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Helper bee

I have a partial anterior placenta and didn’t feel definite baby movements til 17 weeks, I’d say totally normal! There’s a lot of aches and pains associated with the different stages of pregnancy, but if you’re really concerned with anything call your doc. I had serious SI joint pain throughout my second trimester and from what I’ve heard, SI joint, round ligament, and sciatic pain is common throughout. 

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fluffthoughts :  I didn’t have such bad round ligament pain so I don’t know, but as far as your first question, I didn’t feel the baby move until around 21-22 weeks so don’t worry!  Didn’t even feel a flutter before then.  

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Usually anterior placenta causes one to feel less movement but 16w is still really early either way

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It’s still super early to feel the baby. I started feeling flutters around 18w and kicks began around week 22. Even at that time they will not be consistant. 

I have severe rlp as well as sciatica. Some people have it – some do not. 

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Sugar bee
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fluffthoughts :  wow! I didn’t feel the baby move until week 18 and I’m s ftm too! (I’m in wk 19 now).

I don’t know anything about anterior placenta but about the cramps that you’re feeling…

I was getting pretty bad hip flexor and groin cramps (like they’d make me bend over from the pain, but they never got to be bad enough that they knocked my ass on the floor) until I started going to prenatal yoga classes. There the teacher explained that what was happening was that my weak abdominal muscles and pelvic floor weren’t “carrying” the baby, instead I was leaving the work to my hip and groin muscles. Those aren’t meant to carry additional weight so they complain about it. Once she taught me several adjustments and how to make sure that my pelvic floor muscles and abdominal muscles are engaged…ta-da! Pain and cramp free ever since. I’m now aware of the fact that whenever I stand up, get out of bed, get off the couch I gotta do my magic tricks before I do it or else I get twinges of pain. 

Anyway, just an idea that prenatal yoga might help you out the way it did me!

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Sugar bee
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 I didn’t feel anything until 19 or 20 weeks. A pregnancy pillow has helped alleviate most of my back/hip and sciatic pain. 

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16 weeks is really early to feel movement. I think the average for first pregnancies is 20+ weeks. I still didn’t feel movement until 18 or 19 weeks with baby number 2. 

The pain you’re feeling could be round ligament pain, sciatic pain, SI joint pain or a combo of those. I go to a chiropractor that specializes in pregnant women and feel a million times better afterwards. 

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I’m a FTM – currently 30 weeks pregnant – I didn’t feel any kicks until 20 weeks (at least that I was sure were kicks)… don’t worry, some babies are more active than others and it’s normal for first time mom’s to feel the kicks a little later since they don’t know exactly what they feel like – especially if you have an anterior placenta.

In terms of round ligament pain, SI joint pain, and sciatica – I’m right there with you.  I cannot recommend massage therapy enough.  If you can, I would highly recommend finding a massage therapist who is familiar with pregnancy related aches and pains… it’s done wonders for me (I tried Physio as well, but it didn’t help much at all).  You may find as you continue to grow and baby gros and moves that things might get better as well.  Best of luck to you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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I didn’t feel the baby until closer to 20 weeks!  I also second a pregnancy pillow…it has changed my life.  I got the naomi home body pillow that wraps completely around your body so if you flip from side to side during the night you don’t have to adjust the pillow!  

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fluffthoughts :  My plancenta is anterior and I couldn’t feel baby until 23 weeks.  Sometimes it takes  a little longer, and often you are feeling baby move and you don’t even realize.  Soon enough it will happen and you will be so excited!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Has baby been active on the ultrasounds?

And girl, I am with you with the ligament pain!  Almost 6mo and I still deal with it.  I have it the worst when I go from sitting to standing too quick (no more hopping out of chairs fast!).  There really isn’t much to help unfortunately, just take things SLOW.  Try some downward dog and cat/cow yoga stretches.  Not sure if these actually help that issue, but if nothing else, they give my back and legs a nice stretch ๐Ÿ™‚  Also, oddly enough, exercise helps me a little.  I can’t run the way I used to but I make an effort to get walks in every day, and spend as much time as I can on the treadmill when I do hit the gym.  Squats are great too (and help prep you for labor), but really, do everything slowly.  That’s what’s worked for me at least!

Also recommend the prego pillow (I have a snoogle!).  It takes the pressure off your knees, which can help with other leg/back pain. 

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