(Closed) 13 days out and I find out my dad didn't actually give his blessing

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@Equine_Breeder:  No offense but your dad sounds like kind of a jerk. From what you’re saying I gather that your Fiance honestly tried for a very long time and your dad just kept stringing him along, refusing to give him a resolution or even comprehensive feedback. I respect the hell out of my dad and while this would also hurt my heart, I would realize that *he* is the one being unreasonable and I would have to sit him down for a talk because as his daughter he should not be putting that kind of burden on your heart on your wedding day.

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I agree with PP, not to mention its really unfair to your Fiance. He should not be grilling your Fiance, I would personally be offended if I were you. YOU chose this man, YOU think he is right for you and wonderful, and your Dad should respect you, regardless of what he thinks of your Fiance, or how well he knows him. It honestly sounds like your Dad is just having a hard time giving up control.

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@sablemuse:  I agree.

OP, your Fiance tried hard to get to know your dad and it sounds like no matter what your Fiance did, it wasn’t going to happen, in time for the wedding at least.

If it was that important, then perhaps you should have waited until your dad gave a resounding yes. But the reality is that your wedding is coming up and what is done is done. I would recommend having a long, serious discussion with your dad. While he may not have given his blessing, he can still be happy and supportive of you.

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@sablemuse:  +1

@Equine_Breeder:  What more does your dad want from your FI?

A year is a long time to be jumping through hoops, yet your Fiance did it! He sounds like a decent guy, who makes you very happy.

My Fiance is far from my parents’ imagined future son-in-law (they always used to joke about a Chinese doctor, when Fiance couldn’t be any more different being a white, tattooed and pierced tradesman!) but they know what a decent man he is, and how well he treats me and everyone in our lives. For that they absolutely love him! He asked for my dad’s permission about a week before we went overseas and was given it straight away to propose on our trip.

I understand how upsetting this must be for you, but really your dad should have spoken up earlier if this really concerned him, or just kept his mouth shut!

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You said that getting your dads blessing was important to your dad, but I don’t buy it. Your Fiance emailed him for a year and your dad barely replied and never responded in a timely manner. If getting to know your Fiance was actually important to your dad he would have put forth more effort than he did. It sounds like your dad was simply stringing your Fiance along and never had any intention of giving his blessing (who knows, he may not have given his blessing to any guy, some parents are possessive). 

If you’re happy and confident in your choice, then don’t worry about what your dad thinks. If he doesn’t give his blessing, fine, he won’t be the one marrying your Fiance, you will. 

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@Equine_Breeder:  Your dad’s behavior sounds very self-centered.  He knew your Fiance wanted his blessing, so instead of giving it to him and working on a mutual relationship, he strung your Fiance along and made all these ridiculous demands.  For a year.  And now he has managed to distract you from your wedding planning with all of these “questions” that somehow didn’t come up until now?  I can’t help but feel like he’s manipulating you.

My Fiance called and asked for my parents’ blessing.  He talks to them regularly.  They are his family now (just like his parents are mine) and I absolutely feel that we should treat each other’s parents with love and respect.  That doesn’t mean they get to play games just because the relationship is important to us.

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I think you need to talk to your dad again.  Explain to him that you will not stop your wedding because you love your Fiance so much and he is an amazing man.  Tell him that you would love to have his blessing and you wish that he would trust your judgment, I would hope that he believes he raised a strong, smart, and level headed woman who can determine if a man is good enough to marry.  Your Fiance went through a year of emails with your dad and now I think it is your turn to jump through the hoops because you want his blessing so bad.  Tell him how this situation is making you feel, I’m sure he’ll be upset that he made you so upset and will try to remedy the situation.  I believe that if he truly wants you to be happy then he will swallow his pride and give his blessing.  Sometimes parents just need a push to see that children are grown and can make the right decision on their own,

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@FionnaCake:  Agreed 100%

OP, sometimes our parents aren’t the amazing people we think they are. This is one of those times. 

Call you dad up and directly ask him to give his blessing, tell him it’s now or never, your Fiance did everything he wanted so you are going to get married with or without his blessing, but his blessing would mean a lot to you.

If he can’t get over himself for a minute to do that for his daughter that he cares about so much, then that’s his loss. YOU know that this is right.

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Your father was acting very obnoxious in this whole situation.  Your Fiance sounds like a wonderful man to have gone through with your father’s ridiculous demands.  Most men probably would have told him to piss off if their GF’s father wanted to email frequently to get to know each other.

Be glad you are marrying a great guy, and tell your father to stop acting like a child.

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Why can’t he give his blessings now? I agree with PP that it sounds like your dad pretty much strung your Fiance out for a year, and is a little pissy he didn’t get to give his explicit blessing. But your wedding isn’t about him, it’s about you and your Fiance. If your dad had refused to give his blessings, would you have not agreed to marry? 

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Oh good, I saw this thread before anyone commented on it and wanted to say your dad sounds kind of jerky, but I was scared to. 

Seriously though, what more does your dad expect? Most guys dont even ask for a blessing, let alone send emails to the father for a full year before asking. 

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IMO, the blessing is asked for out of courtesy, so some courtesy should be given in the response. If your dad had legitimate concerns giving his blessing because he didn’t know your Fiance well enough, and your Fiance tried for an entire year and still didn’t receive a blessing, the fault is entirely your father’s.

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@sablemuse:  This.

No way would allow my parents to manipulate my happiness.

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@allyfally:  I was afraid to comment that as well! 

@Equine_Breeder:  OP I think you need to hug you Fiance tight and feel grateful for all that he put up with! Your Dad is the one at fault here and your poor man tried soo hard! 

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