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Busy bee
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I won’t have my 10-year reunion for another two years, but I’m also from small town in  Ohio, so I know exactly what you’re talking about. I think your attitude is just fine. I mean, assuming you’re not going to go and laugh in their faces, I see no issues. How we were in high school doesn’t need to define us for the rest of our lives, and I think it’s fine for you to want to show them how you’ve changed.

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Bumble bee


But then again I may be biased because I plan on doing the same thing. *HI5*!

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Sugar Beekeeper

@bubbles83:  After losing 120 pounds and having a whole lot going for me I desperately wanted to go to my 10 year reunion this past year but couldn’t take the time off. I completely understand the desire to show people what they missed out on in HS. Hey it might be mean girls(ish) and petty but who freaking cares!?! 😛

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Helper bee
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yes! go! have fun! enjoy it! I actaully LOVED high school, and this is my 10 year as well.. I dont know if we will have one the past 2 years have been cancelled… BOOO. but with FB most ppl still keep in touch. I live hours away and I am doing great as well, and I think if we have one I will definitely go. I was very involved and I think that it is a MUST! 🙂

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Blushing bee

I’m a few years off my 10 year, but I went to my FI’s a few months ago.

We’re also from a small town, so the reunion was probably fairly similar to what yours is going to be… And it was unpleasant! It was all the popular people from high school, the successful people didn’t even bother to come back (it wasn’t very well organised). My Fiance and I went because we’ve just moved back to settle down and thought it was the right thing to do. Fiance has a decent job, he’s got the eye candy Fiance, and he hated the whole thing!

I can totally understand wanting to go back and rub in people’s faces how well you’ve done (and it sounds like you’ve done really well for yourself!) but be warned… The people who were popular in high school will embrace an opportunity to feel like that again because their lives have sucked ever since… It might not be as satisfying as you hoped!

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Helper bee
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@miss.alice.m:   “The people who were popular in high school will embrace an opportunity to feel like that again because their lives have sucked ever since…”

Really? Not everyone who was popular in high school turns out to be complete loosers! Quite honestly, I was homecoming queen and prom queen, loved every minute of high school, moved on to college, loved every minute, and I have a great career, and an amazing life with my Fiance. We own a house together and I have lots of braggings rights for my life after high school, and your comment is a sterotype. Just because I was popular does not mean that I was mean to others, and that I have not been able to enjoy life because I dwell on how awesome I was in high school. NOT AT ALL! 

This is exactly the reason why when I was in High School I was so embarrest to have been voted Homecoming and Prom Queen – the way people/movie view “popular” kids…. 

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Helper bee
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Go if you want, but be prepared for things to be very different than you expect.  I have not only been to a 10 year reunion, but a 20 year reunion (I feel REALLY old).  I grew up in a small, nosy town and got out just like you.  I have a very successful career and pretty much everyone I know stayed at or close to home.  I envisioned a similar reunion to the one you are.  But real life is usually very different from what we fantasize about, and even if you get what you envision, revenge is not nearly as satisfying in person as it is in our dreams.  Go because you want to see people you used to like or because you would like to see how things have changed in your town.  If you go for the reasons you are thinking about, you may leave feeling quite dissatisfied and may even feel like you have sullied yourself and standards a bit by acting so “high and mighty”.

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Bumble bee
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Having been to both a 10 and 20 year HS reunion I can honestly tell you that this is why the 10 year reunion wasn’t much fun. I guess 10years just isn’t long enough for people to get over the silly HS crap. I don’t know if having an attitude is justified or not, you should be proud of yourself and your accomplishments but there is no reason to belittle others, it will not make your success any greater. I hope you decide to jave fun and enjoy yourself, let go of your past insecurities and you will not have to prove anything to anyone. That is what the 20 year reunion was like, everyone had matured and were comfortable in their own skin, which made the night so much more fun than the 10 year reunion. We all had a blast, no one judged anyone else, and any silliness that had taken place 2 decades ago had been long forgotten. I hope you can have an experience like that instead 🙂

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Helper bee
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I’d just go and not try and brag about things or show people up but be proud of the life you have and shine with happiness.  My high school reunion is this year too!!

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Helper bee

I agree with reebee. “I don’t know if having an attitude is justified or not, you should be proud of yourself and your accomplishments but there is no reason to belittle others, it will not make your success any greater.”


I’m coming at this from a unique perspective in that I have been on both sides of the coin. I was not insanely unpopular in HS but I wasn’t the prom queen either. I was desperate to get out of my small town, so much so that I moved to the city the day I graduated from HS, when I wasn’t starting university in the city until that fall. I lived in the city for twelve years and thought everyone else who had stayed home was miserable and I was so much better than them because I had a graduate degree and a fantastic career and I was so happy. Except that I wasn’t. I was working 90 hour weeks and I was sick of the traffic, real estate prices etc. of the city. I longed for a life where I could work at the job I love (lawyer) and still have time for a life. I also missed the lake and the daily beauty of rural living. I missed being able to grow my own garden and cook my own dinner. So I got in touch with some of my friends who had stayed or moved back after university and I started to spend some time with them. I fell in love with an old friend who still lived in the area and we are now getting married. I moved back and joined a thriving practice in my small community. I now have a beautiful home, a great career and a man that I love, and the time to enjoy it all. I have also found that my friends in the city and my friends in the country are not that different. Both are happy for different reasons. What makes you happy isn’t what makes everyone happy. You should be proud of everything you have accomplished. But that doesn’t need to come at the price of making everyone else less accomplished than you. You have found your happiness, but you might find that they have as well. That shouldn’t impact your happiness in any way. If you can go and enjoy the night and be confident in yourself you might find that these people have matured as well, and you might make some friends and connections from your old community. I like this quote from Baz Luhrmann “Work hard to bridge the gaps between geography and lifestyle because the older you get, the more you need the people you knew when you were young”!

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OMG That’s horrible.  You have to realize that people change after high school & I’m sure you aren’t the only one in your class who has.  I to lived in a small community & went to a small hs where everyone knew everything, ect. My 10 yr reunion is next year & I want to go just to see how everyone has changed.  A LOT of the people I went to school with have changed, most for the better.  Some will always be DICKS!  People who were jerks to me in school, are now some of the nicest people I could ever ask to know.  They have appologized to alot of people, including me, for their actions. 

Give em a chance.  Why stoop to the level they were at in school, its just childish.

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my reunion is tomorrow. i’m going back home… but i’m skipping the reunion in favor of a small wedding shower with my sisters and cousins.

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I went to my ten year reunion kind of thinking…I hope they see how much I’ve changed!  But we all ended up talking about how we all look the same.  That hurt a little because I think I look older…but oh well.  It was different and nicer than I expected.  BUT…my problems in high school were due to my insecurities, not due to anyone being cruel.  If i were you, I would go if you want to see people you liked.  I wouldn’t go just to prove something to people…they won’t care.

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