(Closed) 18-24 wives- how long are you REALLY waiting?

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  • poll: You got married "young" (18-24 or whatever it is in your region/whatever you think that is) and..

    You said you'd wait and are sticking to it!

    You said you'd wait but you were lying to keep people off your back.

    You said you'd ttc "soon." (Again, you decide what "soon" is.)

    You said you'd wait but you changed your mind.

    You said you'd wait but got a "surprise!" BFP.

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    I turn 23 right before the baby will be born.

    I have been ready fo kids since right before we got married. I am in the “We’re going to wait” to keep people off my back category. haha. Mostly my Mom because this is her first grand baby.

    We actually started TTC in June, shortly before our first anniversary. = )

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    I’m 19 and strictly set on waiting.  I want my PhD first. So it’ll be another approx. 7-8 years, if things go as planned. 

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    Fiance and I kept having this argument about what “a few years” meant as far as when to start TTC. We both know that we want a family and we are are emotionally ready for parenthood. His main concern is being financially ready. We are both blessed to have very good stable careers at such a young age, but right now neither of our employers are paying anything towards health insurance and adding a baby would definitely put financial strain on us. So Fiance, bless his heart, has opened up some savings accounts. One of them is our “baby” savings. He has a plan for how much we need to contribute to the account each month to be financially ready in 3 years. I love him and his practical thinking. So the answer is 3 years. Firm. I am going on Mirena at the end of the month and I will have it removed in 3 years. 

    EDIT: sorry, Fiance is 22 and I am 21.

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    other..? We already had a kid by the time we were married & never really had a “waiting” period set in stone. We aren’t planning a military maneouver to get pregnant, but we’re also not being anal retentive as to avoiding it.

    we’re just kind of going with the flow and if it happens, it happens when it happens. We’d both be ecstatic if we were pregnant tomorrow, but at the same time it wouldn’t kill us to wait 6months-1yr.

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    I am getting married in January and I will almost be 23 and my Fiance will have just turned 25. It really all depends on when I get a job. I graduate in December with a degree in education. I just need to get tenure before we can start having kids, so I will at least be 26, but I definitely want to have at least one child before I turn 30. My Fiance has some serious baby fever right now, so I really hope we can make it 3+ years! haha

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    well i guess i am in the very small minority here who got a “surprise” bfp!

    we were very happily surprised, but definitely not expecting it! we had told people we were waiting 2 years, but the two of us knew it was going to be more like 1 year. it ended up being six months.

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    I have to go back to school, so after I go back and graduate, we can try. Or we can try while I am in school. Either way, it will def. be over 2 years before we try, when I am closer to 27/28.He will be early 30’s, so he doesn’t want to wait as long as I do, but I see where he is coming from and we agreed on waiting till I am around 27/28.

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    We just got married on Saturday we are 23 and are waiting till we are 25 to try because we are planning on moving and wouldnt want to try and coordinate around a baby.

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    Mr Rugbee & I are 25 and 21 respectively. After we get married in January I think we’re going to stop “being careful”. Either way we talked about it and agreed that we’d seriously consider babymaking around spring 2013 because by then we should have a house.

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    If it was up to me, we’d be trying in a year and a half (and I’m 22 almost 23).  But DH flat out refuses to be a father under the age of 24.  Which sucks for me because I’m a year and a half older than him and REALLY want to be a young mom 🙁  As in, I’d love to start by the time I’m 24.

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    I didn’t vote because I’m not currently in this age group.

    My first marriage, I got married at 18. We were planning on waiting until we were about 26 to start TTC. But we got divorced at 21, so that didn’t happen.

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    I am 24 and DH is 25 and we just got married this past June. We talked about kids before we got married and said we’d wait a year after we graduate (may 2012) so we could enjoy our time without school (we both work full time during the day and have class 2-4 nights a week and Saturdays). But DH kept saying little things about when we have a kid next year, so finally I said when exactly do you want to start trying? and he said I don’t know, I just don’t see the point waiting anymore. There’s always going to be something to be busy with, there’s always going to be something to buy/pay for so why wait? So I could tell he was emotionally ready to start a family sooner. I’ve always said it’s up to him when we start our family because I’ll be ready whenever haha. Although we’re young, we’ve always been at least one step ahead of most people our age/our friends (besides the whole school thing); we’ve both had full time jobs pretty much since we graduated high school (hence the 7 years of college), bought new cars before all our friends, got engaged at 23/22, bought our first house at 23 and got married at 24. None of our friends are even engaged, let alone married and are all still living at home with their parents, so that has kinda made us question starting our family, but we’re not going to wait on our friends so we can start TTC. So we decided that I’m going off the pill this month and we’re going to start TTC sometime after we graduate (don’t want to have to deal with morning sickness while trying to work and go to school full time). DH will be looking for a new job in January (he finishes in December but graduation isn’t until may) and we’re hoping for him to get benefits (I have partial for myself right now but our child won’t be covered) and I’m going to start looking for a job, but I don’t think I’ll have much luck so I’m not going to worry about it interfering with TTC. We haven’t told anyone yet and I think I’m going to keep it a secret for a while, just in case. DH and I both have baby fever and the more time that goes by, the worse it gets, so we’ll see!

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