19 month waking up in the night

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Could be the 18 month sleep regression. 

My daughter used to wake all the time and be wide awake in the night and no feeding could get her back off. 

It was hard work but didn’t last long in the grand scheme of things (of course it felt like forever at the time) 


if shes happy and safe then let her chat away to herself. Trying to get a child to sleep who doesn’t want to is hard work! I’d try again when she’s ready to sleep

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I gave up trying to find reasons why LO’s patterns changed lol

When he’s just chatty and singy in his crib, but isn’t upset, we just leave him be. Now that he’s 23 months, we can explain to him that it’s time for bed and that going to sleep is important blah blah and he’ll understand, quiet down, and soon fall asleep. At 18 months, though, he couldn’t be reasoned with like that.

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my daughter has a music box in her crib (now toddler bed).  it’s been in her crib since a newborn and she learned around 6m to turn it on herself but pushing the button.  now at 2yo, she knows how to actually power it on and off.  but anyway, since 6ish months, whenever she woke up in the night and needed some soothing, but not enough to need me, she would turn the music box on.

maybe something like that would help settle her back to sleep.

i am also a fan of CIO and sleep training my children at 6m.  my son just sttn. my daughter, i nursed until 20m.  so i was up with her a bit more, she generally sttn, but every time she went through a regression, leap, or growth spurt, she’d be up in the night.  id nurse her, then i went i got tired of getting up, i’d give her a cio reminder and we’d be good until the next time.  after i stopped nursining, i told my husband i wouldn’t be going in any more. and for the most part i don’t.

the other night she was screaming at 430am.  when i went in her room, she standing by her window crying bc it was still dark outside.  yes, that’s because it’s night time, go back to bed.  and she did, then slept another 3 hours.

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Busy bee

Ugh WB ate my post 😒. Anyway …if she’s just babbling/chilling in there I’d leave her alone. If it ramps up to full on crying I’d probably do a quick pop in to soothe her verbally and to make sure nothing is obviously wrong (poop, vomit, fever, etc) and then I’d make a swift exit. If the fussing continues I’d do another pop in and give her Advil in case it’s teething related. 

My daughter went through a phase a few months ago of just sitting up silently in the crib for like a solid hour every night shortly after we put her down. NGL it was creepy AF lol. The first night I went in there to try to get her to lie down but she wasn’t having it. She wasn’t upset…just awake and sitting up for no apparent reason! After that I left her alone and she’d eventually lie back down and go to sleep on her own. It was around the time she was learning to walk so I think it may have been related to that milestone. Maybe your daughter is working on some new milestone and up pondering it at night? Babes be weird 🤷‍♀️ 

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mama2bee71 :  my daughter is 2.5 and has done it a few times lately – I think it’s mostly because she’s been sick on/off but she’s also started telling me she’s had bad dreams. Plus being pregnant she knows all the changes coming and sometimes just wants to feel like the baby and get some extra mommy cuddles. So I give them to her and typically she’s back down again within a few minutes. It’s one of the main reasons we went for a full size when we transitioned her from crib to bed – so that if she DID need that extra support we could lay with her in her room until she fell asleep (and then go back to our own room) rather than having a thrashing toddler in our bed half the night. I know it works for some families, but I absolutely refuse to let my kids CIO so this works best for us. Once she’s a little older and you can talk/reason with her more it gets easier! 

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I’d say it’s normal.  We have a 4yo and an almost 2yo (and a 7 mo old but he doesn’t count for this exercise).  Our 4 year old mostly just snoozes at this point but will cry post bad dream or missing bunny once in a while. Occasionally, our 2 year old will wake up, cry, or chat, and then go back to bed.  I think sometimes bad dreams, or just the usual middle of the night random thoughts (just like us).  Usually it goes on for a couple of days and then goes away (sometimes correlates with teeth, or some big milestone, sometimes random).  I’d say par for the course.  I’m also of the school of thought that if they’re not crying, I’m not going in there- and even if they are crying, I usually give it a few minutes to see what happens.  I find if I go in there, it’s usually more of an event than if they get themselves back down.  Good luck! 

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