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1. I really dread going to the Dentist.I just hate that I can’t see what their doing, and it all feels so weird. I always panic in the chair. Ugh.

2. I woke up in the middle of my foot surgery, and remember thinking, “Oh, they must be putting the screws in now” as I heard the drilling.

3. I have a twin brother who is a whopping 60 seconds older. My mom had a C-section and decided I should have an “older” brother.

4. I love doing crafty things. Sewing, especially.

5. I was never on an airplane until our honeymoon.

6. I’m almost 28 weeks pregnant with our first baby. It’s exciting and scary. πŸ™‚

7. I have a modest Silkstone Barbie Collection

8. I’ve destroyed one toenail dancing and it still isn’t back to normal. (yuck)

9. I used to be very OCD as a child. It wasn’t the good kind that gets the house really clean, it was the constant hand washing, checking light switches and heaters kind of OCD. Thank God I’m over that.

10. I can’t resist squishing animals with hugs and kisses.

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1.  When I was a child, I wanted to be an astronaut.

2.  I can be quite passionate about NFL football.

3.  I love good design and am distracted or bothered by things that are poorly designed.

4.  I can’t stand seeing a full hamper; I always have to be in control of the laundry.

5.  I love beach vacations, especially those involving clear water and white sand.

6.  I am extremely analytical and logical, and, because of this, I tend to want to know how everything works, and why.

7.  I have a very strong sense of humor and love word play; I could not have married a man who didn’t share these traits.

8.  I love to sing.

9.  God absolutely is THE most important person in my life; I cannot even begin to imagine my life without His amazing love, transforming power, mercy, and grace at work within it. I have known Him since I was a small child and now have walked with Him as an adult for more than 30 years, after finally surrendering my life to Him during my freshman year in college.

10. My greatest joy and purpose in life is to share His love and truth with others and to see them set free from the things that have wounded and bound them.

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Great idea for a thread!

1. I have endometriosis, which has completely changed my life. It’s difficult in every possible way, and some days I struggle to keep a positive attitude. I have trouble eating, sleeping, moving around, and finding the energy to do everything I need to each day. It’s exhausting, and sometimes people aren’t very kind about it.

2. I am obsessed with learning new things. I’ve been out of school (post-grad) for 4 years now, and I’m BORED. Currently I’m thinking about learning to play chess, play guitar, and/or a new language. SOMETHING.

3. If left to my own devices, I will spend all day reading and sleeping.

4. I really want to have twins, and I want them both to be boys. I really really do not want a daughter. Because of my endometriosis, pregnancy can be risky (if it happens at all) so I love the idea of going through pregnancy once but still having two kids!

5. I do not have a driver’s license, and I hate it. I want to drive, but I’m scared to drive, and I feel really self-conscious about it. If I could change one thing about my past, it would be to have gotten my license WAY before now. (I’m 31.)

6. My Christian faith plays a very large role in my every day life, but I don’t force it on anyone else. In fact, minus the cross I wear around my neck most days, if you met me IRL you probably wouldn’t know my religion.

7. I bite my lips all the time. I don’t even realize I’m doing it half the time, until I taste the blood. My lips are not as pretty as they could be, because of the jagged skin. I’m a bit self-conscious about this, but I’m working on it.

8. I would love to be a published author someday. I’ve been writing since I was a child.

9. I would move to the country in a heartbeat, if DH’s job allowed for it. (It doesn’t, without a 4hr commute.) The only reason I “love” living in the city are my family, my friends, DH’s job, and the overall general convenience. I would much prefer an old-fashioned farm house and wide open spaces. Fresh air! Quiet streets!

10. I support legalization of marijuana.

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@weddingbound:  3,8,&9 Same here !

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1) I am a portrait photographer/teacher at the Banff Springs Hotel.

2) I love to scrapbook and am teaching scrapbook lessons over Christmas!

3) FH and I watch tv series marathons. We have watched Firefly (a few times), Walking Dead, Game of thrones, Big Bang, HIMYM, True Blood and just started Doctor Who. It is part of our nightly ritual, eat supper and watch an epsiode of something.

4) FH and I met at a photography conference.

5) FH and I moved to Japan together after knowing eachother 6 months and spent a year teaching English. I would be a teacher if I wasn’t a photographer.

6) FH and I love to go on adventures. Long hikes, skiing, dogsledding, camping, snowshoeing, horseback riding, white water rafting, pretty much anything the mountains have to offer. We aren’t die hard anything like a lot of the locals around here. 

7) I have been in several car accidents and am still afraid of close calls, left turns. I am 24 and still have a learners. 

8) I hate cake, coffee and most sweets. 

9) I LOVE kids and am excited to start TTC in a few years.

10) I love to play basketball and would like to figure out how to start playing again. 

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@arsing89:  OMG I found my date twin! 

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@Pixienickie:  We actually haven’t set a date yet πŸ™ But that is what I thought it was going to be. Now we are looking at a ’15. Sorry to disappoint πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

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@MrsC2014:  So funny that the same things bug us…..the eating thing drives me insane and public speak forget it!!

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Love this! I’ll play:

1. About 3 months ago I started a blog (anonymously!).  It’s been doing really well, I have about 60 blog followers and over 40 twitter followers.  It’s mostly motiviational and inspirational based and its a great writing outlet for me too! The only person IRL that knows about the blog and that its me behind it is my SO, and he’s one of my followers πŸ™‚

2. I would love to write and publish a book(s) one day and travel doing motivational and inspirational seminars.

3. I love music! A lot. All genres. I have to get my fix, daily. So i’m usually playing something when i’m getting ready in the morning and playing something in the car on my drives to and from work which is about 45 minutes each way.

4. I recently discovered hummus about 2 months ago, always seen it, never ate it. Finally ate it and loved it! Ate it for about 14 days straight, roasted red pepper. It’s a staple on my grocery list now.

5. I love staying at nice hotels! Even if its just overnight or for a weekend, it’s just such a treat for me like a mini vacation.

6. I participate in the Evangelism group at my church (meaning I go knocking on doors spreading the gospel!) We are very loving and respectful in the way we do it and 95% of the time people are very receptive and happy to see us! Even if they don’t accept Christ we usually still offer to pray with them about anything if they would like us to before we leave. (FYI, we are Christian, but NOT Jehovah’s Witness: only stating this because people always associate what we do with Jehovah’s Witness.) We don’t try to get people to join our church or take them from a church if they already attend one, this is strictly about winning souls to Christ and spreading the love of Jesus. (Disclaimer: Not saying that Jehovah’s Witnesses do or don’t do any of this, I have no idea exactly what they do!)

7. I tend to have predictive dreams. This happens periodically, I have dreamt very specific things that have then later on happened in real life. Also, I tend to go through periods of time where I repetitively see 11:11 everywhere, still don’t know why…I can’t tie it to anything bad or anything good. I also believe in a lot of spiritual things.

8. I have a scar (not raised) on the left side of my lower abdomen about 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide. Over a year ago I spilled just made super hot tea on myself and received 2nd degree burns. This scar is the result of that.

9. I was in a car accident this year that resulted in 3 herniated discs in my neck and 1 herniated disc in my lower back and 1 bulging disc in my lower back. I did almost 4 months of physical therapy. But I am okay, I am alive, good and getting better!

10. I love wearing heels and getting dolled up!

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  1. I love Spongebob. A lot. Not only do I watch it all the time, but I have Spongebob band aids, a Spongebob blanket, a Spongebob icepack thingy, etc. It’s kind of ridiculous, since I’m a responsible adult and all lol!
  2. I got my tongue pierced when I was 13 in a parking lot. I just recently took it out for good.
  3. My absolute FAVORITE thing to eat is breakfast at diners.
  4. I workout everyday and I absolutely HATE it. I think people who say they love working out are fucking liars.
  5. I get a migraine almost on a weekly basis and have since I was 4 years old.
  6. People are always surprised to find out that I am a hardcore metalhead/rocker, because I “look like” I would listen to Britney Spears or Lady Gaga.
  7. When I was 19 I started working in a prison. I stayed there for 4 years.
  8. I was Pescetarian for a year and started eating meat again when I went to Europe last summer. Still, I rarely eat red meat.
  9. I have NO debt, whatsoever.
  10. I don’t like religion or religious people.

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@sostobe:  I wish I could pick up languages easily! I tried learning a little French last year for a trip and failed. That is really cool that you speak 3!

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@Isabelle663:  Regarding number 6, how was it?

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@Happy Hopeful Bee:  I’m probably going to PM you at some point, because I often have contemplated starting a blog IRL, and I also have long anticipated writing books, traveling, and speaking. πŸ™‚

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1. I love wearing dresses and wearing jewelry, but I hate high heels, and associate painting my nails with getting my heart broken.

2. At my community college, I set up a table every Friday to hand out condoms. Yes, I’m *that* girl. In fact, I’m attending an e-conference about the best ways to distribute condoms at community colleges in about two hours.

3. When I was a little girl, I always said I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up. But that was only because I wanted to breed animals, and my mom is opposed to people breeding animals when they don’t know much about them.

4. In high school, I would have acquaintances compliment me on how well-composed my Facebook messages seemed to be.

5. I consider DBF to be my best friend. For a while last year, he was also my only friend.

6. When considering my closeness to people, I use a method I call “the Ashes test”. If you haven’t heard me talk about my favorite cat, who grew up by my side, you’re not really my friend. (Said cat is still alive and well at age 15).

7. No matter how old I get, I can’t help how I keep playing Neopets. I play it in phases, but I always come back.

8. Watermelon is one of my favorite foods. Contrary to the stereotype, I am about as white as white can be.

9. I am a both a second-generation immigrant (from Argentina) and a third-generation immigrant (from Ukraine) on my dad’s side.

10. I wear hearing aids, and I honestly wonder why people think of them so differently than a pair of glasses.


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Fun game! Let’s see…

1. I absolutely am a dog person but I don’t think I would ever be ready or suitable to be a dog owner. Plus, I have a cat and I love her to death.

2. I love to travel but I would never leave my bithplace permanently.

3. I can watch movies/series and read books all day long. My all time favorite is Harry Potter.

4. I live on a greek island and I hate summer. Hot and humid weather makes me feel like crying. Or killing myself.

5. My favorite day out would be italian dinner and movies. I’m definitely not a club person.

6. I have many insecurities and fears. I can stay up all night thinking about them.

7. When I finally sleep, I sleep too much. Like 11 hours long.

8. Christmas season makes me happy. I mean really, purely happy. I actually start thinking of Christmas decorations from the first day of September.

9. I make great desserts but I am so bad at cleaning my mess.

10. I never dream big. However when I want something, I want it badly and I never stop thinking of it.

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