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1.  I had terminal cancer when I was 16.

2. I lost my house in a tornado when I was 28.

3. A year go at my FI’s surprise birthday party his mother collapsed, I had to give CPR, and she died at the hospital of a massive heart attack.

4. I was diagnosed with hearing loss just this summer.

5. Even after all of the above I’m a very positive person.  An analogy I like to use is if you put me in a room with horse poop, I’d be in the middle with a shovel saying “I know there’s a pony in here somewhere!”

6. I’m terrified of snakes.  Including small gardner snakes.  I will scream, jump up and down and apparently run funny because my Fiance laughs every time.

7. I think baby pigs are the CUTEST thing EVER and totally want one.

8. Growing up I told people I would have 10 kids, I honestly thought I would have babies until I went through menopause.  I have 3 of my own and my Fiance has 1, my Fiance is fixed and I think that’s good because kids are EXPENSIVE lol.

9. I would love to have another baby but can’t, so I want my brother to have a baby ASAP and then move back home so I don’t have to travel 3 hours to see my niece/nephew.

10. I tell my Fiance that when all the kids leave our home I’m going to become a crazy cat lady lol.  I don’t know what I’ll do without a full house of kids.

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@Brielle:  I would love to talk to you about all of that. PM me anytime 🙂

From what I have seen of you on The Bee, I admire you and I think you should totally start a blog! I believe you have a lot of wisdom to share, if you feel called to write, do it! There are so many people out there that need the encouragement and the motivation and the inspiration (and sometimes those people cant get to the resources they need BUT they have the internet!). So starting a blog reaches people (worldwide!) and serves a purpose.

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@allyfally:  Lol.. I work for a big credit card company. I mange their internal information system. It’s basically like their internal Internet. 

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@KatiePi:  Lol.. You sound fun, I wish you weren’t in Missouri!! Lol

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@allyfally:  I had this on my facebook recently.


1.  I am a single mother.  I have raised my children from birth to adulthood on my own.  This is my single most important accomplishement.


2.  I am a recovering meth addict.  June 13, will mark ten years on my new journey.  Which By The Way I don’t regret for a second.


3.  I am a work-a-holic.  I would much rather work my rear end off and get paid than to do any kind of domesticated work.


4.  I prefer animals over humans.  I love the complete innocence of animals.  Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for people.


5.  I hate large crowds.  I much prefer small intimate gatherings with those who are closest to me.


6.  I am deathly afraid of moving water.  At the age of 12, I watched as my father almost drowned in the Yuba River.


7.  I am a people pleaser.  It causes many a sleepless night, if I think someone is displeased with me, or angry with me.  I abhor conflict, of any kind.


8.  My mother died on my 18th month of sobrienty, which almost lead to a relapse.


9.  I am not religious.  Though I beleive there is something greater than each of us, I do not express this openly, and I will not participate in organized religion.


10.  I prefer the solitude of the mountains over the beach.  I love nature puts everything into perspective.  It makes me realise how small each of us are in this big world.




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This is fun reading and getting to know the bees!

Here is mine;


1. I love when its raining and thunder outside. Loves sitting watching the rain on window. I think it soothe my soul and makes my creativity flow. So when its rainy season, im a happy person 😉 

2. I dont smoke, drink or do drug. Ever. I came from social background that surround myself since school with elite kids, they could be spoilt and materialistic. I hangout with them, they would be doing whatever they want, but i wont do. I never feel the peer pressure. I do what i want, i wear what i like, i befriend with whom i like. i think there is nothing wrong with being your unique self and stand your ground. 

3. Im big lover of spicy food, chili and choc. All these cause me having terrible reflux. First time i had it, my brother drove me to ER like Michael Schumacher. I thought it was heart attack and i even told him my last dying declaration. End up we walked out emergency room 30 mins later.. Its was no heart attack, last night chili with noodle soup was the culprit. My bro laughed his arse off at me..lol..

4. I HATES school maths. Since kid i already set my mind that i hate it when i had trouble with one set of calculation. I never really gives it a chance. But im kinda good when it comes with money and my business calculation tho. Haha

5. I have great passion for photography. I love Photojournalism therefore i loves travel the world. Its a hobby/passion but i dont take it as a job, i only do it if someone close to me really ask favour for their wedding, modelling, etc. 

6. I was a skeptic before until i had mysterious illness that cause me temporary blind when i was 19-20. My parents took me to the best docs, they even scratch their head. They finally advised my parenst to get me alternatives treatment. Which works, Thank God. 

7. When i was a 5, i would constantly drove my mom insane daily by asking her to buy a baby girl so i have a baby sister. I wanted sis so badly(i have much older sis in boarding school, 1 older bro and 2 closer to my age big and small bro) i would be waiting for mom to be back from market buying groceries and asked did she brought back a baby sis? In my head, there is an aisle for Baby Sis. Now i know how the baby is made! Lol…

8. I loves Lord of the Ring, Game of Thrones type of movies. I dont usually quote the script of movie while watching it. But i memorize ALOT of LOTR script and i would say it same time as the script comes up, ‘ you fool..no man can kill me.. Die now. ; I am NO man’  im a nerd..

9. I didnt finish my bachelor degree that was left with VERY few subjects to grad because i started my business in middle of studying but somehow it didnt bother me. I didnt even bother to go to grad day of my previous diploma. Im just glad that im making much more than my friends that graduated and im loving what i am doing too. 

10. My first encounter of paranormal was in public toilet at an old Jetty. While sitting in toilet, i first thought i heard a wind and it become clearer that it was a woman crying, and it was coming from the cubicle next to mine that is lock from outside with padlock! Then the voice became so clear next to my ears, that my ears felt the warm. That kinda feeling u feel when someone whisper to u..Since then i have trouble going to public toilet. 

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What a fun thread!

1) I knew I wanted to be a lawyer at age 12. At age 22, I started my first year of law school and was a lawyer by age 25.

2) I’m extremely competitive with everyone except for my husband. If you can do it, I like to think I can do it faster and better without exerting any extra effort.

3) I’m loyal to a fault. It may take some time to earn my loyalty, but once you have it, it’s ironclad.

4) My greatness weaknesses are my oldest nephew and my two brothers. If they needed me to jump in front of train to save any of their lives, I would do it in a second without hesitation.

5) I hate all sauces white and creamy. Really, nothing turns my stomach more than seeing and smelling than a glop of mayonnaise on a plate.

6) I’m a HUGE fan of Harry Potter and even when reading a new book, I am also always re-reading one of the HP books at any given time in my life. They bring me comfort and a strange sense of peace.

7) I’m a born writer and have an arsenal of short stories and novels I have written over the years. I love spinning language into a story that is uniquely mine. I hope to some day be able to make a nice “rainy day” fund by selling some of my writings.

8) I love driving by myself in complete silence. Given my extremely busy life full of commitments to other people, I have found that driving is one of the rare times when I can be completely alone with nothing but my thoughts.

9) Having come from a broken family, I was a huge Scrooge about the holidays until I started spending some of them with my now-husband’s “model” family. They’ve taught me a lot about the holiday spirit and now it’s the time of year to which I most look forward.

10) I’ve lived in Europe and spend a good amount of time trying to devise ways for my husband and I to be able to move there (London, specifically). It’s a dream for us both!


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1) I’m the oldest of 8 kids. (yes all of us are biological siblings, and no we’re not Amish). 


2) I graduated with 2 college degrees and a certificate in under 4 years.


3) I owned my own business at 19 working with local funeral homes putting together the slideshows for funerals. 


4) I am more comfortable driving a 15 passenger van then my little Hyundai Elantra. 


5) I’ve been in 9 car accidents – only 2 of which were my fault (and 1 of those I backed into a ditch, so most people say it doesn’t count, but the insurance company claimed it as an accident, so I say it does). 


6) I LOVE reading and can read very quickly (we’re talking a 250+ page book in a weekend or less)


7) I’m allergic to mint and hydrogen peroxide. 


8) God is the most important part of my life.  I cannot imagine how I would have made it this far without Him.  Life has been good overall, but there have been some horrendous challenges to walk through and I’ve leaned on Him harder than I thought possible.  I love being able to serve Him through my job with college students (I work with a campus ministry) and bringing others closer to Him. 


9) DH was my first boyfriend.  Didn’t start dating until the last week of my junior year in college. 


10) I’m obsessed with giving people surprise parties.  I’m pretty sure I’m at over 15 that I’ve planned since high school and only 1 person has found out early. 


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1. My dad has been telling me since I was 2 years old that I should be a lawyer, because I’d argue with a brick wall.  I eventually heeded his advice, and have been practicing criminal law since 2009.

2.  I start reading the first Harry Potter book around Thanksgiving every single year and read my way through them all.  I’ve been doing this for several years, sort of as my own personal holiday tradition.

3.  I am 5 months pregnant and still refuse to buy maternity clothes.  I’ve been getting away with the be-band and sweatpants when I’m not at work.

4.  I love the Cubs, Bears, Bulls and Blackhawks, and may get a little foul mouthed and angry when I watch them on television. As in may have one time broke my cell phone when the Bears missed a field goal 🙂

5.  I can count on my fingers the number of times I have worn makeup.

6.  I eat candies like Starburst and Skittles according to color, and split them equally on each side of my mouth. I also eat them in a certain pattern.  They are not the only food I have a pattern with while I eat, but make a good example.

7.  I drive an hour and a half each way to work, because I love living in the city so much.

8.  I was pretty obsessed with Dave Matthews Band when I was in high school, and saw them about 8 times in concert.  I actually met Dave once in college, and he told me he liked my lip ring.

9.  I have a huge addiction to television shows.  I binge watch them, and sometimes over and over. I have seen all the seasons of 24, Psych, the West Wing, and LOST at least three times each.

10.  If I could just pick up and move to any city in the U.S., I would go to New Orleans in a heartbeat. It’s my happy place.

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1. Raw tomatoes make me gag. Literally.

2. I used to be a VERY strong evangelical Christian, and was studying theology at a Bible college to be a missionary, and had participated in 4 foreign missions trips. I eventually realised I no longer believed. Stepping away from my faith was probably the hardest thing I have ever done, as my entire life was built around my faith, which was very real (which I feel is important to state, as a lot of people like to paint people who step away as never having truly believed.

3. I have a degree in teaching, and am half way through my masters, starting my thesis soon. I am extremely passionate about education policy, and am constantly torn as to whether to go back into the classroom, or work toward working in education research and/or policy. Especially since I have moved to the US, where so many detrimental policies are passed by people with very little educational background.

4. I am from New Zealand, lived in Japan for 3 years, where I met DH, and now live in the midwest. I also worked for a summer in Bavaria. I am nomadic by nature and am always on the move. Even if it is just camping one town over.

5. My sister was born in 2005. I was born in 1985.

6. Blue cheese is my weakness.

7. I love to cook, and am terrible with impulse buying gadgets.

8. I was once quarintined, under lock and key, in China for suspected swine flu. I didn’t have it.

9. I have an interest in religion, culture of religion, and positive and negative influences religious groups have socially and politically. I am especially interested in evangelical Christianity, Fundamentalist Christianity and mormonism. I find the modern “Biblical partriachy”/ Quiverfull movements especially dangerous.

10. I was the caregiver for my brother with cerebral palsy for 18 months when I was 23/24. I learned a lot from this experience.

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1). I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with Benedict Cumberbatch.

2). I am a classically trained singer. Started taking lessons when I was in 6th grade and continued until graduating college.

3). I am an AA level volleyball player (just bumped this up thanks to Crossfit!!).

4). I have lived abroad in Scotland, England and Spain.

5). Despite traveling a ton college (24 countries) and living abroad (see above) I suddenly developed a ridiculous fear of flying around the age of 25.

6). Watermelon makes me burp…in no more than five minutes, tops.

7). My vegetarian tacos are my own weakness. I could eat like 10 without batting an eyelash!

8). I am Native American, Italian and Spanish (my grandparents on my father’s side were from Spain).

9). Despite traveling the world over my favorite place on earth is Yosemite. Our family has gone there once to twice a year since I was 9 months old. I never miss out, it truly feels like home.

10). My dream job (crazy, I know if you look at me) is a Park Ranger in Yosemite.

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@awoah82: OMG your fan and alarm thing is scary. I do the exact same thing. My alarm is set at 5:09 am and I NEVER sleep without a box fan on.


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@ladybrick:  That’s crazy (about strep). I get a virus every year that acts and looks like strep until they do the tests, but they always come back negative.

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Hi all!

1) I lived in California for 6 months but don’t remember anything about it because I was just a baby.

2) I can’t eat breakfast foods, unless it’s breakfast for dinner!

3) I used to be able to burp louder than my dad and brothers.

4) My husband and I met while we were both in “serious” relationships with other people, but had a secret crush on each other for almost a year (when we finally broke up with our other SO’s). We started talking a couple weeks after my breakup, then a month later (and a couple weeks after his break up) we went out on our first date)

5) We also were not “exclusive” for the first 5 months of our relationship, because my parents were worried that I was jumping into a new relationship too soon.

6) My husband is also only the 2nd person I’ve ever dated.

7) I am a hard core people pleaser, which doesn’t always work out.

8) When I was little I didn’t like Pizza, Chocolate, or Pop. I still don’t like Pizza, and most Pop makes me sick. But I love Chocolate now!

9) I don’t have a college degree, but I have a stable job at a daycare, teaching 1-year-olds, and I want to go to Beauty school someday and have an in home salon.

10) I hate talking about myself, so it was really hard to come up with this list.

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This thread is so interesting! I like learning all the little idiosyncrasies of people!


1. I’m a crazy cat lady who grew up with a crazy cat lady (my mom). We currently have two cats, which is the smallest amount of cats I’ve ever lived with.

2. I have a very severe phobia of styrofoam. I make my SO or my parents open every item I buy or am gifted to so they can remove the styrofoam before I get my hands on the item. My mom writes “S/F” on every gift she buys so I can open the box and look in it without being afraid.

3. I was a professional soccer player before a knee injury forced me to end my career. I played three years in Sweden, and two years in the Canadian National team training pool. Some of my best friends have Olympic bronze medals and it kills me that I didn’t get the chance before my injury ended it. 

4. I have an addicting personality and get hooked on things easily, and obsessed with it. My current addiction is Candy Crush. It’s a little unhealthy. I’m on Level 325.

5. I collect liscence plates.

6. I graduated high school the top of my class of over 600 students. 

7. I was in musicals all the way through high school, and if soccer hadn’t taken over my life I would have gone to school for dramatic arts and eventually attempted to become an actress. I still have dreams of packing everything up and moving to LA.

8. I once got attacked by a crow while walking to a bus, and am convinced that all crows are evil. I won’t get out of my car or leave my house if i see a crow.

9. I am a twin and hate it.

10. I can’t stand mustard. I won’t even let it in my house because it makes me gag.

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1. I am really funny and quick-witted, and known for my (slightly snarky) one liners

2. My ex-fiancé cheated on me 35 days before our wedding

3. Which means I have cancelled a fully-planned wedding for 120 people

4. My current boyfriend and I originally met on a dating site 10 years ago and reconnected after we both experienced brutal break ups

5. We have 4 cats, who range in ages from 3-14. i love my cats, but don’t really care about other  people’s

6. I was in seventeen magazine in college

7. I have a mysterious digestive illness for going on 2 years. I am on a ridiculously limited diet to try and not feel like hell all the time and to heal my guts

8. Because of that, it’s a huge pet peeve of mine when people say “oh I could never live without x food, I’d rather just be sick”. Actually, yes you can live without cheese or chocolate or bread or whatever.  and if you can’t, then you have serious issues 

9. When I started graduate school, I was working with abused and traumatized children and that’s what I wanted to do forever. I NEVER thought I’d be doing what I do now, which is working with adult opiate addicts and I double never thought I would love it

10. I love the bizarre, unusual, macabre, etc. One of my hobbies is writing to prison inmates. And yes, my boyfriend knows and is totally cool with it. 

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