and breathe singing.


2. I am also a certified Kindermusik teacher, and teaching/singing with babies makes me almost as happy as Bach does.


3.  I have two cats who I actually feel are like my first born children…


4.  I met Fiance when I was 18 years old, and I am utterly serious when I say that the first time I saw him from across a room at a party I knew I wanted to be with him.  Something about him just sort of glowed or something…  I don’t tell people that, because it sounds cheesy and exaggerated, but it’s true. 


5.  Food is my greatest enemy.  I have an eating disorder that has taken me everywhere from being hosptitalized because I was too thin and malnourished to being morbidly obese and back again.  It seems it will always be my greatest struggle.


6.  I have creepily vivid memories… I can remember exact experiences and smells and sensations that I experienced when I was as early as 3 years old.  When I experience these memories, I have a hard time accepting that I am 25 and not myself at the age of the memory.


7.  I LOVE bitter cold weather.  To me it feels like the earth is sleeping peacefully.  Like, negative degree weather somehow comforts me.


8.  I love swimming in natural bodies of water more than anything.


9.  I am not religious, but I have a need to believe that there is something greater at work somehow…


10. When I was 16 and a virgin I was hosptialized for something completely unrelated, and the doctor came in and told me that while they were testing for things, they found out that I was pregnant.  My parents and I were in horror and I was sobbing trying to explain that THERE WAS NO POSSIBLE WAY THIS WAS TRUE and they wouldn’t believe me.  For about and hour I believed I was carrying the next immaculately conceived savior until they came back and said it was the first false positive they had ever had…   


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