(Closed) 18 weeks and still sick.

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Yep, I’m about a week ahead of you and don’t keep my dinner down most nights.  For the most part, though, I feel a ton better than before, and I weaned myself off Zofran a couple weeks ago.

In general, the concern is at this point is not for the baby’s health; it’s for yours.  Babies are really wonderful at taking what they need from your body’s natural stores.  For example, say your baby needs calcium and you aren’t getting enough calcium in your diet to fill those nutritional needs.  Your baby actually “steals” calcium from your bones, which is a contributing factor to developing osteoporosis (literally frail/brittle bones from a lack of calcium) in your later years.

In most cases, the concern is mostly for the mother’s body and mother’s health.  Not getting proper nutrition for a short period of time is usually not serious, but if severe enough, nutritional deficincies can lead to critical health issues while pregnant.  Typically, your body will start sending off warning signs long before that happens, and your doctor will notice your failing health and treat you more aggressively.

From my own experience, I have a genetic condition called hyperemesis gravidarum.  It may be something you want to research and talk to your doctor about, if you have a lot of the symptoms.  In short, I pretty much puked every day of pregnancy with my first baby (although I went through some periods of puking multiple times a day and some periods of puking only once).  I’m pregnant with #2, and while I haven’t been as sick, I’m still puking most nights.  One thing I would really encourage you to do is talk to your doctor about how often you’re getting sick.  There are other medications besides Zofran you can try, and your doctor should be able to look at your overall health and decide if puking once a day is seriously affecting your health. 

Also, if you are generally puking after dinner each night, try and be proactive by eating more during the day.  I eat about every 2 hours, right now, and try to get through 2 Nalgenes of water while I’m at work.  I know my dinner is most likely going to come up, so I try to plan around that by eating something small and easily digestable for dinner , like yogurt.  Ugh, there’s is nothing worse than puking up a really solid meal.  Finally, make sure you are taking your prenatals every day.  It’s always best to try and meet your nutritional needs with food, first, but prenatals are an important backup for those of us who have a hard time keeping down food.  Along those lines, my doctor said to eat whatever I can keep down to try and get as many calories absorbed into my body as possible; it may be a strategy you want to ask your doctor about, as well.

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No advice here but I wanted to say that I hope you start feeling better.

There is another pregnant wife at DHs job and she went through this too. I think she said it finally went away for her at like 24 weeks. Everyone is different though.

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@JustlikeHeaven:  I’m glad.  🙂  It always makes me feel better, too, to think about the fact that even though I’m suffering, thing 2 is doing a-ok.  Hopefully, your doctor will be able to talk through everything with you next week, too, and help with your sickness.

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I’m not sure if this applies, but I was very sick for the first 4 months, every day, and I still have problems, and I found out that the iron in my pre-natals was overdosing me. Maybe try a new pre-natal, and see if there is an improvement?

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I know you hate your Zofran, but can you try to take it anyways?  I’m 19 weeks and still taking a zofran every 1-2 days to manage my nausea.  If I don’t take a zofran for more than 2 days, I almost always end up puking again.  I also really hate taking it, but I find that it really helps me to keep my food down, and if I keep my food down then I know that the baby is getting nourished. 

You’re definitely not the only one who is still experiencing morning sickness this far into her pregnancy.  Although it definitely sucks, expecially after all of the promises that we’ve heard that morning sickness disappears at the end of the 1st trimester.  Feel free to PM me if you want to comiserate some more…

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