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Not having been through this, I don’t have a lot of advice, but I would think you’d want your husband with you for emotional support. And maybe he’ll have questions that you wouldn’t think to ask.

I hope you get some good, actionable news from your appointment!

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@MrsJVP: For my first appt I went by myself.  For the second they said that my husband had to be there with me.  Not a whole lot happened.  They took a bit of my history and then ordered tests for me and Darling Husband. 

I suggest you make a list of questions and things you want to say and make sure that you use it.  I left frustrated because I didn’t think the doctor really got all the information I had for him, but I felt awkward forcing the issue. 

You won’t get any bad news or answers during this one appt unless there is something really obvious in a physical exam that your OB never found all the other years you’ve had a pap…so don’t worry!

Let us know how it goes!

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Are you going to an RE or an OBGYN? My husband was with me at my first appt as well as all of them, there was no questioning that. This is something you go through together and besides they took his info too and got him set up for his semen analysis. I could not and did not want to go through it alone and niether did he. My first appt they did an ultrasound and bloodwork so sometimes there is a lot more involved than a consult. Good luck!

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I agree with MrsGreenGrass…The first appt was pretty uneventful.  Darling Husband went with me though, and I was glad, because I was nervous and I didn’t remember everything the RE said, so it was nice to have a second set of ears in there.  Although he did get really nervous when he realized that the RE was about to look at my hoo-ha, and he made a swift exit to the waiting room. He was not a fan.  But our first appt was basically like this:

RE:  What is your deal?  History?  Info?

Us:  XYZ

RE:  Here are the options that we can move forward with.

Us: We’ll take one of those.

Then he did an u/s on me, verified that nothing initially looked too scary in there, and he sent us on our way with orders for a TON of bloodwork.  I had to get tested for every hormone ever, HIV, AMH (which is basically how far away from menopause your are, or how many eggs are left), and tons of other stuff.  I was drained of blood:)

He also set Darling Husband up with an SA.  Which if your husband doesn’t have infertility coverage, I do know that the cash price of an SA if you’re paying out of pocket is about $125-$150 and so it’s not too awful.  Our RE said that before I took a bunch of expensive meds with tons of side effects, and inject things into my body, we need to know how well DH’s guys are swimming.

The only test I did not have was the HSG, so I’ll have that next month if I get AF.

Don’t be scared:)  If anything, I felt SO much better after going to my RE because I felt like he was taking control.  It wasn’t me aimlessly wandering around out there with Darling Husband with a clueless look on my face and question marks in my brain.  The RE’s only job is to find out if there’s an issue, and then fix it, and get a baby in there.  He didn’t care that I had an abnormal Pap.  He didn’t care how long I was on BC.  He wanted to know the problems, he wanted me to take every test ever invented, and then he proceeded accordingly.  Not ovulating regularly each month?  Fine – RE will give you a shot and make you ovulate when he wants.  He is the pilot of your body now, and for me, that was REALLY reassuring.

It was nerve-wracking waiting for results.  The AMH takes about a week so it takes a little while.  But in the end, you’ll feel so much better because you’ll have a very clear picture of any issues, and you have to keep in mind that REs deal with this every day.  And the reason why they’re so sought after is because they get people with these issue pregnant, every single day. 

So good luck to you at your appointment, and just have faith in your RE and that the ball’s in his court now.  And he will swing!!!!

Okay swing may not be the right word, but you know what I mean;)


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It really depends on your OBGYN.  My husband didn’t have any testing done until we went to the infertility specialist.  But, it couldn’t hurt to have him there for emotional support.  I went alone, and it wasn’t a big deal at all.  For me, she basically asked me about my history and all that jazz.  I had been there about 6 months prior for my annual check up, so this time there was no exam.  After discussing my history, she ordered a full blood work up.  She also prescribed me Metformin (I have PCOS) and provera (I hadn’t had a period in about 7 months).  For me, It was all very quick and easy.  Although, I will say that at my annual appointment earlier that year, she and I had already discussed my TTC and my lack of periods, so we had already had part of that conversation.

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It does depend on if you are going to your normal OB/GYN or an RE.  During my annual, my OB/GYN and I discussed my issues.  Then he sent me to a specialist, my RE.  My RE already had my file so we really discussed my background, my desired outcome, and he completed a US.  My Darling Husband didn’t meet my RE until the day of my surgery.  Now if we do need to go through IUI or IVF, Darling Husband will come w/. 

Now, I went alone because I tend to be the calm and mellow one.  Darling Husband has had very bad experiences w/ doctors and hospitals so I keep his interaction to a min.

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You mentioned you are going to an OBGYN, not an RE? Is that right? If you have been trying for one or more years, I personally suggest you go and schedule an appt. with an RE (if that is possible). In my opinion, they are much more skilled in dealing with infertility. It is their speciality afterall. Go ahead and make that appt. The sooner you do, the sooner you will be on your way to finding out what your plan of action will be! 🙂

ETA: My husband has been with me to almost all appointments with our RE in the last year. He is my rock and my support so I love having him there. If you don’t think you need your hubby there, then you can go alone!

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