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I have found that most crash or fad diets don’t result in sustainable weight loss.  I would probably not do a diet that doesn’t allow me to net at LEAST 1200 calories a day (intake minus BMR and exercise).  At best, you drop a bunch of weight really quickly but gain it back, and at worst you mess up your metabolism so that when you do inevitably gain it all back, and them some, you can’t lose it again.

I’d probably stick to a well balanced diet that meets my nutritional needs & monitor my calorie intake with a free website like myfitnesspal or sparkeople.

…just my opinion, though :/

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@rosiet:  I have never heard of it before googling it just now, but based on the descriptions and sample menus, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.  It seems like it’s mostly lean protein and vegetables with some low GI fruit.  I try to eat this way a lot of the time myself, so it sounds good to me.  Good luck!


@DaneLady:  I am not a calorie counter, so I could be wrong, but I think there might be a problem with your math…if you consume enough calories to net 1200 calories a day after taking out BMR and exercise, you would be consuming over 3000 calories per day, which seems like a lot? Maybe I misunderstood what you were saying?

1200(net)=Intake-1400(BMR)-500(exercise) –> Intake=1200+1400+500=3100

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As long as it’s well balanced & doesn’t put you into starvation mode, give it a go ๐Ÿ™‚  I was thinking of that crazy diet where on day #1 you eat only fruit, on day #2 you eat only vegetables, and then you eat a baked potato for breakfast on day #3 or something like that.  Sorry ๐Ÿ™‚

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I use the Happy Herbivore’s meal plan. Each week she posts a meal plan and has everything you need, shopping lists, when to eat, recipes… all around 1200 calories and it’s very healthy, no meat, dairy eggs or oils….it’s only $5 a week


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My sister in law’s best friend tried it last year and lost weight on it….she loved it…

I am starting the Paleo diet on Sunday which is almost like this diet sounds like….wishing you good luck!

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@rosiet:  How has it been going??  I just purchased the book and the cook book online last night and am excited to start when I get them!  My biggest issue is with food and eating, so I’m excited to have some sort of clear cut advice with these books.  ๐Ÿ™‚

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I believe the way this works is it takes you back to simple foods, and slowly adds foods back in, so you figure out what causes you to balloon and such.

I don’t like chicken or fish, so this wouldn’t work for me.

Edit: The book is only avaliable online? I had a hard covered book before I gave it to a friend.

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@gogogiraffes:  I’m sure you can get it in book stores, I just happen to live near the most awesome (and one of the largest in the world!) used book stores so I like to support them and it’s just easier for me to order things online and then pick it up in store.  ๐Ÿ™‚

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My husbands Aunt ( Aunty-in law?) reverts to the 17 day diet when she finds herself putting on a little weight. She swears by it. I guess she lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks. Then she says you just maintain, where you can eat carbs, just not many. Would never workfor me, but I wouldn’t say its a dangerous diet or anything.

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@rosiet:  i’d love to try. did it work well for you?

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First of all, there’s good carbs, and BAD carbs. Do you all know what carbs are? Carbohydrates are broken down into glucose, which fuels your muscles, organs, brain, etc. Carbs are found in vegetables, fruit, nuts, bread, pasta, etc. With a low carb diet, you’ll go into ketosis, which can kill you. Just eat right! It’s not difficult. Do not be afraid of carbohydrates. It’s refined carbs that cause weight gain, such as refined white bread, white pasta, gluten, etc.

For instance, when I’m craving pizza, I’ll make it on my own using all organic and healthy ingredients. I’ll pick up the multi grain dough from whole foods, heriloom tomatoes, pizza sauce low sodium, fresh mushrooms, raw goats cheese, and fresh basil leaves. All costs me $12 for 2 large pizzas!!

Every single meal I plan, I make SURE it’s healthy. I ask myself “do I really want to put junk in my body?”  I don’t mess around b/c I don’t want to diet and restrict my calories. If you want to lose weight, you have to give your body the proper nutrients, and you have to be active. Losing weight without working out isn’t healthy, if it involves restricting your calories.

If I have a craving for ice cream, I’ll make my own ice cream using my blender. I’ll freeze 5 organic peeled bananas in a bowl for a few hours. Then, I’ll put them in the blender with coconut milk and wild berries or whatever you’d like. Sometimes I’ll use raw cocoa for chocolate icecream. I get the raw cocoa from Whole Foods. It’s real chocolate from the bean, with no sugar added or anything but the grounded bean itself.

Dairy will make you gain weight, as will conventional animal meats. I highly suggest trying to be vegetarian to lose weight. I did it, and I lost 30lbs in 6 months with working out 1day/week. I also became really healthy and the weight hasn’t come back. I don’t eat any dairy products, no chicken,  no pork, or beef. I’ll eat fish, from high quality sources at Whole Foods. I’ll get whatever that’s on sale each week. I’ll only eat raw goats cheese and full fat raw goats yogurt or keifer. Each morning I’ll have 2 organic pasture raised eggs with fruit.

~I hope this helps!!

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