14 Month Old Not Walking

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Bumble bee
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My first didn’t walk until he was 17 months old.  He’ll walk when he is ready to walk and then before you know it, he’ll be running and you’ll wish for the days when he  was easier to keep track of.  😉  It will happen soon.  Sounds like he is close.  They all have their own time table.

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I didn’t walk until I was almost 20 months old. I sat up and rolled over early, but I wasn’t even CRAWLING until I was 15 months old!! I was just so happy to not move lolol. Since I was the oldest, my mom was worried, but the doctor assured her that I would walk in my own time. 

Actually she chuckles about it today, because it was a blessing in disguise that I would refuse to walk. She would just plop me in the living room, surrounded by my board books and toys, leave the room, make dinner, come back, and I would be still there, content and talking up a storm.

And once I walked, I was all over the place lolol 

As long as your doctor says there is nothing to worry about, he’ll walk in his own time. 🙂 

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Sugar bee
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My daughter was 15.5 months when she walked for the first time. Sounds like he’s doing a great job getting there and you’re a great mum. 

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weightwatchers152 :  just wanted to say, as encouragement, I know some kids who never really walked until they were so steady they could RUN. Seriously my friends little girl went from frozen, afraid to take a step, to running around the house like the Tasmanian devil.  Some kids just need to feel a bit extra safe before they’re ready.

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Helper bee
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weightwatchers152 :  14 months is not unusually late for walking. Sounds like he’s nearly there. 

My son was an early walker but he also seemed upset and scared after taking his first steps. He walked a few steps to me and then later in the day took a few steps to his dad. Then after that he got upset and wouldn’t even put his feet on the floor for the rest of the day. It then took him nearly two months to start walking properly. He just wasn’t willing to do it until he was stronger and more confident. 

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Bumble bee

Agree that 14 months isn’t late for walking!! And he sounds very close. There’s not much you can do, he’ll walk sooner or later! 

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My best friend’s son was probably 18 months old before he was ready to walk.  Could pull himself up – in fact, we visited last year and I was sure he’d be walking soon.  Still took a month or two after that.  He started when he was ready.  Now he can’t stop!  I’m not a parent, but I think doing the whole let-them-Grab-your-fingers-and-walk thing can help, and it’ll happen in due time.

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My little guy is 15 months oldand he’s just now starting to take his first step on his own, some days he will feel steady enough to walk to me and other days he will plop down and crawl and there is nothing I can do to get him to walk.  It sounds like he is well on his way, they all have their own timeline. 

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Honey bee

Totally normal – don’t worry at all! Every kid is different. My son walked at 10 months, my daughter at 12 months, my niece at 18 months, my friend’s daughter at 20 months. They’re all perfectly functional adults now, but I will say that my son is the natural athlete of the pack. My husband calls him my testosterclone, and not surprisingly I walked at 10 months too.

Just remember that when they start walking around, the fun really begins!

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Helper bee
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My kiddo didn’t really walk until 18 months. We had an early intervention visit just before this, and the women who came said that she was probably just waiting until she knew she could do it well. They were right! Once she started she hardly ever fell down, and she learned to run really quickly. So a benefit is fewer bumps and bruises! 

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Sugar bee
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Don’t worry! Anything before 24 months falls into the range for normal development and as a bonus, there’s a correlation between late walkers and excellent reading skills! 

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Busy bee
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As everyone else said, not walking at 14 months is perfectly normal! I would be more concerned if he wasn’t talking. My son walked around a year old but he was cruising for months before that. How long has your son been cruising? 

Walkers are somewhat controversial but my son loved to “walk” around with his push walker. He did that for a month or two before he let go. He still pushes it around to this day. (15 months) 

The other thing we did to encourage walking was to have my son take a step or two in between my husband and my lap. That way if he falls you can catch him and it’s not scary. Either way – don’t worry! Everything goes by so fast and he will be waking before you know it. 

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amanda1988 :  I was one of those kids.

I could only walk holding an adults hand and would cry/ whinge if they tried to abandon me lol. Mum said after I took my first couple of steps on my own (by accident aparently) it was only 2 hours later that I was literally running around. 

I was about 20 months old I think.

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