(Closed) 10 ways to be the coolest Bride from a Bridesmaid?

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@MarieeToBee:  meh. Some of them are obvious (don’t make us wear high heels in grass, pay for pro hair); and some I don’t care for (e.g. mismatched dresses, DIY projects, lunches with the other bridesmaids), and one is ridiculous (“please pair me with the hot groomsman if I’m single” – ugh!).

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I think the article is good,… but I sort of feel that it’s grabby.  She makes some really great points, like making sure footwear is comfortable and not saddling them with last minute projects, but making sure they have booze and get pampered the day of and are showered with presents, I don’t know.  Obviously as a bride, I plan on taking care of the girls to the best of my abilities, but I’d feel so much pressure if my maids were *expecting* these things like the author seems to be.  I’d wonder if the gifts were good enough and if I offered them enough pampering. 

But most of those, I’m already doing 🙂

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Some of those seem needy. I get the hair and heels thing, but the rest was blah 

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@MarieeToBee:  I think from a bridesmaids AND a brides perspective (both at once – ha fun!) I see it more as a opportunity for you to look at things from YOUR bridesmaids perspective before you ask them if they can pay for x, y and z or help you with DIY or something. Just as long as people feel their efforts are appreciated and they aren’t being taken advantage of, they’ll be more than happy to help you.

Especially day of. As a bridesmaid yes I am happy to go help with setup, but I would hope I didn’t then have to do my own makeup and hair and field calls from suppliers. Know what I mean? 🙂

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@MarieeToBee:  It almost seems like a day thrown for the bridesmaid now and not the bride!

However I did do some of these things, except “shower her with gifts” and “pair her up with the hot groomsman”. My husbands brothers were his groomsmen. That just sounds wierd to me to consider one of them “hot”. 


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I thought the idea of that was cute.  But it did start to hear a little bridesmaidzilla and demanding (in a nice way).  I think 9 of the 10 don’t apply to me and my matron of honor (no other bridesmaids).  I did like the gift box idea, which I will probably try to use.  My Maid/Matron of Honor has called me the best bride yet!  I’ve never been a Bridesmaid or Best Man for an easy-going laid back bride (4 times).  I learned from the past and decided not be that bride.  My Maid/Matron of Honor loves me!

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i totally disagree with the picking your own dress thing. i’m sure it can be done well in some cases and i reeeeeeeally liked it in theory. i was a Bridesmaid or Best Man for the mooost chill, laid back bride ever. but her sister was a MOHzilla. I purchased four… count em, FOUR bridesmaids dresses for myself before I found one that was suitable. I ran around like a crazy person trying to find one like two weeks before the wedding that was the right colour because i COULD NOT find one in stores. I ordered three online but none were the right colour or weren’t long enough or various other issues. So I would’ve much preferred if she just said “this is your dress, order it”. Which is essentially what I did (after ensuring my BMs didn’t hate it, of course).

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1. (Swatches) Tried this, they were the ones who decided to do matching dresses.

2. (Shoes) I’m letting them decide on their own shoes.

3. (pre-wedding stuff) – My mom plans on having a little brunch when we get ready.

4. (presents)-My budget is super tight. I’m doing my best with 2 things I think they’ll really like.

5. (hair/makeup) – I’m letting them pick their hair and makeup, but I am paying for a professional to do it if they want to utilize her.

6. (Introductions)-  Everyone knows each other. Aside from my FI’s 11 year old niece, we were all college roommates and frat brothers together.

7.(Groomsmen) – Yeah no. First of all no, second of all, they’re either 11 or in relationships.

8. (Attention) …Well then don’t make it a competition. I love all of you or I wouldn’t have asked you to play such a big role.

9.(Helping out) Eh. They all are ridiculously busy. I want their help but I am not going to make this a priority when their lives are so chaotic. Just be there that weekend.

10.(Bachelorette party) I have no idea what is being planned and I CANNOT WAIT to find out!

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