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@globalmargaret:  I’m not sure I’m sold on these statistics. I’ve seen that show and others like it, and I feel like, while it has good intentions, it ends up glamourizing teen pregnancy. The girls on the show end up becomg tabloid celebrities. I’ve even heard stories about teen girls trying to get pregnant so they can get on the show.

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We’re pretty sure my sister would have been a teen Mom if it weren’t for 16&Pregnant! If it’s still on the air in 15 years, I’ll definitely show it to my daughter!

Those poor girls have it ROUGH.

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I think there are SOME girls who are immature enough to try to get pregnant just to be on the show, but overall it has a positive message.  There is a strong message at the end of each episode where each girl tells her story and how difficult it has been and she wishes she made different choices.  I think overall it’s been a good thing.  Teen Mom on the other hand, is iffy because it focuses a little too much on the drama versus the reality of the situation (that 16 and Pregnant does)

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@globalmargaret:  I saw that story !! Most people notoriously get on the show about how its sending the wrong message, blah blah… 

but as a 20 year old I can say for me and my friends, (I watch this show and teen mom all the time I will admit) that show made me not want to slip and have an unwanted pregnancy more than any video on herpes ever did back in highschool. Yea they are on TV, I guess gaining some sort of “fame” (IMO fame is Meryl Streep, Denzel Washington etc. but thats another story) – for getting pregnant as a teen – BUT they also show all the crap that goes on… and it made me think twice about unprotected sex. Although they are in magazines etc. I still wouldnt consider them famous. its a double edged sword of sorts..

& JUST a note. I think that they are trying to get teens to get the message, so a 17 year old saying “this show makes me not want to have unprotected sex” vs people who are 25 + saying “oh this show is the devil” is more important in my opinion. 

Im sure most people are about to rip the show apart tho lol

here is a hyperlinked link.


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@globalmargaret:  I haven’t read the article but they offer websites, links, and information “attached” to the show. Isn’t it possible the content of the show is not the correlating factor but the information provided about preventing pregnancy and “taking control of your sex life”?

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I was actually just reading this article today on this subject


It made a good point, that 16 and Pregnant seemed to show a more accurate view of how rough young motherhood might be; however Teen Mom kind of glamourized the girls a bit.




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I think 16& pregnant has great intentions. I’m sure some girls think it looks like having a child is acceptable but I really hope most don’t! I know any time I watch it or Teen Mom I look at myself and think about my future and that I want to only have kids when I am out of college, have more stability in the adult world.

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@globalmargaret:  That’s great news! I think young kids think being pregnant is ‘glamorous’ and gets you lots of attention and they are simply ignorant of the hard work that follows. What worked for me was babysitting 3 young kids alone every week in my teens. I was sooo glad to hand them over at the end of the 3 hours!!!

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@Bridey77:  I agree and disagree.


16 & Pregnant both made me very thankful I waited until I was 19 to even take that risk, and also terrifed (when I was 26) to have a child lol 

Of all of the Teen Moms (Season 1 & 2) only 2 really kept it classy. (I’m not counting the couple who gave up their baby, their journey was entirely different) I mean, between the Porn star and the drug addict, I would hope young girls aren’t looking towards as them role models but learning from their mistakes.


Teen Pregnancies will happen. its inevitable. The two that I know of that aren’t trashy or in letting fame ruin them, are at least setting a positive example compared to their counter parts.

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@Bridey77:  Girls who are stupid enough to try and get pregnant just for the show, would have ended up pregnant anyway. 


@aliavenue:  That could be true, but the teens would never have found or looked at the extra info if the show didn’t exist. Plus, you could make the argument that if the show didn’t make you WANT to have safe sex, then you aren’t going to look up HOW to have safe sex. Therefore, only those who wanted to have safe sex after seeing the show are the ones you used the websites. It would be awesome to have more in-depth stats, but it’s hard to get good stats like that. 

I don’t see how Teen Mom is that glamorous excluding the couple who chose adoption – none of them seem to have finished a semester of college/school without dropping classes or taking a break, none of them are with their baby’s father (which, for a lot of teenagers is actually the main goal/dream), many have had other pregnancy scares or run-ins with the law and they seem to always, always be moving house.  

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@Everdeen:  Maybe. What I would suggest, however, is that girls watching Teen Mom may be doing so for entertainment and not making any decisins based on its content. Before commercial, the show says visit X website for more information on “taking control of your sex life.” As a teen, I’m intrigued and visit the website. The website tells me there is birth contol available on my way home from school at a local clinic. I see this as being far more realistic in how Teen Mom is correlated to a reduction in pregnancy than a teen thinking “I don’t want to end up like Macy so I’ll take that birth control  I already have upstairs,” as the article suggests.

In other words, the findings(potentially) aren’t surprising when compared to other mass campaigns that reach this number of young women. Teen Mom is the conduit but not the motivator.

But I don’t have numbers…just a hunch.

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I saw this article earlier and was really impressed. I can see how people would think it glamourised teen pregnancy, but then watching the show while I myself was pregnant, all I could think was ‘thank goodness I’m married, financially stable, and at a point when I’m really ready for a baby.’ The show is downright depressing to watch sometimes! I can totally see how a girl could watch it and go, ‘Holy crap, that looks miserable. I think I’ll be more careful.’

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