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1. I’m a super fussy eater. I don’t like eggs on their own, but it’s fine if they’re in something (Like cake or crumbed cutlets). I don’t like tomatoes but I like tomato sauce. I don’t like peanuts but I like peanut butter. 

2. I find it hard to motivate myself at times, I really have to push myself. I usually tell myself that I can’t eat anything until I’ve finished whatever chore it is, or I can’t use the bathroom until  I’ve finished the job at hand – this is especially true if I need to go to the shops (I like the idea of shopping, but absolutely HATE it in reality).

3. I love to build miniature things – like railway model houses. I had to take a break from it though because I got incredibly frustrated with this really complex, expensive one I bought. 

4. I don’t read the instructions for anything unless I can’t figure it out myself.

5. I sleep really well. Once I’m asleep, I’m asleep. I don’t hear anything that goes on outside! 

6. I love things that other people don’t – flared jeans, crimped hair! I’m stuck in a time warp!

7. I get obsessed easily – abandoned creepy places (I love sites on urban exploration!), abandoned theme parks, the incidence of accidents in theme parks that are still running, how they build rollercoasters etc

8. I’m quite content with doing nothing. I never get bored.

9. I hate the supermarket with a passion. I feel like a homicidal maniac the minute I step into one. I like to go late at night when it’s quieter.

10. I love watching movies – especially ‘made for TV’ movies. I watched this totally lame movie the other week – so lame it was awesome! 

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@ladybrick:  +1 I cry when I puke too EVERY TIME


1. I love love love grocery shopping. I work in a grocery store. I know where every item is in my store. It is so much fun. 

2. I love to organize refrigerators/cabinets… It’s like grocery shopping. 

3. Fiance and I are highschool sweethearts… His locker was under mine & we hated each other. One day I hit him in the head with my locker door, 5 months later we were dating. 

4. I have a step sister with the same name as me. We are 6 months and 6 days apart. My initials are EEM, hers are EMM (different last names), my mother’s name is Donna and she has a sister named Linda. Stepsister’s mom’s name is Linda and she has a sister named Donna. At one point, we were both dating guys named Taylor (my FI) & they had the same birthday. Can you say COINCIDENCE? 

5. I get really horrible homesickness. I love to fly and go on trips, but I will have anxiety attacks when I think about being away from home/my mother.

6. My car is a mess… My room is a mess. Not with trash, just clothes/scarves/shoes. But I love to clean. (I’m confused too)

7. Going for drives is something that I really enjoy. I feel like i have the most quality conversations when in the car. It also calms me down and makes me happy. 

8. My grandma said my chocolate chip cookies were better than hers. :O

9. Everything about being pregnant/giving birth/changing diapers scares me/grosses me out, but I love babies and want my own. Pregnant bellies are pretty cute, too. 

10. I am almost 21 years old. 8 days 2 hours!


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1. I have never broken a bone in my body.

2. I used to be a figure skater.

3. I hated cooking when I was growing up, but now I love it!

4. I have an obsession with Converse tennis shoes. I own at least 15 pairs of them.

5. My dream is to someday own a mechanic shop for classic Mercedes-Benz cars. I drive one now and I’m hooked.

6. Snot is the only thing that truly grosses me out. Or anything remotely snot-like, such as those little glue strips they put on the back of credit cards to keep them stuck to the paper they were mailed with.

7. I listen to German industrial metal constantly.

8. I despise dusting, especially since I am allergic to dust.

9. My eyes are the exact same shade of green as my dad’s eyes.

10. My feet are always cold, even when it’s 90 degrees outside.

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1. When I went to school I couldn’t speak English just the language my parents spoke at home with me

2. I have an intense phobia of belly buttons (I go hysterical if anyone tried to touch it)

3. I hate all piercings except ears. Just one hole.

4. My PMS gets so bad that I’ve tried anger management LOL but generally, I consider myself a softie.

5. I have bought lunch for a homeless girl while in Europe every single day for my 2 month stay.

6. I have a double degree But I can’t use it!

7. I love broccoli 

8. I have a shoe ‘illness’ according to Fiance, cue 60 pairs all aligned, sorted by color in my closet. 

9. I can’t wait to be a mother.

10. I have a huge scar on my face from a childhood accident that I’ve grown to love and wouldn’t remove for anything!

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1. I have a B.S. in Forensic Science and a B.A. in Criminal justice.

2. I am in love with my two chiweenie pups Midas and Mojo.

3. I wanted to change my name to Scarlett Ohara when I was a girl and had an unhealthy obsession with “Gone with the Wind.”

4. I am a total gamer. I can stand my ground to any one of my guy friends including my DH in any game, especially Call of Duty.

5. With that being said I am a true girly girl.

6. When I get mad I go shopping.

7. I enjoy sleep more than I should.

8. I am a hospital advocate for the YWCA S.A.N.E program in my spare time.

9. I cuss like a sailor.

10. I have been married for exactly a week!

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Fun fun! 🙂 

1. I love animals. I would be seriously miserable and depressed without them in my life. 

2. I love all things paranormal. 

3. I love history! Museums, shows, articles, books, anything history and I am all over it.

4. I google everything. Sometimes it’s a good thing, usually it’s not though. Google can give you some terrifying answers! lol 

5. I have type 1 diabetes. Next year will make ten years since I was diagnosed, when I was 13.

6. I’m really shy if I don’t know you, but if you do I am seriously loud. 

7. I don’t drink alcohol. 

8. Sometimes my dreams come true. 

9. Anytime a turtle is in the road (which is all of the time during the summer) I have to stop the car, get the turtle and take it somewhere safe. 

10. I’m obsessed with vacuuming. 

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1. I have been married for just about 3 months and still in shock that we finally got married!

2. I discovered an amazing bra- warners with no underwire, and I am going to buy them ALL.

3. I like to drink, and I can hold my booze better than most men

4. I used to hate my name (Sherry Anne) but once I grew up, I realized that my parents did a great job naming me and my siblings

5. I love thrift store hunting

6. I also love the Thrift Shop song

7. I am a good friend, but I have trouble attracting the “right” friends. I long for a best girl-friend

8. I am excited/terrified to start a family

9. I really don’t enjoy driving. I do it because I have to

10. I like all music, but I love to sing along to Metallica’s cover of Turn the Page

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1. I like animals more than people. 

2. I’ve never had a cavity. 

3. I’ve never broken a bone. 

4. I’ve never had the chicken pox, and only got the vaccine a few years ago. 

5. I was an equestrian horseback rider growing up. 

6. I play four instruments (sax, clarinet, piano, drums) well. 

7. I’m white like Casper, but am conversational in Mandarin. 

8. I have an unhealthy addiction to Chapstick. 

9. I am a YouTube partner, so I make money from my videos. 

10. My biggest fear is terminal disease. 

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1. I went through high school at a catholic all girls boarding school.

2. I sleep with one light on in my room. I am in my mid-twenties and still scared of the dark.

3. Winter is my favorite season.

4. I change hairstyles every few months.

5. I like watching drama’s – medical, legal, forensic, police etc.

6. I am bilingual.

7. I have lived in 3 different continents.

8. I am really terrible at math. I got straight A’s through everything and a lone D in Math.

9. I can be messy at times. I like to call my room organized chaos because I still know where everything is despite the clutter.

10. I can not swim.

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@LeonardLady:  I got osteopenia at that age too. After a loong time of docs trying to figure out why, they realized I have Celiac disease. Was eating my bones away. They are recovering now and growing back to normal

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1. I was given an ultimatum in high school: I leave, or I get kicked out.

2. I’ve known my husband since I was 8 years old.

3. I’ve been sick more times in the last 2 years than I have ever been in my whole life.

4. I am absolutely awful at maths. I dropped maths in year 7 as per my teacher’s request.

5. I have recently embraced my inner female, with makeup, jewellery, shoes and clothes.

6. I have an unhealthy obsession with Marina and the Diamonds, and Doctor Who.

7. I so desperately want to be a housewife, but I am lazy.

8. My favourite holiday is Christmas.

9. I love photography – not taking photos, displaying them around my house.

10. My favourite place in the world is my bed with my husband. My mattress is so ridiculously comfortable.

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I can relate to the math thing. It plagued my childhood and even as an adult, it’s one of my biggest insecurities.

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@SunflowerGarden:  It sort of tasted like a big egg yolk floating in chicken noodle soup… I probably wouldn’t eat another one but I’m glad I tried it! I guess it’s a street food in the Philippines and it’s usually eaten with sauce on it but we didn’t have anything but salt haha

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1. I am allergic to latex, kiwi fruit, black mould, and lychees. 

2. I have a phobia of vomiting. I am scared of spiders. Both of these things make me cry. 

3. My favourite colour is glitter. Then green. Then yellow. 

4. I really like sleeping.

5. I have unhealthy obsessions with: jewellery, paper, cosmetics, perfume. I think I’m a hoarder. 

6. I still take most of my photographs using film – 35mm and 120mm, and Polaroid. 

7. I love wrapping presents and writing cards. 

8. I was a STRICT vegetarian for 7 years even though my favourite food was meat when I chose to become vegetarian. 

9. My favourite place in the world is Death Valley. 

10. If I could afford to, I would wear a brand new pair of socks every single time i needed to wear socks (the rest of the time I’d be wearing flip flops). 

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1. I’m so squeamish about blood/gore/body parts that I can’t watch Game of Thrones without hiding my face 4-5 times an episode.

2. I was kidnapped from a park on my first birthday and taken to Canada … by my father, but still!  I was missing for twenty days.

3. My hair is naturally this color.  It is very red.

4. FI’s dad and my mom briefly dated in high school.

5. The smell or taste of pumpkin makes me throw up.  Not joking.

6. I have had super severe meningitis.  Twice.  Even though I had the vaccine.  I didn’t know you needed a booster.  GET YOUR BOOSTERS PEOPLE

7. I am getting ACL/MCL/meniscus surgery on Friday.

8. Fiance and I will both graduate with our bachelor’s degrees not only without student loans, but also without EVER paying tuition.  We are National Merit Scholars and our entire four years were paid for by scholarships.

9. Fiance and I have not yet lived together, and we’re moving in together in exactly a month!!

10. I have a two-year-old sister.  It’s so weird!

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